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Hello from Pantheacon: Plus…an announcement

I’m posting this from the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California, where Pantheacon is being held. The entire hotel has literally been taken over by Pagans, Witches, Heathens, Thelemites, Golden Dawners, and magickal people of all levels of experience and direction. A few weeks ago I gave a workshop where I suggested […]

New Moon in Aquarius, February 13, 2010

This weekend’s New Moon in Aquarius occurs on February 13, 2010 (9:51pm Eastern/February 14 at 2:51am GMT). Teamwork, anyone? All New Moons signify a time of beginnings, to plant things and ideas that will grow during the rest of the Moon’s cycle. For Aquarius, a fixed air sign that represents a collectiveness (of ideas, of […]


A couple weeks ago there was a trend on Facebook that prompted users to change their profile photos to their celebrity doppleganger. (Mine was Amy Adams as Julie Powell in Julie and Julia.) Ever since then, I’ve been thinking of dopplegangers. We’ve always heard about “evil twins,” often as a plot device in movies/tv shows/books. […]

Tweeting from PantheaCon

As I wrote in a previous post, I will be attending PantheaCon once again this year – my fifth time! It’s always a great experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing a ton of authors as well as meeting some new ones and looking for future prospects. I’m leaving tomorrow and have already have filled […]

My Tarot Story

Do you remember the first time you saw tarot cards? Do you remember when you fell in love with them? I do. My college roommate and I threw a party. We were both non-trads, which is a fancy way to say “older student,” and we lived in a condo off-campus. At some point she pulled […]

Will Pay for Astrological Advice

I’ve written in past about the recent rise in popularity of “fortune-telling” services among Americans as our economy has taken a nosedive. These services, whether getting a tarot reading, and astrology chart, or even visiting a psychic or medium, can be costly. And it seems the Italians may have outdone us on this one: a […]

Paradigms, Magickal Reality, Forum Farces (U)

Recently, a group of self-styled skeptics (that is, they’re actually debunkers) in New Zealand needed to do something to get some attention so they made a very public display of devouring “overdoses” of homeopathic remedies. According to this report, the result of this action “forced the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths to admit openly that […]

Magick, Modern Magick, and “The Tongue of Evil”

One of the reasons magick is unsuccessful for many people is because they fail to understand something I’ve described many times: “Magick isn’t something you do. Magick is something you are.” Part of this—the important part for this discussion—is understanding that magick is going on 24/7. We’re all doing magick all the time. It is […]

The Fairy Tale Moon

Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot features the lovely Sleeping Beauty. I love how the moonlight coming in the window is mirrored in the moonlight in the tapestry. This card highlights the idea of the moon representing the unconscious, comparing it to a dream state (since the princess is in a 100 year sleep, I assume […]

Pantheacon: February 12-15

One of the things I talked about as the keynote speaker for the 6th annual Conference on Pagan Studies at the Claremont Graduate College is the need for community. I wrote that simply writing to people through the internet is valuable, but not enough. We need to have in-person communication in order for the community […]