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Theft in the Time of the Internet

There are laws against theft. In fact it seems as if as long as humans have formed groups, the standard has been to make theft illegal. Theft, according to my dictionary, is “the action or crime of stealing.” And by posting that, I just committed a theft. What? Somewhere, an individual or group of individuals […]

New Moon in Pisces, March 15, 2010

This new moon occurs on March 15 at 3:01 pm EST (7:01pm GMT) at 26 degrees Pisces. New moons signify new beginnings and the start of a new cycle. Since this new moon is in Pisces, qualities of compassion, enlightenment, and emotional well being will be in focus; this is a good time to help […]

Let Your Intuition Guide You

Some call it a gut feeling. Some call it their inner voice. Intuition is hard to define because you can’t pinpoint its origin to a truly definable resource. No matter where you believe the guiding force that is intuition comes from, it is a definite force that can help guide you down the winding road […]

Sabbat or sabbat?

This may be one of my shortest blog posts ever, but bear with me. I realized today while proofing some copy on “celebrating the sabbats” that I am more used to seeing the word sabbat capitalized – as in, “celebrating the Sabbats.” I asked one of our trusted Llewellyn editors what she thought, and she […]

The Houses of Your Astrology Chart

The horoscope is divided into twelve houses, each taking up 30 degrees (1/12) of the 360-degree circle; each house describes a different area of your life and correspond to its corresponding sign. The planets reside in your houses, and describe your actions within each house. Numbered 1 through 12, they start at the center left-hand […]

The Gaian Tarot Hierophant

The other day I mentioned that I often thought of the Hierophant as the Teacher. Perhaps one of the many reasons I love The Gaian Tarot so much is that it names and depicts Arcana V as The Teacher. The creator, Joanna Powell Colbert, says that this card is the Humble Teacher, as in a […]

The Technique of Magickal Breathing

Have you ever noticed that there are people who want to tell you how to breathe, usually beginning by telling you that the way you are breathing is all wrong? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been breathing all my life without their instructions, and have been very successful with it. There are many […]

What Does Your Ascendant Mean? The 12 Faces We Show the World

I’ve heard the term “rising sign” bandied about for years, from the mentions in Hollywood films to the horoscopes in my daily paper. It never quite struck a chord with me, however, until I realized that my Virgo Ascendant was the reason I didn’t embody my Leo sun sign: I lack a head of fiery […]

The Fey Tarot’s Hierophant

In this deck, this card is called “The Wisest” (printed on the actual card), while in the book, it is called “The Wise One.” The creator (who many of you know is Riccardo Minetti from Lo Scarabeo) says that this card is of a venerable and wise creature, the source of infinite, ancient, and wonderful […]

Tips for Remembering Dreams and The Dream Diary

You may not be aware of it, but research shows that you dream every night. In fact, you have several dreams each night. However, if you’re like most people you may not easily remember them. Ease at dream recall improves with practice over time. Be patient with yourself! However, here are some tips or tricks […]