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Readers Studio 2010–Thursday Evening

Hello from New York and the Tarot event of the year! Thursday evening is the early start of the main event. Some of the attendees went to an optional class taught by Wald and Ruth Ann on Color, Custom, and Choreography. These lucky folks also got to visit the Merchant’s Faire. I was not one […]

Dreams, Magickal Myths, a Visual Hint

Tips For Remembering Dreams You may not be aware of it, but research shows that you dream every night. In fact, you have several dreams each night. However, if you’re like most people you may not easily remember them. Ease at dream recall improves with practice over time. Be patient with yourself! However, here are […]

Celebrate Earth Day with Love

Whether you’re a homebody or you’re out in the parks throwing a festive party for Mother Earth today, we have plenty of magical ideas for you on how to celebrate Earth Day this year. Our Spell-a-Day features an Earth Day Ritual today. Last year I wrote an Earth Day article containing four simple tips to […]

Llewellyn Books Featured in Episode of Fox’s House

A few months back, members of Llewellyn’s Publicity staff were contacted by the producers of the Fox television program House with a request to use Llewellyn titles as props in an upcoming episode. The episode of House, “Knight Fall,” featuring two titles by Llewellyn’s very own Raven Digitalis aired this week! If you look closely […]

Sun Enters Taurus

Taurus, The Bull April 19 to May 20 Modality: Fixed Element: Earth Ruler: Venus Keywords: Stubbornness, perseverance, stability, dependability, sensuality As a bull, you are known for your determination and willpower, but, taken too far, these traits can turn into stubbornness. You are stable and find security in routine, which can often make change difficult. […]

#100; Wording Divination Questions; Upcoming Appearances

Good Advice? In my last post I offered suggestions as to what a young person who wants to learn magick might do if his or her parents have forbidden such studies. People responded with their ideas, including: • Reading, experimenting, and finding out what feels right • do a lot of reading • meditation • […]

Teaching Romance Writers About “Real” Witchcraft

Tons of authors are writing magical characters into their novels these days, whether romance, sci-fi, fantasy, or any other genre. But how much do they really know about real-life witches? Today we have a very special guest blog by bestselling Llewellyn author Ellen Dugan, talking about what happens when you teach a group of romance […]

Update on Midwest Fireball in the Sky

According to this story from WEAU out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the former president of the LaCrosse (WI) Area Astronomical Society thought that the fireball spotted in five Midwestern states was probably a stony meteorite, and the sonic boom heard was most likely caused by the meteorite going through the sound barrier. Also included in the story […]

Looking for a good book? Visit your library!

I know, I know. I work for a publisher, so it seems a little counter-intuitive for me to be telling you to visit your local library. But I’ll do it anyway, because we value libraries both as loyal customers of our products, and as an important bridge in getting our books to the widest possible […]

5 Best Astrological Love Pairings

A few days ago, I received an email from my mother with a link to an article in her local Albuquerque paper. The article was regarding the 5 Worst Astrological Love Pairings. Michelle Solomon, author of the original article, posted a follow up article with the “5 Best Astrological Matchups for Love.” (And, thanks to […]