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Your Moon Sign: Your Emotional Personality

This post was written by Anna
on October 13, 2010 | Comments (0)

While your Sun Sign rules your individuality, many people find that they don’t fit the characteristics of their Sun Sign. Your Moon Sign (the sign of the zodiac the moon was in at the time of your birth), however, may explain much more about you, as your Moon Sign rules your emotions and personality, and is the second-most important placement in your birth chart (followed by your Ascendant, which governs your physical appearance). An individual’s Moon Sign describes how they will emotionally handle the characteristics and traits indicated by their Sun Sign.

Moon in Aries: Those born with the Moon in fiery Aries desire action and physical experiences, and act with passion when going after what they desire. These individuals do have tempers, and are quick to lose interest if they don’t find passion, excitement, and adventure in their daily tasks, partners, or commitments. Those with an Aries Moon are extremely goal-oriented, and as long as they take responsibilities for their successes or failures (as opposed to placing blame elsewhere), they can become great leaders.

Moon in Taurus: Individuals with a Moon in fixed, earthy Taurus enjoy a comfortable home life (the home itself which may include several high-ticket purchases, with Taurus’ love of material possessions). They are very hesitant when it comes to emotional matters, but once a commitment has been made they will see it through to the end. Generally on an even keel emotionally, these individuals are known to be stubborn (again, once their mind has been made up, for right or wrong, they are not apt to budge).

Moon in Gemini: Moon in mutable Gemini folks are adaptable when it comes to emotional situations, which may give others an impression of fickleness. That said, they are generally loyal in relationships, despite this outward appearance. These individuals are intellectual and talkative,  and have a love for puzzles and gossip. Be careful; this curiosity can lead to boredom or acting without first examining all the facts.

Moon in Cancer: Because the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself, those with their Moon in Cancer will be extremely emotional. This could manifest as being overly emotional to prevent hurt feelings, or opening up to others in emotional support. These individuals may have a certain awkwardness about their mien, and they are likely to be extremely attached to their nuclear family (most especially their mother). Those with the Moon in Cancer are often artistically talented and/or have a great appreciation for the creative arts.

Moon in Leo: Moon in Leo folks are outgoing and cheerful, and most happy as the center of attention. They have an innate sense of pride, but it is often this pride that is their downfall. Those will Leo Moons act with purpose and determination, as well as idealism. At times they can be jealous.

Moon in Virgo: Those with a Virgo Moon are strongly analytical, which can be a blessing when it comes to problem solving, but can also get in the way (these individuals tend towards worrying too much and being overly perfectionist). These individuals are neat and tidy in their appearance, home, and work space.  Those with a Virgo Moon are highly intuitive and compassionate, and often know what will make others feel better; Virgo Moon people delight in helping others.

Moon in Libra: Natural diplomats, those with a Libra Moon approach situations with balance and fairness, though this can lead to indecision at times (in work environments, partnerships—or other situations where decision-making falls to others—are desirable). As an air sign, those with a Moon in Libra do require social activity. These individuals prefer not to live alone, instead desiring marriage (or at least an amiable roommate).

Moon in Scorpio: Individuals having a Moon in watery Scorpio are emotionally deep and very intense. These folks have an inherent natural strength, and may have suffered difficult situations during childhood that give you an awareness of the transience of life. Mild-mannered, Moon in Scorpio individuals are easy to get along with for the most part, though they may let negative emotions simmer just below the surface (where they may wait to be revealed until an inopportune time).

Moon in Sagittarius: Restless is an apt description of those with their Moon in the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius; these folks move often, and have difficulty staying in one play for too long. Moon in Sagittarius individuals are independent and adventurous, and are most happy when exploring something or somewhere new. Impatience can go hand in hand with this desire to be on the move. These individuals are candid, which can get them in trouble at times when more diplomacy or tact is necessary.

Moon in Capricorn: The home lives of those with the Moon in Capricorn may tend toward the conventional, resulting in some rigidity; this is based out of the need for security in your emotional life (which carries over into the home life). Moon in Capricorn individuals place heavy emphasis on rules and responsibilities, as Capricorn is the workaholic of the zodiac. These folks are serious and shy, but derive great satisfaction from their accomplishments.

Moon in Aquarius: Generally friendly and open, those with the Moon in Aquarius may often be found surrounded by friends and family; they subscribe to a philosophy of “the more, the merrier,” though this is due in part to the fact that they have difficulty focusing on one person or thing at a time. These individuals do have a stubbornness about change, though they are open to the newness of the future and don’t often dwell on past difficulties. Aquarius Moon folks prefer their freedom and independence.

Moon in Pisces: Those with a Moon in Pisces are very sensitive and emotional, and can either be sympathetic or closed off to others as a result. These folks must be careful to avoid self-indulgence as a way of dealing with their emotions. With a strong sense of idealism and romance, the outer personalities of those with the Moon in Pisces are often stronger than the inner personalities, and these individuals often become gifted artists and actors.

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