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Comic Relief

Tarot Inspired Creativity Tarot is many things to many people. In addition to the divinatory uses and spiritual applications, tarot is 78 pieces of inspirations. The cards inspire visual art, writing, quilts, jewelry…I’ve seen plays created around the cards, which harkens back to the old Renaissance Triumphs (parades) that featured many of the archetypes we […]

Setting the Record Straight

Thank You, S.F. Bay! First, I would like to thank everyone who showed up for my workshops at Ancient Ways in Oakland, CA, this last weekend. I’d also like to thank shop owner Glenn Turner for her hospitality and friendship, as well as nods to Marilee, Michael, and everyone else at the shop. If you’re […]

Asking “why?”

What Can You Accomplish in 30 Days? 30 Day challenges are popular ways to either learn something new, accomplish a specific goal, or establish a new habit. One of my favorite tarot friends, Mark McElroy, wrote a book called What’s in the Cards for You. It is a 30 Day Experiment that helps you determine […]

Living with Shadow People

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Debi Chestnut, author of Is Your House Haunted?: Poltergeists, Ghosts or Bad Wiring. I saw the shadow person that lives in my house again today. A shadow person is a type of entity that appears as a shadow. My shadow person appears to be fond of the […]

Whoa Baby! Energetic memory and healing the past

I made a recent visit to a hospital a couple months ago to meet a brand new family member. Celebrating the birth of my first niece was all I thought about that day leading up to the visit. As I drove through horrible rush hour traffic amid heavy afternoon thunderstorms, I smiled and sang to music […]

If You’re So Smart, Why Ain’t You Rich?

A few years ago, a publishing administrator asked me why so many occultists were short on money. I told him that some occultists, magicians, and Pagans view wealth in terms other than money. They value having time and being able to study, learn, be with friends, etc. “But,” he said, “it seems like many don’t […]

Learning Card Meanings

Getting Up Close and Personal with Any Card After learning basic meanings for each card, most students want to dig deeper. And even seasoned practitioners continue to deeper their relationship to each card. It has been really fascinating for me to step back and watch how my own relationship with the cards evolved over time. […]

Your Oh-So-Important (yet often forgotten) Self-Care

It’s always good to have goals and striving for your dreams makes you a better person. Right? So where do you draw the line and recognize when you’re maybe pushing things a little too far?  I am a busy-body, perfectionist, and sometimes work-aholic, so this is all something I’ve had practice with and failed at many times. When 3:00 rolls […]

Mindful Moments: Pause, Ponder, Awaken

Today’s quote for consideration: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman Is this a helpful reminder for you? Why? Share your thoughts! For more information on what these Mindful Moments are all about, […]

Gaian Tarot

The Divine Spirit of the Earth If you’ve wondered where I’ve been…I’ve been busy playing with our newly released Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. Have you seen this deck yet?   The card on the cover is the Sun card and it is my very favorite version of that card ever. Learn more about […]