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Fine-Tuning Money Magic: Removing the Barriers to Success

This post was written by Anna
on December 25, 2012 | Comments (0)

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Michael Furie, author of the new Spellcasting for Beginners.

It’s true, we need money, but it’s important to remember that it has no inherent value. Money is man-made and only has value because we agree that it does. There’s no such thing as “money energy” to call upon in magic. We instead have to focus on growth, abundance, and good fortune. We can draw upon energy of the Earth, Sun, and Jupiter as well. The Earth energy is that of growth and is foundational. It is a good idea to utilize Earth energy when money is vitally needed. The Sun’s energy is tuned to abundance and is ideal for building upon money you already have such as in spells to aid investments or for business success. The energy of Jupiter is that of expansion and good fortune. Jupiter’s energy is excellent for trying to boost the results of any money spell. Jupiter can also help influence people in power and is useful if you are trying to get a raise or a bank loan. The colors of money magic are green (for growth and Earth energy), gold (for abundance and solar energy), and royal blue (for Jupiter’s expansion and good fortune). If you wish to invoke solar or planetary energies, charge an appropriately colored candle with that energy before lighting it.

Before casting a money spell, it is crucial to consider how much money you need, why you need it, how you feel without it, and (most importantly) how you will feel when you have it. It is possible to use magic to acquire money in larger amounts than what you need, but it is more difficult. If there’s not genuine need in magic, the results are usually less potent. That’s why there are no “million dollar money spells” in magic. Witches and Pagans generally try to live in harmony with nature and great wealth is as unnatural as extreme poverty.

Any spell-caster is wise to focus on the concept that all spells should be cast for the good of all. This focus ensures that anything you gain from magic will not be the result of loss to another; that money you seek will not come from a tragic accident that leads to a settlement or an inheritance, etc. Working magic for the good of all invokes the idea of the infinity of solution, that everyone can be happy and that conflict need not be. It is an important magical safe guard. When casting any money spell:

  1. Focus on how you want to feel when the result is achieved.
  2. Focus on the fact that the spell shall be for the good of all.
  3. Think only of the end result; never dwell on any process of “how” the money might manifest so as not to hinder the magic.

The only ways we should direct the spell are that it shall be for “the good of all” and that it will bring our goal. Any other direction only serves to slow the process.

Our thanks to Michael for his guest post! For more from Michael Furie, read his article “Crafting Reality: Using Perception to Create Change.”

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