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Aura Reading

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Clairvoyant "reading" of the aura to determine the health, character and spiritual development of the person (or animal) by the colors seen.

The main factors to consider are:

While some specific observations can be augmented with the use of dowsing rods and pendulums as well as the hands in sensing the aura, the aura visionary, or reader, should attempt to start with basic observations of the above factors, and then slowly perceive the complexity of the overall aura in which the following elements are important considerations:

Interpretation of the aura should not be based on strict rules following these listings of colors, brightness, size, shapes, etc., but rather a holistic synthesis characterize by the aura visionary’s empathy with the subject—even when viewing one's own aura. While details count towards the whole, we must never let the details overwhelm the whole in our interpretation.

Aura readers interpret colors, their intensity, and their location through established definitions:

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