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Tarot Interpretations of Numbers One Through Nine

This article was written by David Allen Hulse on May 10, 2002
posted under Numerology

The following list gives very basicc meanings for the Tarot cards associated with each of the numbers one through nine.

1 —The Magician: Concentration, intention, will

2 —The High Priestess: Reflection, receptivity, hidden knowledge

3 —The Empress: Imagination, inspiration, spiritual world

4 —The Emperor: Reason, order, material world

5 —The Hierophant: Intuition, union, bridging of spiritual and material (Heaven and Earth)

6 —The Lovers: Decision, discrimination, love

7 —The Chariot: Direction, empowerment, secret languages (symbolic)

8 —Strength: Energy, exuberance, bliss

9 —The Hermit: Summit, attainment, secret teachers

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