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The Llewellyn Journal

About the Llewellyn Journal

Thank you for your interest in the Llewellyn Journal. For more than 100 years Llewellyn has published books on metaphysics, astrology, magic, spirituality, alternative healing, and associated topics. The Llewellyn Journal is our online presentation of in-depth articles on these and similar subjects.

Previously, the Llewellyn Journal gave a voice to both our published authors as well as a selection of high-quality writers who had not been published by Llewellyn. Unfortunately, we have discontinued this practice; we will no longer accept article submissions from outside contributors. Every Monday, the Llewellyn Journal will continue to publish one article by a published (or soon to be published) Llewellyn author that expounds upon their published writings and that directly relates to Llewellyn topics and titles. These articles will be limited to Llewellyn authors.

Though the Journal will no longer feature articles from outside contributors, we want to continue to foster the community of which Llewellyn is a part. To further this end, we have blogs and forums that give our readers a voice in our community.

We want to thank all who have in past contributed to the Llewellyn Journal, and all readers who visit our site to enjoy our articles.


The following Guidelines include the information Llewellyn published (or soon to be published) authors need to submit an article for consideration.

The Llewellyn Journal will give authors published (or soon to be published) by Llewellyn a chance to present practical ideas and concepts from their writings. The Llewellyn Journal also gives these authors a chance to share some of the results of working with those ideas and concepts. These may include new concepts based on their writings or expand upon ideas presented in one of their Llewellyn books.

We are providing the Llewellyn Journal as a free service to the community. However, the costs of design, editing, maintenance, articles, artwork, etc. are considerable. Further, unlike magazines you might obtain by subscription or buy at a store, the Llewellyn Journal receives no money from outside advertisers and no money from subscriptions or newsstand sales. It's free.

In return for this free service, we hope readers will support the Llewellyn Journal by purchasing Llewellyn books that they read about here. It is only through such reader support that we will be able to maintain the Llewellyn Journal as a free service. Articles that further this end are most likely to be published.

We are seeking articles of 1,000 - 2,500 words or less.

The Llewellyn Journal considers for publication substantive, in-depth articles that discuss metaphysical topics. For Llewellyn, the metaphysical category is broad and inclusive as can be seen in the wide subject range of books that we publish. If you have a topic in mind for the Llewellyn Journal, please email us and ask if it is appropriate before writing and submitting an actual article.

The Llewellyn Journal seeks to publish powerful, practical, even life-changing techniques (including necessary background), based on Llewellyn books and subjects.

The Llewellyn Journal will include articles that are between popular and academic styles. Including bibliographic references to concepts and ideas are encouraged but not required. References to any quoted material are required (see below).

For an article to be accepted for publication in the Llewellyn Journal, it must be clear and unambiguous in content. For example, if you are a Llewellyn author with a book on the Tarot, we would prefer to see an article on "Five Ways Working with The Tower Card Can Improve Your Life" as opposed to "The Tarot and Life."


Things to consider before you submit:
1) Are you sure we would be interested in your article's subject? Does it clearly and directly relate to a book or subject published by Llewellyn? Email the editor (TLJEditor@llewellyn.com) and ask first.

2) We only accept new, previously unpublished articles. By that we mean your article cannot have previously appeared in a book, magazine, on a web site, on a CD, or in any printed form whatsoever.

3) The Llewellyn Journal is an online only publication. Therefore, we only accept email submissions.

4) We accept complete articles only. We do not accept partial articles.

5) Although we previously supported thoughtful, well-written articles by outside contributors when they supported Llewellyn titles and topics, we have discontinued this practice. Our goal is to support authors who are published by Llewellyn. We do not work with agents.

For the article itself, we require the following:

1) If you send the article as an attachment, use a standard, easy-to-read font (Times, Palatino, Helvetica, Arial, etc.).

2) Do not use the return or enter key (or make a ìhard breakî) at the end of each line. You should only use the return or enter key at the end of a paragraph.

3) Do not indent paragraphs.

4) Do add an extra line space between paragraphs.

5) Date your title page.

6) Include your name, address, email address, and phone number in the article.

7) Keep a copy of your article and all correspondence for reference and to protect against loss. NEVER SEND US YOUR ONLY COPY.

We accept email submissions only. They must be in one of two forms:

1) Within the body of the email.

2) As an attachment. Under no circumstances will we accept any ìexecutableî file (.exe). No matter what word processor you use, please send us a ìtext onlyî (ASCII or .txt) file.

2a) If you are sending an attachment be sure to include your name, address, email address, and phone number in the attachment as well as in the body of the email.

What is Unacceptable:
1) As mentioned above, if a topic does not fit our broad metaphysical field or support a Llewellyn title, it will not be considered.

2) We will not accept writing that is sexist or racist; writing that ìbashesî any group; or writing that shows intolerance toward groups, organizations, or individuals.

3) Words that are popularly considered to be obscene or defamatory are unacceptable. Writing containing these words will not be considered for publication.

4) Decisions of the editors on what will be published are final.

Permissions and Fair Use:
The Llewellyn Journal seeks fresh, original approaches to metaphysical topics; we don't want ìretreadsî of what's already out there. We strongly discourage quoting or paraphrasing of books or articles not published by Llewellyn.

If you cite concepts from other sources, the Llewellyn Journal requires proper attribution and documentation. When citing an outside source in your text, include the complete publishing information for the reference (title, author(s), publisher, date and city of publication, and page number) in the body of the article or in your endnotes. For more information on citation and documentation, we recommend the Chicago Manual of Style.

As a journal that is focused on text, the use of illustrations and photographs is limited ñ and frankly discouraged. However, if you feel that an illustration or photo is necessary for your article, you may send a .gif, .jpg, or .tif attachment file along with your article. Indicate in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS where the image should be placed within the text of your article. Please be aware that the Llewellyn Journal reserves the right to omit any graphics.

If you include a photo, you must either have taken the photo yourself or have written permission from the copyright holder to use the photo. If there are any people in the photo besides yourself, you must have written permission from them to use their image for any purpose.

If you are using illustrations or photographs from other published sources, you must obtain permission and suitable reproductions from the copyright holder. Do not assume anything is public domain, no matter how old. You are responsible for obtaining all art clearances, and will be held responsible if permissions are infringed upon.

Llewellyn's Editing Process:
If we decide to publish your article and you agree to the terms of the agreement, your article will be edited. The Llewellyn Journal reserves the right to edit all or any part of the article submitted by the author, and to make the final decisions in terms of editing.


1) Payment for articles is $50 per article, regardless of length.

2) The Article is a Work For Hire. Llewellyn will own and copyright in its name.

3) You will be paid no more than 90 days after your article is posted on our site and during a regular Llewellyn payment cycle.

4) You will always receive credit as the author of the article.

5) Llewellyn employees will not receive payment for Journal articles, unless they are written off the clock.

The Llewellyn Journal Permission Guidelines

Llewellyn will grant the Author, as well as any person, permission to post an article on their own website so long as a link is included with the text to the full, original article at Llewellyn.com. For more information on how to post a Llewellyn Journal article on your website, please visit Use of Our Articles.

2) To use an article in print, contact TLEditor@llewellyn.com. When printing the article, you must include the following after the title and author's name or at the end of the article:

Originally published by llewellynjournal.com. Copyright © (the year) Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD. All rights reserved.

3) If you reproduce an article from the Llewellyn Journal, it must be complete and unedited. Additional comments may not be inserted within the body of the original article.

4) Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD. retains the copyright to all articles published in the Llewellyn Journal. Allowing you to reproduce or repost articles from the Llewellyn Journal does not, in any way, entitle you or anyone else to claim the copyright.

5) If you reproduce an article from the Llewellyn Journal, you must include the name of the author, as given in the Llewellyn Journal, below the title and above the body of the article.

We want to keep the Llewellyn Journal free so as many people as possible can see it. We even encourage websites to post our articles, including your name as author. In order to do these things, we maintain the following policies:

1) Articles purchased for use by the Llewellyn Journal are considered "Works for Hire." This means that the payment you receive gives the Llewellyn Journal the right to use it in any way.

2) If you are having a book published that includes material from an article you have published in the Llewellyn Journal, write to us at TLJEditor@llewellyn.com giving details, and we will send you written authorization to use the article at no charge as long as the Llewellyn Journal is credited as the original source.

3) Neither the Llewellyn Journal nor Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD. are responsible for any actions of the readers of the Llewellyn Journal or the Public at Large who may copy all or parts of your article or even make changes to it with or without your permission.

4) If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please write to us with your specific question and we will send a detailed reply.

Personal Information
In order to publish your article in the Llewellyn Journal we must have the following information:
  • Your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • Your pseudonym, if you wish to use one.

If you are not comfortable sending this information to the Journal editor via e-mail at TLJEditor@llewellyn.com, please send it via post to:
The Llewellyn Journal
c/o Editor
2143 Wooddale Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125-2989

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