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Holiday Gift-Giving by Venus Sign

This article was written by Stephanie Clement
posted under Astrology

Each year around this time, as we approach the holiday season, I am reminded of the hope that is a part of every philosophical and religious tradition. For everyone born north of the Equator, the winter solstice and its associated festivals center on the faith that the Sun will return to bring its life-giving warmth, and that new life will begin and grow very soon.

I like to think of the gifts we exchange as a symbol of that hope. The earth may not be giving us crops and the Sun may not be so warm, but our hearts are warm, we share that feeling with the people around us, and gifts are just one form of sharing.

I’ve noticed that gift giving can become a rather dull exercise. What do you want this year, honey? Oh, just pick something you think I will like. Even after years together, this is easier said than done. I thought you might like a bit of sizzle in those personal gifts this year, so I consulted Anne Massey's new book Venus for some advice. Her book includes everything you ever needed to know about the planet Venus, so I am only just sticking my toe into the pool of information about this alluring planet. And allure may be the perfect word to describe the best gifts for your special someone!

Holiday hint: Be sure to give this article to your partner, with your Venus sign circled for easy reference! Anne Massey supplied the Venus information. The gift ideas are all mine.

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