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Crocheted Tarot Box

This article was written by Karen Glasgow
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Author/Designer’s note: While this box was designed for an approximate 3” X 5” tarot deck, you can increase rounds and alter the shaping to fit your slightly larger deck.

You can use this box on your altar for special tools or as a “manifestation” box that harbors and nurtures your deepest wants and desires. Let your imagination run wild and have fun thinking “out of the box” as you crochet the box.

Like many tarot enthusiasts, I have more than one deck of these fabulous oracles. I have a “portable” deck that travels with me; this deck resides in a lovely little bag.I also have a deck that I use for pathworking; this deck sits upon a pedestal in my “meditation sanctuary.” There is the deck that I use for magic. This deck sits on my altar and is protectively wrapped in black silk. Then I have “the special deck;” this is the deck that I have had since 1974. This deck remembers all of my wishes and wants and ponderings. This is the deck that has forgiven all of my divination faux pas. This is the deck that taught me to trust the intuitive language of the oracles. And this is the deck that inspired this pattern for the crocheted tarot box.

Crochet is an incredible vehicle for magic. The focus on the pattern instructions combined with the repetitive stitches creates a brain wave pattern that is in sync with the energies of the earth. Allow your mind to focus on the intent of your magic as you work each stitch. Visualize the energy flow through your hands and to your hook and thread. Each stitch carries the enchantment of your desires that will manifest with the creation of your project.

Since the inspiration of this pattern was my “original” deck, the spell that I have included in the pattern relates to the evolution of “past, present, future” interacting, learning, and growing. But, you can enchant your box with any intent that you desire; just keep your intent in mind as you choose your supplies.

Crochet is also fabulous focus for psychic opening. The repetitive stitches create a meditative brain wave pattern that allows the mind to quietly hear the wisdom of the universe. Often a question posed at the beginning of a project will see its answer when the project is completed.

To create this box, you will need to have:

The stitches (and their abbreviations) that you will use are: The corner stitch is 3 dbc, ch 3, 3 dbc in space indicated.

Begin the pattern with two strands of the main color on your hook. The first six rounds of the pattern form the foundation of your tarot box. As you work these six rounds, focus on your “past” relationship with your tarot. Focus on the thoughts, the beliefs and the feelings of these early interactions. Visualize the transitions and the transformations that evolved in you and in your relationship with divination and your oracle.
Beginning with the next round, you will be creating the sides of your tarot box. As you work the sides, Focus on the aspects of your “present” relationship with your tarot. Visualize the changes, the successes and the learning experiences that you have encountered on your journey so far.Linear Embellishment
Turn the box inside out. The un-worked loops of rounds 7, 9, and 10 should be on the outside of the box. With the bottom of the box facing up and the outside facing, join the metallic (or embellishment color) thread to any un-worked loop of round 7 with a slp st.

Work a slp st in each un-worked loop around. Join to beginning slp st. Cut and secure thread, weave in ends. Repeat with the un-worked loops for rounds 9 and 10.
To embellish the top, turn top inside out. The un-worked loops of round 7 should be facing out. With “top” facing up, join metallic thread to any un-worked loop with a slp st. Slp st in each un-worked loop around. Join to beginning slp st (you are inserting the hook from the top to the bottom of the loop). Turn top so the top side is facing down. Inserting the hook from the bottom to the top of the same loops that you just used, slp st in each stitch around. This “sandwiches” the un-worked loop between these slip stitches and creates a nice ridged effect. Join to begin slp st. Cut and fasten thread. Weave in ends.

Prepare Styrofoam blocks for stiffening (molding) the box and the top. Using the sponge or brush, saturate the inside of the box and the top with starch. Position over the blocks and pin in place. Now saturate the outsides of both box and top. Wipe off any excess as needed.

If you want to speed up the drying process, place in sunlight or turn your hair dryer on them for brief periods. While the box and the top are very slightly damp, remove from the Styrofoam and gently shape as needed.

When completely dry, add charms or any other embellishments that will enhance your magical or divinatory intent. Magically prepare as you choose. As you place your tarot deck into this box, state these or similar words:
By hook and by thread the magic flows,
With each stitch that I have taken the magic grows,
The creation’s complete, the magic flows to the Source and returns to me.
My intent is manifested, so mote it be.

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