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What's the Moon Got to Do With It?

This article was written by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
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The Moon influences almost every area of life on earth. Itís gravitational pull causes the oceanís tides. Its electro-magnetic influence affects the way we think and feel. Police know that crime increases at the Full of the Moon, and more fires also occur at Full Moon. Even sleep-walking is stimulated by the Full Moon! Yes, the Moon does have everything to do with itóno matter what it is. Itís a visible guide to subtle influences in the secret world where we all live and have our being.

Farmers and Gardeners Plant by the Moon

Farmers know that corn planted at Full Moon will grow shriveled, while lettuce planted under the New Moon will have fast growth and tender leaves. Potatoes should be dug when the Moon is decreasing, while fruit is best picked when itís increasing.

But this is only half the story!
The successful gardener works with the Moonís Signs as well as the Phases. Flower seeds should be planted during the first quarter (just after New Moon), and when the Moon is in the Sign of Libra for beauty and fragrance. Cucumbers are best planted when the Moon is in Scorpio and increasing. Grain should be harvested after Full Moon and not in a watery sign.

Successful Gardening, and living, is far more complex than common farmer almanacs would have you believe. Itís a science, not just folklore.

Fishermen and Weather Forecasters Watch the Moon
More fish (and lovers, too) are caught when the Moon is in Pisces or Cancer and just after Full Moon. Meteorologists have learned to make accurate long-range forecasts of rainfall and temperature by the Moon and Planets. Hunters, too, are guided by the Moonís Signs and Phases. Everything in Nature relates to the Moonís Cycles or Rhythm. Life is complex, but the Moon is a key to making simple choices.

Electrodynamics is the Answer
Many scientists explain the relationship between life on Earth and the Moonís cycles this way:

All life is electrical in nature, and throughout Nature there is an electrical rhythm that coincides with the Moonís Cycles. All plants and animals have special cycles, and we can use the Moon as a simple guide to living and working in accordance with these cycles and the natural rhythms of life.

Common Sense: Your Best Guide
Itís only common sense for you to take advantage of this Moon Guide to natural life cycles once you know about it. Activities started at certain times work out better than at other times, and the Moonís Cycles are very important to emotional and health matters and where money is concerned. When you have the right information at hand concerning the Moonís Cycles and how they relate to matters important to you, itís just common sense to do the right thing at the right time!

Llewellynís Moon Sign Book
Every year for more than one hundred years, Llewellyn has put all the information you need into their annual Moon Sign Book. Every date of importance to you is indicated for you in simple to use tables: Best Dates for Planting, for breeding pets and farm animals, to set eggs, for destroying weeds and noxious growths, for fishing, Your Favorable and Unfavorable Dates for special purposes, and Complete Tables of the Moonís Signs and Phases.

Complete Instruction
You will find complete instruction for benefiting from the Moonís Cycles in the bookís 384 pages: Advertising, Baking, Brewing, Building, Buying & Selling, Cultivating, Decorating, Dental Work, Entertaining, Fertilizing, Getting Married, Haircuts, Harvesting, Medical Treatments, Neutering and Declawing Animals, Pruning, Selecting a Childís Sex, Signing Contracts, Training Animals, Transplanting, and much more. In Business, at Home, or at Work, on the Farm or in the Garden, in Sports or in Recreation, let the Moon help you do it better.

Local, Natural & Organic Foodsóthe Lunar Way
Weíve gotten used to easy ways to do thingsólots of chemical fertilizers to make things grow big and fastóbut thatís not Natureís Way. Whether growing your own or buying local, Organic is the way to healthier foods. Using the Moonís Cycles enables you to grow healthier plants the natural way. You donít need dangerous chemicals in your fields or garden or on your lawn. Henry Harries in Chihuahua, Mexico grew a tomato plant twenty feet high with tomatoes weighing as much as two pounds each following the natural, lunar organic methods.

Green Living, Void-of Course Moon, Retrograde Planets
Youíve heard about these things, now you can learn about them and plan to live in full awareness and harmony with Natureís Finer Forces. Learn about Composting, Growing Bigger Pumpkins, Companion Planting, Wine Selection by the Signs, Understanding the Seasonal Changes in people, How to change your Life Style for a healthier planet, and the reasons why.

Whoís Your Boss?
You are, when you use the practical information in the Moon Sign Book. Read the month-by-month Economic Forecast for the background of news and business developments for the coming year. Gain knowledge of the psychological trends that will involve each of us in the coming months. Study the Market Trends and the monthly Weather Predictions.

Custom-make Your Future!
With knowledge of coming trends and understanding of how the Moonís Cycles affect you and your every activity, you will have the ability to plan and do the right thing at the right time for greater success and personal fulfillment. Timing is the key ingredient to success in any enterprise. Learning to live in the Light of the Moon, you will never again be in the dark about the choices you can make.

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