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Venus in Love: What She Means in Your Chart

This article was written by Anne Massey
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Venus in Aries:Venus in Aries is hinging Mars. She is a rebellious, nonconforming go-getter; someone strong, quick to act, a bad boy or a tomboy. She knows Mars’ likes and dislikes; what makes him tick—so he is easy prey. She is a physical, enthusiastic spark plug, who instantly ignites flames of passion. All you can do is her bidding—wild, spirited, exciting action with no time to think. She wants to be shown that she is loved. She loves surprises and only seems to want to be shown that you appreciate all those impetuous gestures. If Venus in Aries tires of Mars, she is gone in a literal flash—she isn’t a possession.
Venus in Taurus: Venus in Taurus yearns for someone to grow old with in comfort—she can be sensible in love. She loves the courting, craves security, and freely depends on her partner to be her source of support. He built me a home—what is a girl to do? Her voice and her touch make you weak in the knees. She’s the conjugal goddess of love—cherishing, tender, earthy, and romantic wrapped up in a sensual body. Venus in Taurus is giving—pleased only when you are pleased.
Venus in Gemini: This versatile, inquisitive goddess craves shapeshifting Mercury—a lover and a pal. Her words and pet names for you are like music to your ears. Venus in Gemini is a beguiling, youthful, and intelligent companion. Each day to her is a new life; she’ll play different roles and keep life so interesting. She’ll flirt with you to show she’s still interested. She’ll giggle at your jokes and listen intently to your deeper ponderings.
Venus in Cancer: The empathetic, demure, caring, and sensitive Venus in Cancer wants the Moon. She is so enticing, with her soft face and those big, watery eyes. She charms by being so sweet, so loving, and so shy. She’s romantic—most of those love quotes were penned by Venus in Cancer. You just want to protect her and ensure she’ll always be safe. She’s someone with whom to nest and build a home. She can mother you or behave like a child. She bonds for life; there is no escaping her “claws.”
Venus in Leo: Venus in Leo is glamorous and warm, the one everyone gathers around. She’ll entertain and charm. She’s lovable and loads of fun. The golden goddess of drama makes a grand entrance; she can’t tolerate a cold shoulder. It’s champagne and caviar, galas and balls—she is a romance à la Hollywood. You’ll fetch and carry and bow to her desires, because she gets those flames of passion roaring. She’s a born performer at everything she does—a little praise and she’ll fetch you the Sun. You deserve the best.
Venus in Virgo: This intelligent and discerning Venus appraises her choices in her quest for analytical Mercury. She craves someone who is her intellectual equal. She charms with her wisdom, her unceasing interest in you. You may not notice you are being interviewed, because her unwavering attention is focused on you, holding you captive. She is not looking for perfection but potential—if you are too perfect, she loses interest. She craves someone to whom she can teach the wonders of love and life. She doesn’t want to hear what you heard, but what you think of it.
Venus in Libra: To the ethereal, divine, perfect goddess of charm, love is sacred. Venus in Libra will shower you with gifts—tokens of her affection. She is the classic, elegant lady with perfectly coiffed hair, who turns heads as she suddenly appears. She knows she is beautiful, and everyone else does too. She graces you with her undivided attention, making everyone else dissolve. The moment she gazed at you, you knew your heart was hers. Venus in Libra is so enticing that she merely has to be present to get attention. Her fleeting caress feels like a promise of more—here she is the mighty Aphrodite.
Venus in Scorpio: When intense, magnetic Venus in Scorpio walks into a room, the men turn to look and the women hold onto their men a little tighter. She is looking for her soul mate, and her eyes see right through you. She is stalking Mars and Pluto; she bonds throughout eternity. She demands passion and commitment—with mind, body, and soul. She is intriguing, seemingly holding on to secrets. She allures and mesmerizes with her sex appeal; she is equipped with more pheromones than most. She also knows men intimately; there is nothing or nowhere you can hide.
Venus in Sagittarius: Venus in Sagittarius is the seeker searching for Jupiter. Jupiter is all about fun, philosophy, and adventure. It’s a big world out there. Venus in Sagittarius may travel the world, looking for love. She is full of life and laughs and likes to goof around. If she can teach you, or you can introduce new and bigger concepts to her, you’ll capture her attention for a while. Let the games begin! She is hard to pin down and is born to teach, preach, and enlighten. She can be a heartbreaker; she is the ultimate free spirit, with a yearning for complete freedom to do as she pleases.
Venus in Capricorn: Venus in Capricorn is traditional and appreciates societal values. She is ardent and sensual—but not in public, mind you. With age and practice, she only gets better. She is image-conscious and values her privacy. She is often your classic beauty, with legs that go on forever. Even in terms of looks, she seems to grow younger and more gorgeous with each passing year. Her ageless quality captures our attention. She does not see it herself—to her it is the make-up, the outfit, the perfect light, or your impaired vision. She works, supports, encourages, and makes you feel that you can conquer the world. She may capture the attention of an older man, who from there on out believes he has gone to heaven. She is also pragmatic and materialistic—there are things a gal needs to have.
Venus in Aquarius: Venus in Aquarius is full of startling contrasts. She is looking for someone unique and reliable. She wants an original, someone brilliant and different. She loves her freedom even more than Sagittarius. She can talk the talk, but she won’t walk the walk until someone extremely special catches her fancy. She can cultivate a friend into a lover; find one in the chat room or at a distance. After all, she is looking for both Saturn and Uranus neatly wired together.
Venus in Pisces: The ethereal Pisces is the exaltation of Venus. It is about both love and spirituality, but also escapism and fantasy. Venus in Pisces yearns for a soul mate in the elusive Neptune—the god of the sea whence we came and where we shall return; the collective unconscious. She is also rather fond of Jupiter, the preacher, teacher, savior, and guru; she has a thirst for wisdom—to give and receive. She grows up early, experiencing passionate love during her teenage or even preteen years. She seems to attract those who need saving. While Venus in Virgo likes to fix and perfect, Venus in Pisces likes to rescue and provide unwavering support. The list of famous people with Venus in Pisces reads like a who’s who in the quest for spirituality or addictions—some are victims and some are saviors.
The challenge here might be figuring out how to live up to that ideal and stay on that pedestal.

From Venus: Her Cycles, Symbols & Myths, by Anne Massey

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