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Spells for Halloween Hocus-Pocus

This article was written by Ellen Dugan
posted under Pagan

Ah, it’s that wonderful time of the year when Witches are suddenly in vogue. A vast array of bewitching-themed items can be found in every store across the land. Houses and shops are decorated with orange lights, fall leaves, blooming mums, colorful gourds, pumpkins, and scarecrows. Oh, and of course, ghosts, Witches, and screeching black cats. In all the excitement of decorating and preparing for the sabbat, it is easy to forget that often the most practical and magical of items are to be found very affordably, courtesy of good old Mother Nature. This Halloween why not keep things simple? For your celebrations, consider the seasonal trimmings that are to be found within nature’s bounty.

Why the focus on natural items? Because this popular holiday is one of the major sabbats of our earth religion. So as we celebrate the earth and her cycles and seasons, it makes much more sense to work with earthy and natural accessories. Plus, it helps to keep us connected to nature. Much of our Samhain/Halloween folklore comes from fruits, flowers, and such. So why not fly with this idea and see what we can conjure up for your Halloween festivities?

Happy Halloween!

May your Halloween be an enchanted one, filled with the colors and scents of this most bewitching season. Arrange multi-colored leaves around your home. Plant some colorful mums in your garden and allow their natural energies to ward your property. Display your jack-o’-lanterns with Pagan pride, and set a bowl full of bright gold and red apples in the kitchen to inspire love and wisdom. Let the bounty that nature has to offer us inspire your natural and practical magic. My best wishes for a soulful Samhain and of course, a Happy Halloween!

From Llewellyn’s 2008 Magical Almanac. Click here for current-year calendars and almanacs.

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