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Your Intuitive Connection to Love

This article was written by Sherrie Dillard
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Love and intuition seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, the sun and the moon and…well, like two people in love. Who at one time or another has not felt a shiver move up their spine or their stomach leap in joy when looking into another’s eyes? Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a connection with them or somehow knew what they were thinking or feeling, without knowing how you knew? These are spontaneous natural occurrences of intuition and they can be so commonplace we often take them for granted.

We all have innate intuitive ability, which can be as simple as knowing something without knowing how you know it. Yet intuition, like love, can be mysterious and compelling and can bypass the rational and logical. This is because both love and intuition have their roots in the soul —the deeper, wiser part of us. They are both powerful energies that can enhance every aspect of your life. Knowing one will gain you instant access into a better understanding of the other.

Your intuition is as unique as you. I have discovered through many years of teaching others to access and develop their innate intuitive ability that intuition surfaces in four primary ways. You may receive energy information through your thoughts, your emotions, your energy field or your physical body. These four different intuitive modalities make up your intuitive type.

If you intuit mostly through your thoughts and ideas, you are a mental intuitive. Mental intuitives are naturally telepathic. Telepathy is the ability to tune into, receive, and send thought messages to another or a group. Emotional intuitives intuit mostly through their emotions. If you tend to easily pick up on others’ feelings, are empathetic and tend to be the go-to person for your friends and family who are in need of a kind shoulder, you are likely an emotional intuitive. Spiritual intuitives receive intuitive vibrations through their energy field. Those who can perceive angels and auras have an active dream life and enjoy daydreaming may be spiritual intuitives. Physical intuitives absorb energy information into their body. Do you ever feel others’ aches and pains or feel flushed and warm just sitting next to certain people? If so, you may be a physical intuitive.

Once you are aware of your intuitive type, you will be able to develop and use your natural intuition with more ease and success. Your intuitive type also plays an important part in your ability to communicate, understand, and increase intimacy with loved ones.

How is this? Do you ever know what your partner is thinking or suddenly feel that a loved one is having difficulties, even though they are miles away? Do you ever dream about a loved one who has passed over and feel their presence, almost as if they are in the same room with you? Does it seem like just holding your partner’s hand helps you to know her better? While these situations are often random and unpredictable, you can learn how to better tune into and understand your particular intuitive strengths.

The bond of love between two people strengthens and intensifies intuitive ability. With this in mind, not only will you get better results when developing your intuition with a friend or partner, mutual understanding and insight into one another will also increase.

The following is a partner exercise. It will give you the opportunity to develop your intuition and gain insight into a partner, friend, or family member at the same time. It will also help you to experience how each intuitive type receives energy information.

To begin, find a time of day where you and your partner can both be undisturbed for an agreed-upon amount of time. It is not necessary to be in the same physical location. You can be across town or even across the country —it doesn’t matter; just make sure that your time zones are in sync.

At the agreed-upon time sit or lie down, close your eyes and begin to take long, deep, relaxing breaths. Imagine as you breathe that you are inhaling cleansing and clearing breaths and you are exhaling any stress and tension. As you settle into the natural rhythm of these cleansing breaths, visualize your partner. Use your imagination and form a picture of them in your mind’s eye. Don’t force it. Rather, breathe, relax, and feel your connection to them. Keep visualizing your partner and wait for them to smile or acknowledge your presence. This is an intuitive exercise so you might just “know” or get a sense of when they become aware of you. Intuitive “seeing” is not always the same as three-dimensional seeing. It might feel like you are relying on your imagination, which is good. Keep it up.

Now practice one or more of these intuitive communication techniques.

Love is a potent life-force energy that is not restricted by time, space or condition. It has no barriers and there is no power in this world that is stronger than it. With love, two people become one. Develop your intuitive connection to love and allow its powerful presence and mystery to unfold in your life.

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