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Brilliant Creativity: Creative Types by Sun Sign

This article was written by Dallas Jennifer Cobb
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Not just a brilliant source of light and life, the Sun is a powerful planet that influences our daily lives. Illuminating, inspiring, and enlightening, it influences creativity and artistic achievement.

The wheel of the zodiac has twelve houses, and each one represents a different Sun sign; each sign and house represents a different creative type and a distinct artistic personality. Every sign has its own style, focus, and inclination, and people are drawn to different tools, techniques, and materials, depending on their Sun sign.

While the Sun sign under which we were born shapes our creativity, our creative energy is also influenced by the Sun as it transits the zodiac. As the Sun travels through the zodiac, it illuminates the focus of each house. You can learn more about both of these, and let your inner artist shine brilliantly.

Because the Sun is the gravitational center of our planetary system, itís considered to be the center of the astrological chart, central to personality, individuation, and creativity. The Sun sign is what most popular media horoscope columns are based on. The Sun sign governs identity, ego, ambitions, and perspective on life.

It is considered the most important sign in your astrological chart, and the most influential upon character, personality, and lifestyle. The Sun represents inner direction and drive; it influences personal value systems, self-image, and pride.

The Sun sign is determined by the position of the Sun at the time of birth and represents the shining destiny that awaits in this life. Urging us to dive deeply into life, the Sun sign points toward creative energies, intuitive interests, and skills meant to further the life-journey. Whereas the Sun is the universal source of light, heat, and life force, the Sun sign is the source of personal creativity; it is where we shine.

While much is written about Sun-sign attributes, a quick and dirty condensed version follows to help you understand more about Sun sign traits as they apply to the creative realm.

This general information is meant to inform and entertain. For precise astrological information and charting, schedule a visit with a knowledgeable astrologer.

Transiting the Houses
Each house in an astrological chart is associated with specific themes and influences. Because a full Sun cycle is one year long, the Sunís transit through each house of the chart is approximately one month long. While the energy of the Sun is within a house, its bright, illuminating effect can be felt on the affairs of that house.

Knowing the themes, we can better understand the influence of the Sun, and be better able to utilize and capitalize on its energy. The following information is general. For more detailed information, you should consult a professional astrologer.

Let Your Brilliant Creativity Shine
Now that you know about Sun sign types and the affects of the Sun transiting the houses, use this information to illuminate your art. Dare to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and famous. And let the sunlight shine.

From Llewellyn's 2011 Sun Sign Book. For current-year calendars and almanacs, click here.

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