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A Tarot Diva’s Guide to the Ultimate Girl’s Sleepover

This article was written by Sasha Graham
posted under Tarot

My book Tarot Diva teaches you to ignite your intuition, glamorize your life, and unleash your fabulosity using the tarot. Nothing helps a girl glow with happiness and contentment more than a deep connection with her soul sisters and female friends.

In Tarot Diva I help you embody the ecstasy of the Three of Cups tarot card by explaining how to create a secret society with your closest girlfriends. Secret societies, while subversively fun and super powerful, require long-term commitment. For a quick jolt of gal power, return to the glory of your younger days with a sleepover.

Nothing beats the good fun of a pajama party. Remember how great they were? Donning your coziest jammies with a night of fun stretching ahead of you? Staying up until all hours giggling with girlfriends? The euphoria and excitement of whispering and sharing your deepest secrets with your best pals? The gentle midnight knocking on the window when the neighborhood boys caught wind of your sleepover...

Who says you can’t relive the old days? Just because you have a family, full time job, or other very grown-up responsibilities doesn’t mean you couldn’t or shouldn’t relive the good times. Treat yourself to a girlicious evening and empower yourself and your friends with a night you’ll never forget.

Remember, the power of a great sleepover stems from gathering a group and collectively focusing your energy on a desired goal. Your goal may be to have a rockin' good time. You and your ladies might like to achieve some magical goals for yourselves. Whatever your ultimate vision, my Tarot Diva’s Guide to the Ultimate Girl’s Sleepover will send you heading in the right direction. Adjust my suggestions to meet your specific needs.

Good luck and have a fabulous time!

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