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Yes, You Are Clairvoyant Too!

This article was written by BelindaGrace
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Intuitive and clairvoyant abilities are magical, mysterious, and miraculous; that said, the most amazing things about them is that we are all born with a built-in connection to our Divine guidance. It has always been there, but most of us were not brought up in a way that encouraged us to access and develop these wonderful skills.

You already have the ability to benefit from your own intuitive wisdom, communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides, and access higher realms of awareness, you just may not know where to start or whether or not you are "doing it right." Like everything else in life, there are easier and more difficult ways to accomplish the same thing, so why do it the hard way? There are some simple steps that you can use right away that will help you open up and "reconnect" or to help you strengthen the connection of which you are already aware.

People often ask me what is the single most effective thing they can do to get a strong connection happening quickly, and my answer is the same every time: clear, strengthen, and ground your Channel! You have probably heard of the term "channeling," the activity whereby a clairvoyant or medium brings through information either in written or spoken form. In order to do this channeling you need a clear and healthy Channel.

Your Channel is the antenna that connects you to the powerful levels of wisdom and guidance beyond the obvious physical realm. We all have a Channel, but until you find out about it and learn how to maintain it you probably aren’t receiving as clearly as you could. No one expects their television to give them great sound and pictures without a fully functioning antenna, yet we often wonder why we don’t get the guidance we need in daily life. The answer lies with healing and maintaining your Channel.

In terms of structure and appearance your Channel is a beautiful beam or column of energy and Light that flows down to you from the center of the Cosmos, connecting you to your intuitive and Divine guidance. But it doesn’t stop there. Being clairvoyant isn’t just about connecting to "up there," it's about having a Channel that is completely healthy and grounded. So why not try this simple visualization?

Connecting and Opening Your Channel

Your Channel will already be functioning to some degree, but the health and capacity of your Channel is a bit like your health in general. Have you ever heard of anyone who is too healthy? In the same way, you can never have a Channel that is too clear or too healthy, so I still do this practice for myself regularly to keep my Channel in good shape.

This whole exercise need only take a couple of minutes, but feel free to enjoy it for longer if you have the time. Having a strong, clear Channel is beneficial in so many ways; one of the great added benefits of this technique is that your Chakras will also be balanced and cleansed as the energy and Light flows through your Channel and through them. Think of the Chakras as flowers growing off the central stem of the Channel; as the stem draws the energy and Light through it the flowers will benefit, too.

Your spiritual anatomy is like the foundation of your house; strong foundations give you a solid and healthy base upon which to build. Grounding the Channel by connecting to the core of Mother Earth is very important. Ancient and indigenous cultures have always acknowledged her importance in their lives and well being, while we in western cultures have been taught to put an emphasis on knowledge, information, and logic. The result is that we usually have too much energy in our heads and forget where it is that we really come from and belong as human beings. The Earth nurtures us with food, water, and shelter, but she is also and Soul and a Spirit in her own right; connecting to her intuitive wisdom will help you trust your own inner guidance.

Healing and strengthening your Channel on a regular basis—say, three times a week—can help you to make decisions more easily, trust your own intuitions more readily, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, improve the quality of your sleep, make your dreams clearer, and certainly put you in better communication with your own personal group of Angels and Spirit Guides.

Your Channel is the pathway for guidance, images, and messages to come to you; just like your television’s antenna it picks up on the signals you wish to tune into and helps to translate them into forms you can understand. A Channel that is functioning well facilitates clairvoyant sight, too, so if you are longing to see the colors in peoples’ auras, get some visual awareness of your Angels and Spirit Guides, or become more aware of the helpful images your intuition uses to guide you, then this simple exercise will definitely benefit you. Practice makes perfect, and maintenance is important, so set aside a few minutes three times a week. It’s a wonderful gift to give yourself.

Whether you are a beginner who is just opening up to the wonders of all that is available to us, or an experienced seeker who sometimes feels a bit drained and disconnected, your foundation is where you need to start or go back to. When your Channel is clear, healthy, strong, and grounded everything else can grow and improve from there.



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