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Exercise: Meet One of Your Angels or Spirit Guides

This article was written by BelindaGrace
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A quiet place where you can sit or lie comfortably
Pen or pencil
Notebook or journal

Time required: 10–20 minutes

If at any time during the process you feel you’ve drifted off, just pick up where you left off. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so you may add your own variations if you like. Some people like to imagine that they are walking into a beautiful forest, stopping in a clearing or a grove to meet their new friend. If you have a favourite place or setting you would prefer to use, then by all means do so. No one method is better than the other; what is most important is that it works for you.

Normally, you will meet just one Angel or Spirit Guide each time you make this trip, but it’s possible to be greeted by two or more. There are no rules, so be open to surprises and trust yourself and what you are being shown. Keep asking the ones you connect with for the names they go by; I find it is much easier for people to relate to an Angel or Spirit Guide if they have a name to address them by. There don’t seem to be any names that are typical; in my ten years of practice I have come across Spirit Guides and Angels with names ranging from the very ordinary, like Bob and Jane, to the unusual, like Wohan and Erethelia.

Once you have made contact there is no need to repeat that process again for the same Angel or Spirit Guide, but do repeat it whenever you would like to meet other members of your clan. If you are going through a difficult time, or want help with something specific, you can ask to meet the being who can most particularly help you with that problem. You may then be guided to a new one or be shown which of your known Angels or Spirit Guides can help you.

From You Are Clairvoyant, by BelindaGrace

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