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As co-author with Dr. Joe Slate of The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment, I was asked to explain what a "complete" book about psychic empowerment can be. In this case, the subtitle, "A Compendium of Tools & Techniques for Growth & Transformation," almost says it all.

Keep in mind two phrases: Psychic Empowerment and Growth & Transformation. First let me simply list the range of subjects covered, along with this note of caution: this book is not an encyclopedia, but a companion that combines a concise and in-depth "About" the tool or technique followed by an easy and complete "How To" guide to its practice and beneficial application.

What do I mean by "in-depth" and "complete?" I mean that we provide the reader with enough information "about" psychic empowerment for a basic understanding of the subject and then enough "how to" for you to actually use the technique so that you learn by doing, and in the process to discover things about yourself and decide if this is something you want to study more deeply. Every chapter is followed by a short list of suggested further reading for that purpose.

But, there’s more! The "secret" of all Psychic Empowerment is less in the actual tools (Crystal Ball, Pendulum, Divining Rod, etc.) than in our ability to extend our field of conscious psychic awareness by their means. Even in our use of the tools that employ powerful Symbols embodying both meaning and spiritual energies (Tarot Cards, Rune Letters, Geomantic symbols, etc.) it is our extension of awareness in their use that becomes enriched and powerful Psychic Perception.

The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment covers the following topics:
Foreword: What is 'Psychic Empowerment'? You have Body, Mind & Spirit, and you also have innate psychic powers that are under-developed because we have a primarily material viewpoint. This book is giving you a new perspective, and it is also providing you with the means to develop your psychic powers and attributes. And, we’re going to show you that in doing so you are going to become more than you are—you are going to grow and develop into the whole person you are intended to be.

Preface: Exploring a host of psychic tools and formulating effective techniques for applying them enables you to accelerate personal evolvement by accessing and activating your dormant inner potentials to enrich the quality of your life. Going beyond the mere presentation of information, we offer rational explanations of the "unexplained" and focus on the personal benefits of the psychic experience. It systematically develops the psychic empowerment perspective by focusing on our inner potentials and our ability to develop and apply them. At the end of the book is a "Journey of your Lifetime" Development Program, an accelerated, step-by-step program for the systematic development of your psychic potentials.

Introduction: You are, by nature, psychic. The central theme of this book is the development of psychic empowerment through practice and first-hand experience. Equipped with knowledge and related skills, you can take full commands of the forces—both within and beyond—that affect your life. You can accelerate learning, improve memory, increase creativity, solve complex problems, overcome debilitating fears, promote better health and fitness, break unwanted habits, and even slow the aging process. On a larger scale, you can contribute to the greater good and make the world a better place for present and future generations.

Part One: Part One includes consciousness-expanding techniques for psychic development, including:

Part Two: Part two includes awareness-expanding divinatory tools for psychic development, including:

Part Three: Part three approaches the next step in self-development, including:

The Journey of a Lifetime: The fourth part of the book is the Journey of a Lifetime, a specially designed do-it-yourself program to activate your inherent psychic powers and initiation a psychically-empowered life of new growth through six systemic mental exercises. These exercises include:

The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment also includes several supplemental aids, including illustrations, photographs, charts, and tables. There is a 13,500 word Glossary and Dictionary of Divination, plus a Dream Dictionary and a Dictionary of Tea-leaf Symbols. Thirty of the thirty-one chapters include all necessary supplemental charts and tables to fully empower you in your use of these tools and techniques, including Reference Guides to Aura Colors and Meanings, Chakra Development Exercises, Geomantic House Meanings, I Ching Interpretations, Norse Gods and Goddesses, Rune Meanings, Rune Magic Glossary, Meaning of Numbers, Tarot Card Interpretations, Hebrew Alphabets’ Inner Meanings, and much more.

In addition, there are complete programs and procedures to facilitate astral projection, aura seeing, chakra development, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, invoking the subconscious mind, wellness activation, rejuvenation, inducing psychokinesis, past life memories, self-hypnosis procedures, Sanskrit and Hebrew pronunciation guides, and much more.

"And much more!" Why have we selected the divinatory systems developed in this book, and have excluded others? There are, of course many more divinatory systems and psychic practices, mostly cultural and geographic variations, and all of them primarily involve extensions of psychic awareness and exercises of intuition. Those we have included are fundamental and will accompany your studies as you advance in your spiritual growth and self-empowerment.

Why this nearly 260,000 word companion is so vitally important to you—and to us—right now? I earlier wrote: "Keep in mind two phrases: Psychic Empowerment and Growth & Transformation," and "A Compendium of Tools & Techniques for Growth & Transformation almost says it all."

We humans are still a Work in Progress, still evolving to become more that we are and grow towards more complete and whole beings. Many people are frightened by that notion involving growth and change, and even for those willing to admit our present imperfection, the concept of evolution—and in particular as applied to humanity—is often proclaimed as being contrary to "religion."

Even many scientists and academics strangely will often ignore historical evidence of continuing evolutionary development or evidence of geographical, archaeological, and other evidence seeming to threaten a more generally accepted view or established position.

Fear of change inhibits our ability to understand and solve the many problem facing people worldwide today. To meet the challenges of our times we need all the skills we can muster, and those in particular that call for the Growth & Transformation of our human consciousness. We must become Psychically Empowered to advance upon the self-imposed limitations of our present condition.

In other words, each of us must undertake responsibility for a more rapid advancement of our abilities to resolve existing and impending crises. We may not, and should not, believe that the World will end (per some interpretations of the Mayan Prophesy) on December 21, 2012 but neither should any of us be complacent and presume that others (or Advanced Beings, Angels, Aliens or God) will take care of us and save us from ourselves.

For psychic growth to occur we must engage in practices that awaken and extend our inherent psychic powers. To develop and strengthen any human function—physical, mental and spiritual—exercise and practice along with attention and intention is necessary. As an adult, you cannot grow without effort. For humanity to grow, each one must make that effort. We’re in this together, for we are One People as never before in known history. We have a Global Civilization, and I hope we won’t fail this opportunity.

Why do I emphasize that this book is a "companion?"

The Llewellyn Complete Guide to Psychic Empowerment is designed and intended to be more than a one-time read, and more than a reference book. To fully benefit from it and its intended purpose to facilitate your psychic development, growth and empowerment through experiment and practice, we hope you will actually use the Journey of a Lifetime exercises and will continue to experiment with each of the tools and techniques we present and continue to practice more than just one of them.

We’re not limited to one diet, to one avocation or enjoyment, nor are we frozen to one perception or belief. We grow by being expansive, by loving and doing many things. We hope that this book and the concept it embodies will become your companion in the next step in consciousness evolution and psychic growth.

Alone and Together, We Shall Overcome.

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