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Your Moon Sign and Fourth House and Your Ideal Home

This article was written by Amy Herring
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The Moon in astrology represents your overall emotional needs and disposition, but its depth goes beyond simply what makes you happy or sad. The Moon represents the places in us that are soft and vulnerable, so its placement in your natal chart can reveal the kind of experiences and environments you require to feel safe and nurtured, to feel relaxed enough to be yourself and show that soft side.

The ultimate symbol of nurturing and shelter (besides good ol' mom herself) is the home. It's the place where we should be able to be our truest and most natural self, removed from all the fake smiles and social dances we all do to get along out there in the world. Your natal Moon can give insight into what your early home and childhood was like and the emotional tone of your family unit growing up. However, even if your childhood home wasn't the best fit, you can create an ideal home environment for yourself as an adult, and your Moon sign can provide valuable clues about what kind of home would be the most beneficial and nurturing for you.

In addition to the Moon and equal in relevance is the sign on the cusp of the fourth house in your natal chart, as well as any planets that fall inside the fourth house. The fourth house represents the "home and family" area of life, so the sign and planets in it can reveal much about the kind of environment you require to provide a personalized "home base" for yourself. Combining the meaning of your natal Moon with your fourth house sign can give you a more complete picture of how to create your perfect house.

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