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Exploring the Dark Side: Identifying 3 Types of Negative Paranormal Phenomena

This article was written by Rich Newman
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haunted path

Whatever your background is, it's bound to happen to you: the scary paranormal case. We're not talking about your run-of-the-mill haunting here. We're talking portal hauntings, negative entities, and bad earthbound spirits—in a nutshell, things that scare us!

These cases usually start out as a seemingly routine investigation; then, somewhere along the line, it becomes clear that something much more sinister is happening. But how do we know when the line to the dark side has been crossed? And what do we do about such cases? The first step in such situations to is identify what, exactly, is happening at the location. Let's take a look at each of these phenomena in more detail.

  1. Portal Hauntings
    Unlike the typical haunted location (be it a home, restaurant, museum, etc.), a portal haunting usually involves an actual "tear," or gateway, in the environment that allows spirits and negative entities to enter our world. Because of this, inhabitants of these locations typically do not experience the same spirit or activity on a regular basis. In other words, instead of residents seeing the ghost of "Aunt Martha" in the upstairs bedroom each night, they are experiencing a wide range of often mind-boggling activity.

    It's not uncommon at these haunted places to see such odd things as bizarre creatures or the spirits of people who aren't associated with the location, and hearing things that most people would associate with a horror movie rather than an actual haunted home. It is this grab bag of strange phenomena that usually helps investigators identify portal hauntings.

    Modern examples of portal hauntings include cities like Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where people claim that the entire city is haunted; cemeteries that have actual paranormal activity occurring (unlike the 99% of all cemeteries, which often staked out by thrill seekers); and places that seem to fall along the intersection of ley lines (like the famously haunted Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington).

    And while nailing down the exact nature of a portal itself may seem a daunting task, it does seem clear that a LOT of strange things seem to happen at these locations.

    During one of my personal investigations of just such a place in Tennessee, my Paranormal Inc. co-investigators and I heard a sound that I have never heard at any other haunted location. It was a long, guttural growl that started low in volume, that then slowly ramped up to incredibly loud. This was particularly alarming at the time, since WREG-TV in Memphis had listed this place as one of the ten most haunted locations in the area (one that featured "ferocious beasts").

    Luckily, we were not confronted by any strange creatures that night—but, such can be the case for those who live in and around portal hauntings. Of course, one of the things that make portal hauntings so frightening is the common appearance of negative entities.

  2. Negative Entities
    While there seems to be a tendency for most people in Western society to label negative entities as "demons," the truth is that there are several types of these spirits—and none of them are necessarily dependent on any one religion (or any religion at all, for that matter). Generally speaking, these entities are classified as either non-human spirits, elementals, or thought forms.

  3. Bad Earthbound Spirits
    If a person was bad when he/she was alive, doesn't it seem to reason that their spirit would be bad, too? And if just such a spirit haunts a particular site...well, it can be disturbing at best, and downright horrible in the worst cases.

    Unlike negative entities, bad earthbound spirits are the ghosts of once living people who were simply bad people. It's because of the evil intent of these spirits to harass and scare the living that these entities are often thought of as being "demons" or other negative entities. Paranormal groups that focus on religious matters often mistakenly label these ghosts as such—and are most often unsuccessful at removing these spirits from a location because they are using religious rituals geared towards driving away negative entities (such as "clearings" or "exorcisms").

    While enduring the often frightening activity of these malicious spirits can seem a challenge, it's always helpful to inform those afflicted with this type of haunting that, in the end, the spirit is simply that of an angry person. And ridding yourself of just such a spirit is often the same as ridding yourself of just such a person. Why is he or she angry? Can this be remedied in some way to encourage the spirit to move on?

    Encounters with this type of spirit is quite common—you can read about just such an case in my new book Devil in the Delta. Vengeful spirits with unfinished business can create a lot of chaos in a home—and when the home owner believes that something even worse (yes, a demon) is in their residence...well, you get the point.

So, whenever any of us encounter something from the dark side—whether it's a portal haunting, a negative entity, or an angry earthbound spiri—it's important to concentrate on the basics of paranormal investigation, stick to the scientific method, and at all costs do whatever is required to help those living in the residence.

Because, in the end, it is them that must be led to the light.

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