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Natal Moon Sign and the Path to Trust

This article was written by Amy Herring
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The word trust can mean different things to different people. Some people measure trust in reference to how reliable (trustworthy) they think someone is—that they can rely on someone not to lie to them or to keep their promises, for example. Some people consider themselves trusting of others because they have a conviction that people are generally good. People often extend the word beyond relationships with other people and say, "I trust the process" or "I trust the universe," referring to an overall belief that everything will turn out okay. But when it comes trusting another person with our heart, there are three main ideas:

Trust is faith. When we have trust in someone, we believe that they will not hurt us, at least not on purpose. We risk our heart in the belief and hope that another person will not let us down.

Trust depends on vulnerability. When we trust someone, we open up to them and willingly leave ourselves vulnerable to them. That means they could hurt us, but we are hoping (and betting) that they won't. Trust can only be created in vulnerability. If we are closed, then we don't allow another person in. That means they can't hurt us, but we also can't receive their love; emotion simply bounces off a closed heart.

Trust is a process. Trust inherently deepens (or lessens) over time and with interaction. While some people approach the world in a more socially guarded way and others are more likely to extend the benefit of the doubt, trust itself is not simply whether you tend to have faith in people's goodness in general. That's not a state of trust as much as it is an absence of distrust. We develop deeper trust with someone the more times we reveal ourselves to them without being rejected or hurt after doing so.

The Moon and Trust
So why do we look to the Moon in astrology when we want to know about trust in our relationships? How and why does our natal Moon sign affect our ability to trust others and be trusted?

The Inner Child
Astrology has several symbols that speak to relationships, and all of them could arguably have a hand in building trust. Venus is liking someone, and we may use our Venusian wiles to draw someone in. Mars is wanting someone, and we may use our Martial desires to pursue a relationship with someone. But the Moon waits, hidden and protected, until it feels safe to reveal itself and lower the gates. The Moon is our heart, our inner child, and so is inherently vulnerable. It doesn't defend like Mars or deflect like Venus. When it's exposed, we are raw. We open the heart gates to someone when they have proved themselves trustworthy in a way we can recognize. Our Moon sign, house, and planetary aspects provide us with a profile of what leads us to trust another.

An Open Heart
We can infer a lot about trust and the signals of trust from the idea that the Moon contributes to our instinctual makeup (a role shared with Mars). When we trust someone, we are less likely to censor ourselves or hide ourselves, whether it's evident in our behavior, our opinions, our feelings, or even our physical appearance. We are more likely to "let it all hang out" with less fear that we will be rejected for something we say or do. This means we will be following our instincts rather than assessing and editing every move we make; we can truly be ourselves. People with a high level of self-confidence may seem to do this no matter who they are with, but this may be self-esteem or bravado, not trust, since trust requires vulnerability. When we open up to someone in trust, we trust ourselves in their presence.

Trust Is a Feeling
One definition of trust is predictability: can you rely on, and therefore predict, someone's behavior? You can scientifically measure reliability. For instance, you can calculate the number of times someone has shown up at the time they promised and see how many times they've broken that commitment. But true trust cannot be measured scientifically. While someone's regular and predictable behavior can encourage us to feel secure in them, trust is a feeling, which puts trust solidly in the Moon's realm. We feel that we can trust someone, or we don't (even if we want to). Not only does this govern how deeply we trust someone, but whether we even initiate the path to trust or avoid a person altogether. This emotional instinct can also help us gauge whether we should trust someone again when they've broken our trust.

When Trust Is Broken
As we continue to keep ourselves open and have repeated experiences with someone reliably coming through for us, we come to trust them more deeply. But part of being human, of course, is that we are not perfect, nor are we constant all of the time. When trust is broken, logical analysis would tell us that if someone let us down once, we have reason to believe they might let us down again; therefore we shouldn't trust them from now on. But humans give other humans another chance all the time; we forgive and begin again. To forgive and reinitiate trust takes us back to step one: faith. It is the heart, not the mind, that provides the motivation and the courage to "forgive and forget."

Signs of Trust
Read your natal Moon sign for specifics about the kinds of things that make it easier for you to trust, and what things make you feel mistrustful or wary. Read the Moon signs of your friends and loved ones to learn how to build a deeper trust with them. You can do an Internet search for "astrology birth chart" to find sites that will give you your natal Moon sign (as well as a lot of other information) based on your time of birth. The signs here are divided by element.









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