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Astrology: The Energy of Color

This article was written by Robin Ivy
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Color is introduced to create and enhance experiences beginning in children's infancy. New parents choose nursery colors with baby's development and comfort in mind. In preschool, we learn the colors, experiment with crayons and paints, and tend to gravitate toward our favorites. From the purple sunset to well-worn blue jeans to that certain shade of green in someone's eyes, color is part of our memories. Whether we think about it much or not, the colors that surround us create and leave their impressions. So, naturally, the colors we wear also evoke responses in the people we meet and interact with. The shades that adorn us may reflect and affect our attitudes each day, activating the traits we need to forward our agendas, strive for certain outcomes, and feel and look our best.

In my daily Web and radio forecasts, the color of the day is based on the dominant energies of the Sun, Moon, and planets. Though I elaborate on the lunar and solar influences, the question most often asked of me is, "What is today's color?" The color of the day has become such a popular idea that some of my listeners request the week’'colors when they are planning a vacation or business trip, and thousands subscribe to receive it by text. I've concluded that color is a concept we all relate to, whether we are inclined to follow Moon signs and planetary cycles or not. Many of us know that what we wear—from high fashion to business casual to workout clothes—affects how we feel. We broadcast ourselves to the world through style and color! Could it be that our choice of red, purple, or blue actually impacts our day, the way others relate to us, and even the effectiveness of our interactions?

Sun Signs and Color-Sense
Our Sun signs have colors associated with them by nature. The reds and other warm shades relate most to fire signs, the blues and cool shades to water. The earth signs have kinship with the greens and browns, while the air signs are associated with light shades and metallic colors. That is just a general guide and starting point, of course.

If you are an Aries, you know that red suits your personality. Likewise, if you are an Aquarius, you may often choose light or bright blues. Those are the colors that magnify your Sun-sign traits. However, there are times when downplaying certain characteristics, or projecting a more latent trait, may be desirable. Leos may use browns to bring out their practical side, and Virgo may try purple to stimulate creativity or spirituality. Taurus folks are in their element in greens and browns, but this Venus-ruled sign also connects with lavender and pink. Yellow stimulates the Gemini mind, yet there are times when Gemini benefits from the calming influence of blue, which may improve focus and communication.

Ahead is an exploration of colors, their associations, and their connections to signs of the zodiac. Using this as a guide and combining it with what you know about your own sign can help you draw upon and maximize the energies you need each day and night.

Colors by Sign

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