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Garden Witchery for Summer and Autumn

This article was written by Ellen Dugan
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As we roll into the last weeks of summer and anticipate the cooler days of autumn, an amazing amount of natural magick and garden witchery supplies become available to us. These materials can easily be found growing in the backyard Witch’s garden, or thriving in pots and containers set around the porch or patio. Magickal plants are much more common than most people realize. Take a closer look at the plants, flowers, and trees in your neighborhood—there is an incredible array of natural supplies that can be incorporated into your own style of garden witchery.

At this time of year, the garden is just starting to wind down from its summer display. The culinary herbs, blooming annuals, sunflowers, black-eyed-Susans, roses, butterfly bushes, and coneflowers are still holding on and will continue to thrive through the hottest days of late summer. In just a few more weeks, the emphasis will shift in the garden, and it begins to look more blowsy, casual, overgrown and wild. In the fall garden, there is a focus on texture—from ornamental grasses to showy seedpods on the faded coneflowers and black-eyed-Susans, which the birds will make good use of. Then, the deeper more jewel-toned colors of the berries, changing foliage, chrysanthemums, and sedum will begin to take center stage.

Why not save yourself some time and money, and take a look at what is available to you in your own backyard? Garden Witchery is fun, and it’s a great way to connect to the earth. Plus I’ll let you in on a little secret; It’s much easier than you think. Put exotic and hard-to-find plants right out of your mind. This type of earthy magick is simple and works with common garden plants, trees, perennials, and annuals. Here is a great example. You know those pots of annuals you’ve had growing on your porch all summer? Chances are they are filled with flowers you could easily use in earthy spells and charms.

Do you have any geraniums growing out there? You can work with red geraniums for a fast and simple floral spell to promote protection. And while we are on the subject of geraniums, the other different colors of this annual flower have their own magickal correspondences too. For instance, white geraniums will promote fertility. Bright pink geraniums encourage passion and love, and coral ones increase vitality and energy. If you’ve got a shady spot and have been growing impatiens, (some folks call these flowers Busy Lizzy), add those tender blossoms into spells and charms to help “speed things up.” The folk name for impatiens is “touch me not"—so handle those blossoms carefully because they bruise easily. Go on, gather a flower or two from the garden and incorporate them into your spellwork.

To get you inspired, here is a Garden Witch’s list of favorite late summer and autumn bloomers that you can slip in to your seasonal magick and witchery.

Late Summer Flowers

Fall Flowers

Would you like to learn more about herbalism and the magick of flowers? Well, go outside and get your hands dirty right now! Tie up some pretty flowers and gorgeous foliage into enchanting Tussie-Mussie bouquets. Stuff bewitching flower petals and fragrant herbs into charm bags for protection, love, and prosperity. Oh, and be sure to set some of these enchanting flowers in vases and jars around the house, so their magickal energy is spread throughout your home. Work with fresh flowers and foliage, straight from the garden, and conjure up some seasonal spells and charms of your own design this year. Happy Magickal Gardening!

For more information about flower fascinations, the language of flowers, charm bags, and Tussie-Mussies, and even more garden magick ideas—refer to my book, Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up.

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