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How to Get a Good Psychic Reading

This article was written on May 09, 2005 posted under Psychic Powers & ESP

Did you know what everyone is psychic? Sure, we all have intuitive powers but some of us have developed them more than others. There are also many people who are scared of “seeing” things and deny these gifts. Intuition is certainly nothing to be frightened of or intimidated by. The more you use it, the more it grows and becomes a natural part of your life.

What kind of images does the word “psychic” conjure up for you? An old gypsy woman with a crystal ball? A wizard? Perhaps you think of Ms. Cleo on the Psychic Hot Line.

Well, psychics, mediums, astrologers, and readers come from all walks of life these days. They are no longer found in dimly lit rooms with flashing neon signs, advertising their craft. Many are holistic health practitioners, nurses, psychologists, teachers, and people who have developed a gift who wish to share it. Many share their knowledge through workshops, books, and lectures—informing others about how to develop their own skills. The new age field is exploding and becoming more mainstream. Almost everyone has had his or her palm read, or checked out the daily horoscopes in the paper.

New age professionals are setting up private offices, hosting television and radio programs, and joining lecture circuits. All are using their intuitive powers, but some use different tools to aid them in receiving and forecasting messages. Because there are so many different types of readings available, here’s a list of the most popular ones:

How to Find a Good Reader
Since the early 1990s I have organized psychic fun fairs in my home state of Michigan. I have hired readers of all types to work at these events. I am often asked “What is the best type of reading to get?” and “Where can I find a good psychic?” I suggest getting referrals. If you have a friend who has had their cards or palms read, ask them how they liked the reader and if their predictions proved true. Looking in the phone book or calling a 900-line is risky, and can be expensive. A better idea is to attend a psychic fair in your area and ask fairgoers for their opinions of the individual readers.

Here’s a list of good rules to follow:
  1. Ask around. Get referrals.
  2. If you call for information, go with your gut feeling. How do you feel about the reader?
  3. Never let anyone push you into booking an appointment.
  4. Avoid 900-lines unless they have a good reputation and you can be connected to a specific psychic that comes recommended. Some have their own extension lines. But, the cost of 900-lines can add up, so be careful.
  5. Don’t assume the most expensive reader is the best. I have been to big-name readers who have charged several hundred dollars for a session and absolutely nothing they told me came true. I’ve also spent $20 at a fair and the psychic was right on the money.

Things to Ask

When You Book Your Appointment

Other Information
If you find a good medium, hang on to him. There are a lot of ordinary readers out there, but very few are great! Remember that no one can be 100% accurate, but you should expect a reader to be at least 80%-85% accurate in his or her predictions. Finding a reader that “connects” with you is important, too. Your best friend may see a psychic that she rants and raves about. That psychic may be 90% accurate on your friend’s predictions but only so-so for you. Shopping for a reader is like shopping for a good pair of shoes. Some fit just right, others don’t!

There are those readers with whom you’ll make a personal connection right away. Others you’ll walk away from, wondering, “what did he really tell me?” Have a little patience and an open mind, and don’t give up. Besides referrals, you can find psychics at the new age fairs, expos, and on the Internet.

Don’t waste a lot of money trying out different people. You can get mini readings at fairs for as little as $10. A full reading, depending on the area in which you live, can range from $50 to $90. In larger cities, and with psychics that have appeared on television and radio, fees may be higher, ranging from $100 on up to $600.

What You Should Expect from A Reading

On another note, I want you to know that nothing is written in stone. If you do not like something in your reading, you can change it. Readings can tell us of times ripe with opportunity, and warn us when to be cautious. If I were to read your cards and tell you that you could get a speeding ticket tomorrow on a certain road, you could change the outcome of that. You either won’t drive that road tomorrow or you’ll be extra cautious. So remember, you can change what is said. You do have control over your own destiny. If I saw that you would have money problems in the next few months, you may decide to take that information and change the outcome of the prediction by not splurging on “extras” or getting a part-time job.

I do not believe psychics should tell people anything bad—such as that they are going to get a terminal illness—unless they have a chance to change it. This is one reason “first-timers” are scared to get a reading because they don’t want to hear anything negative. I have heard horror stories of psychics telling people they have a dark cloud over their head or a hex on them. Then the so-called adviser wanted the client to give them $400 to burn candles to take the spell away. These are the type of readers that give the truly gifted ones a bad name. These bad apples have caused our new age industry to be looked down upon or viewed with skepticism.

Scam artists prey on people’s emotions and make empty promises. They do exist, and there are plenty of them out there. If you encounter such a person, refuse to believe and immediately leave. Do not give them any of your money. I also suggest turning them in to the local law enforcement agency. This is another reason why referrals are the way to go when searching for a reader.

A good, honest reader will give you choices. He will give you encouragement and hope. He will be positive and upbeat. You should feel happy and more in control of your destiny after a reading. If there is a challenging period approaching, a good reader will tell you how to work around it, deal with it, or completely avoid it. You are the only person who controls your fate. A reading is like a flashlight; It can light your path, but ultimately, you must be the one who chooses to walk it—or not.

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