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White Spells
Magic for Love, Money & Happiness

By: Ileana Abrev
Series: White Spells Series #1
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738700816
English  |  144 pages | 5 x 6 IN
5 3/16 x 6, 44 pp., illus., appendices, glossary, index
Pub Date: October 2001
Price: $10.99 US,  $12.50 CAN
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Product Summary
Table of Contents
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chapter 3



A bath connects us to the water element, and with the aid of herbs, crystals, and essential oils we can enhance its power. Having a bath nourishes the whole body, and the special properties of the herbs, crystals, and essential oils used can bring about a positive state of mind, as well as promote health and well-being.

Creating a magical bath with herbs, crystals, and essential oils can be further enhanced with positive visualization. This is when real magic is brought into the bathroom, encouraging relaxation and assisting in the manifestation of your dreams. When you get out of a bath enjoyed in this way, you will feel a lightness of being, as though you are walking on air. Your body will feel slightly tingly, and positive energy will be bouncing around you. The negative energy will spin down the drain when you let the water out.

The magical bath spells that follow use a lot of the old Santería ways and will inspire exploration and provoke laughter. In a magical bath it is important that you wet your hair. And the longer the bath, the better. No soaps or any kind of cosmetic detergents should be used. If you wish, have a full shower and wash your hair before you enjoy your magical bath.

After your bath but before the water is drained, collect everything you have put into the bath, and, if not specified in the spell, dispose of it anywhere except in the garbage bin. Finally, gently pat yourself dry after a magical bath to seal in the magic.

If you don¿t have a bathtub in your home, you may use the ingredients in a bucket filled with warm water. Then slowly let the water run from the top of your head to your toes.

Bath Spells

Prosperity spell

Draw a bath and to the water add a tablespoon of almond oil, half a cup of dried oats, ten seeds from a ripe tomato, and the petals from three tulips. Settle into the bath and visualize your wants and needs, imagining yourself manifesting them. After the bath, collect the tulips and oats, dry them in the sun, and then sprinkle them in front of a bank. Do this every Thursday for two months.

For money

In a saucepan bring five cups of water to a boil. Add a handful of fresh parsley, basil, and mint leaves. Drain the herbs and keep the water for the bath. As you mix the herb water with the bath water, imagine money coming to you, and after you are in the bath, think only of financial security.

To bring abundance

Add as much fresh basil, parsley, and alfalfa to a warm bath as you'd like. Also place the petals from a red flower in the bath for determination. Visualize abundance, see it happening in your mind's eye. When you least expect it, it will come.

To enhance psychic ability

Add a bunch of fresh celery, one teaspoon each of dry saffron and thyme, five large bay leaves, a small bunch of honeysuckle, and two large cinnamon sticks to a bath. Visualize a rainbow of colors emerging from your third eye and getting larger and larger and connecting with the universe.

To attract love

Put three large cinnamon sticks, a bunch of fresh basil, seven cooking cloves, and six cups of water into a large pot. Place the pot on the stove and bring to a boil. Drain the herbs and empty the water into your bath. Add the petals of a pink flower, a daisy, and three pansies. (Note: Choose your flower carefully to avoid allergic reactions, harmful effects from oils, etc.) Sink in and feel the loving energy all around you. Imagine your aura changing to a loving, passionate red. Repeatt this spell for three consecutive days, beginning on a Friday, the love day.

For luck

Add to your bath a cup of pineapple juice to sweeten any sour thoughts. Visualize everything working out just as planned.

To attract women

Add five bay leaves and one teaspoon of crushed fresh ginger to your bath. Visualize as many women as you can, and imagine yourself embracing them. Do this on Tuesday because this is when Mars attracts. After the bath, collect the leaves and dry them in the sun. Carry them with you in a little red drawstring bag at all times.

To attract men

Draw a bath and add one teaspoon of barley and the petals of three pink flowers. (Note: Choose your flowers carefully to avoid allergic reactions, harmful effects from oils, etc.) Sit in the bath and visualize the man you want in your life. Do this on Friday when Venus attracts.

Before going out on a date spell

Draw a warm bath while holding three red roses close to your heart. Petal by petal, drop the roses into the bath with thoughts of a possible new love. Add a teaspoon of dry damiana, gently sprinkling it in just before you bathe. In the bath, visualize your date and how you would like it to end.

Passionate evening spell

One by one, place the petals of three red roses into a bath with three drops of basil essential oil to enhance a night of passion and love. When you are in the bath, visualize a flame burning bigger than the universe itself. When you get out, gently pat yourself dry, collect the petals, and dry them with a white tissue, pressing them down hard. Put the petals in a little red bag with a teaspoon of dry saffron and place it under your pillow.

Find your soulmate spell

Peel three apples. Add the peels to the bath together with one teaspoon each of dry barley and lemongrass to spice things up. Sit in the bath and visualize your soulmate. Do this for seven days, beginning on a Friday. After each bath gather the peels of the apples, dry them (but not in the sun), and keep them behind your front door.

Before a bride's wedding day spell

In a bath add six drops of lavender essential oil and seven different colored flowers. (Note: Choose your flowers carefully to avoid allergic reactions, harmful effects from oils, etc.) Gently recline in the bath and relax.

For colds and flu

Collect a bunch of fresh eucalyptus leaves, break them in half with your hands, and place them into the bath with five drops of eucalyptus oil. While in the bath, imagine a clear, fresh forest and its pure refreshing scent.

After an illness spell

Draw a bath and in it add the petals from three white roses, three white gardenias, and three white carnations, with a sprinkle of dry rosemary. Do this on Sunday, the healing day.

Cheer the soul spell

Slice an orange and a lemon in half and place them into a bath with three drops of neroli essential oil. Like the steam in the bathroom, imagine any heaviness of the heart slowly dissipating.

Purify the soul spell

Draw a bath and to the water add the milk of one fresh coconut and the petals of a white flower. (Note: Choose your flower carefully to avoid allergic reactions, harmful effects from oils, etc.) Visualize yourself rising to the heavens, feeling free and full of love, with universal energies dancing all around you. You are connected and purified.

To break negativity

Place half a cup of vinegar, a bunch of fresh rue, and a tablespoon of salt in your bath. (Note: Rue can cause dermatitis upon contact with skin.) Light a whitee and a blue candle close to the bathtub. Imagine yourself as pure light, with nothing entering you but pure universal energy. Visualize the negativity leaving every pore of your body.

Anger-dispelling spell

Draw a bath and add five violets and their leaves and three drops of lavender essential oil. When you sit in the bath, remember that a word said in anger hurts not only yourself but others around you. It eats away at peaceful energy.

To stop gossip

Add a fistful of cooking cloves and two teaspoons of dry blessed thistle to your bath. Visualize a barrier going up between you and the gossip to keep it at bay.

To settle children for the night

Give your children a bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil added to it. They will magically drift off to sleep.

Dream at night spell

Add seven jasmine flowers, a bunch of holly, and three drops of peppermint essential oil to your bath. Visualize yourself dreaming and enjoying your dream world. Enjoy this bath directly before retiring.

Feel protected and secure spell

Gather as many three-leaf clovers as you can (of the kind with white flowers that have not been recently sprayed with pesticide or herbicide), either at home or at the local park, making sure the stems are attached. Place the clovers in the bath with three sticks of chopped celery. Visualize yourself as a knight wearing a shining armor that protects your body and soul. Know that no one can penetrate your shield.

Make a wish spell

Get two large sunflowers and drop them petal by petal into the bath with a fistful of crushed sage. (Note: Do not use sage if you are breast-feeding; it can dry up the mammaries.) Sink into the bath and visualize your wish up in the clouds, floating in the heavens and being nursed by loving hands. Imagine your wish materializing.

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