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The Witch's Guide to Life

By: Kala Trobe
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738702001
English  |  480 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: June 2003
Price: $29.95 US
In Stock? Print On Demand, only available within the United States

Product Summary
In-depth Description
Table of Contents
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If you're like many Witches or Pagans today, you make time for your beliefs and practices. And like many others you may feel like something is, well, missing. You may ask yourself, "Isn't there something more? Isn't there a deeper level to
Witchcraft?" Yes, there is, but you won't find it by studying another pantheon of deities or learning a new spell. The secret to finding the next step in your spiritual development is to make the Craft an important part of every aspect of your life. That means bringing the philosophy, perspectives and methods of Witchcraft into all of the decisions you make and things you do. In a very real sense, instead of just
"doing Witchcraft" from time to time, you'll become vibrantly alive when you live your life as a Witch.

The Key to Understanding

Whether you are a beginner, have studied for a year or two, or are an old hand with the Craft, you need to get the key that will unlock the secret to incorporating Witchcraft into your daily life. The key that will open that lock for you is The Witch's Guide to Life by Kala Trobe.

This book is in three parts. The first section clarifies Witchcraft Philosophy and Ethics. The goal in this section is not to preach or tell you what to believe, but to give you knowledge and spiritual philosophy from a Witch's viewpoint so you can make your own educated decisions. Just look at some of the things you'll learn:

• Witchcraft and ecology: There are small changes you can make
in your life that, when combined with the actions of others, can
save our world.

• Witchcraft and morality: From time to time everyone wonders
if something they've done was "right." Here you'll learn how to
make the decisions that are right for you.

• Witchcraft and love and sex: How can you know when it is
right for you to choose to have sex? Is someone just using you or is it really love? You get guidance for these and other difficult personal

• Witchcraft and health: Everyone has health issues. Here you'll
learn the ways of a Witch in confronting and dealing with mood
swings, eating disorders, bad luck, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and
even suicide.

Knowledge You Can Use

Today, many Witches train themselves, and such self-directed work may not be complete. Even if you think your knowledge is thorough, the second section of this book, "Factual Witchcraft," will share things that will bring a new depth to your practices and spirituality.

Round out your knowledge of compatible spiritual systems with information on the chakras and how to do magick with the Qabalah. Discover how to work with the Tarot for both divination and magick. Learn to use the Runes, too. Be ready to accurately represent the Craft to others when you feel you should do so. For example, here you discover more than two dozen important people and their contributions to modern Witchcraft such as famed poet W. B. Yeats, actress Florence Farr, Dion Fortune, Doreen Valiente and more.

Practical Magick

The third section focuses on a wide variety of magick and rituals you can use, from doing magick on the astral (useful when you don't have any tools available), candle Magick, psychic self-defense, shamanism, the Witch's Cone of Power (for building
magickal energy) and even how to use music and poetry in magick.
Eighteen magickal methods are featured. Add to this information on the Witch and employment, physical health, skrying techniques and a concise bibliography, and you have one of the most unique, practical and usable books on Witchcraft ever published.

Is It For You?

There are a lot of books that claim to be for "everyone." This isn't one of them. It's not for people who think that Witchcraft is just a passing fad. It's not for people who
are "sort of" interested because a friend is interested. It's not a basic introduction or an "idiot's guide." But you're not an "idiot," or a "dummy" either. And since you've
read this far, it's clear that you're one of the people who doesn't merely want to do a Witchcraft rite on occasion. You want to make Witchcraft a part of every minute
of your life. You want to be a Witch in word, thought and deed. That's
why you must get The Witch's Guide to Life!

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