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Goddess Signs
Which One Are You?

By: Angelica Danton
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738704692
English  |  288 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2004
Price: $17.99 US,  $20.95 CAN
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Product Summary
Table of Contents
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Moon Goddess Women

Tarot card: The Moon, which represents the emotions
Moon phase: Waxing
Celestial bodies: Neptune, the moon
Herbs and plants: Aloe, camellia
Colors: Whites, creams, greens
Crystals and gemstones: Moonstone, clear quartz
Incense: Lemon balm, sandalwood, gardenia
Lucky day: Monday
Lucky numbers: 2, 7, 11, 20
Ritual colors: Whites, blues, silver
Ritual robes: Cotton, chiffon, light fabrics
Magickal symbols: Mermaids, shells, fish, keys
Goddesses: The moon, the maiden, the virginal, the feminine
Theme song: “(What a) Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Flora: Roman goddess of vegetation and fertility who was also the original
nymph. She is usually portrayed surrounded by fresh flowers.
Sedna: North American goddess of water and the sea. Once a beautiful
maiden, she became the ruler of the oceans. She guards the waters
and is honored by fishermen.
Oxun: African goddess of the water in all forms. She is usually depicted
beautifully adorned as a stunning young woman sitting at the
foot of a waterfall. She was regarded as a patron deity and goddess
of beauty and femininity. She also held court over mediumship
and hidden knowledge.
Freya: Scandinavian goddess of beauty. She often took the form of a shegoat
to cavort on earth.

unsophisticated passive
feminine diplomatic
unaffected caring
sensitive idealistic
ethereal nurturing
thoughtful spiritual
passionate perceptive
refined intelligent
discerning loving

insecure touchy
ungrounded manipulative
vacillating naive
acquiring calculating
unrealistic fussy
impractical critical
finicky overanalytical
detached cold
weak indifferent

Julia Roberts • Nicole Kidman • Barbara Stanwyck • Jane Austen
Evita Perón • Whoopi Goldberg • Catherine Deneuve • Kate Hudson
Katharine Hepburn • Jennifer Love Hewitt • Pamela Anderson • Laura Dern
Mira Sorvino • Judy Davis • Veronica Lake • Simone de Beauvoir
Christina Ricci • Heather Mills   


1 Sprightly and vivacious, you like to take the lead and be noticed.
Try acting!
2 Docile and refined, you love to empathize with others. A marvelous
3 You can make a wonderful creative writer or thinker. You need to
teach others.
4 You may need to build a castle, but not in the sky! There is a
determined streak in you that inspires others.
5 Personality and natural style are yours. You work best in a busy
but free environment.
6 You have the Earth Mother strongly represented in you. You need
the security of family.
7 You are a highly sensitive, insightful Goat. Use your discernment
and travel overseas.
8 Natural resilience and toughness balance your other Goat qualities.
You can help to reform life for others.
9 Visionary Goat! You like to look at the big picture.

The Goat woman is an exquisitely feminine creature in the classic romantic mode.
No matter what her age, her goddess energy is forever linked to the fragile, emerging
maiden full of wonder and promise. In this sense, she emulates both the
moon goddesses and the nymphs of legend. Yet the goat in myth and legend has
been associated with the god Pan and is one of the major symbolic animals of the
earth's energy in its positive and negative aspects.

The Goat woman carries herself with refinement and dignity and creates an
almost otherworldly aura about her. Although she is distinctively gentle to the
point of fragility in appearance, she shows strength and valor in her undertakings.
Her sensitivity makes her a fabulous creative artist or entertainer.

The current twenty-first-century confusion over male and female roles and
what part each should play has assisted the rise of ultrafeminine Goat women
artists like Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. These Goat leading ladies stir up
memories of feisty maidens of old and create a romantic link to the past while
demonstrating the Moon Goddess's evocative emotions. Nicole Kidman's portrayal
of a fragile yet determined woman in Moulin Rouge artfully illustrates the
Goat woman's powerful yet elusive femininity, while Julia Roberts dazzles us with
her on-screen versatility and womanly charm.

Literate, clever, refined, and perceptive, the Goat woman sees deeply into the
heart of the matter and comes up with some incredible insights. Take a look at
the feminine wisdom shown in almost every Jane Austen novel and you will
appreciate the understanding the Goat woman has of the feminine psyche. (You
will also appreciate her romantic concept of heroes!)

The Goat woman often seeks a life of peace, surrounding herself with loved
ones in an idyllic country setting like Austen's novels. The reality for her, however,
is probably a hectic and busy lifestyle that leaves her longing for serenity.

A Goat woman can be hypersensitive and is one of the touchiest, most delicate
of the animal signs. Her tendency to become dependent on her loved ones and
those close to her should be tempered with a development of her creativity.

The Goat woman, despite her talents, often suffers painful periods of low selfesteem.
Those close to her should help her balance these times carefully before
they overwhelm her.

The younger Goat woman tends to operate on a very emotional level. This tendency
may cause her to become very dependent in an unproductive relationship
or obsessed with a failed passion. There is, deep inside her, a desire to believe passionately
in the romantic hero concept, and to fantasize that any man she is interested
in will fulfill and complete her life. This can lead to sharp disappointments
when reality is revealed, and it may be difficult for her to accept human nature.
Although her appearance is ultrafeminine and her manner gentle and reflective,
the Goat woman is capable of quite a good deal of manipulation and planning.

She is formidably ambitious. She has very powerful desires and passions firing
just below her feminine surfaces and she can be determined to achieve her
desires regardless of the consequences. She can be physically driven and often
possesses a strong sexual drive.

She generally prefers classically handsome and dashing mates, and usually has
a number of dalliances in her life. If she does settle down, it will happen more by
accident than purposeful design.

The Goat woman's nurturing energy causes her to collect strays and attracts
mates with a desire to be looked after. These mates, seeking motherly comfort,
will often carry emotional baggage into the relationship. The Goat woman often
takes on a healing role in such relationships, only to discover the issues are too
deep for someone as close as a mate to solve.

It is important for a Goat woman to avoid situations where she is manipulated
or controlled by an overly possessive partner. Her strong link with the powerful
emotional element of water makes her susceptible to codependency. She also
needs to develop emotional detachment and remove her rose-colored glasses long
enough to allow her intuition to come to the fore. Like her other Moon Goddess
sisters, she must learn to be herself and not mirror only the desires of her partner.
An important part of a Goat woman's development is the realization of who
she really is. If she begins to appreciate the goddess energy within her, she will
realize that we are here to fulfill ourselves. Partnership is a wonderful thing, but it
is not all life has to offer. We are mainly here to learn, and the best study environment
is often where we are not distracted.

In many cases, the Goat woman's karma or fate is to experience a series of difficult
relationships before she finds her real soul mate. Yet her romantic nature
refuses to accept defeat. Goat woman Katharine Hepburn loved her partner
Spencer Tracy passionately through many difficulties but retained her own life
and artistry.

It is vital for the Goat woman to ground herself in life by developing her potential
and her practical sides. She must avoid escaping into fantasy too often. In this
way she will find true fulfillment and become a wonderful force!

The powerful depths of the Goat woman's emotions link her symbolically with
the element of water. Water has long been seen as an expression of the emotions
in dreams and visions. In ancient Greek legend, the water nymph was a feminine
creature who could not survive without the water around her. Likewise, the Goat
woman needs to be emotionally sustained if she is to be fulfilled.

The water nymph was said to have the power to heal, prophesy, and inspire.
The Goat woman, too, may find this power within herself. She can, therefore,
learn of the potential of her innermost feelings and their effect on others by associating
them with the power of water. She essentially represents a nurturing and
delicate energy to a mate, and unless she really understands her deeper self, she
will never find what she needs.

When a mate becomes attracted to a Goat woman, there is always an attraction
to the healing and nurturing she possesses. However, unless the Goat woman
learns to detach from her partner at the appropriate times, she may frighten her
spouse with the power of the sea she contains within her. The partner may experience
psychological “drowning” in the Goat woman's depths. The darkness of the
sea is hypnotic, but it can also be overwhelming if there is too much of it surrounding

Many Goat women clients complain of their lovers' request for space and cannot
understand why a relationship that has been very close suddenly becomes distant.
Goat women need to find the balance between their nurturing side and their

Often a career in a human growth area will help a Goat woman truly find herself.
In this type of work she will be able to spread out the power of her energies
and not just focus on personal bonds, which may otherwise suffer from too much

Goat Woman and Compatibility
Goat & Rat
Difficult. Rat is a bit frenetic for Goat's quieter pace. Goat will
fret and Rat will get bored with the pace.
Goat & Ox Stability is an important issue for both, so it could be a powerful
match. The Ox does not mind providing the companionship
Goat requires.
Goat & Tiger This one will only succeed where Tiger can overlook the touchiness
of the Goat. Both seem to have lots of feeling, but there is
also danger of arguments and misunderstandings.
Goat & Cat Good mix of energies. These two have the capacity to create peace
together. Cat has a sense of taste and art that is close to the
Goat & Dragon Can work, but the Dragon's large personality may overpower
Goat & Snake This union can have the right touch, as both love gentle moments
and their privacy. But Goat will sometimes be hurt by the secretiveness
of the Snake mate.
Goat & Horse These two are kindred spirits and the empathy will be powerful.
They appreciate each other's sense of freedom.
Goat & Goat Very good team. Both of them value the benefits of peaceful living
and family values. They need to watch excessive escapism though.
Goat & Monkey The Goat will be fascinated with Monkey, but the union will have
major problems. They both suffer from overenthusiasm and will
hesitate on who will take the lead at times.
Goat & Rooster Can work if the Goat takes second place. The Rooster loves to be
cock of the walk, and will give the Goat a few challenges.
Goat & Dog Good. Goat is content and happy with this most loyal sign. Goat
helps Dog to deal with dark moods, but they must be very careful
to be moderate in their lives.
Goat & Pig A solid, no-nonsense team. The Pig is jovial and kind, which Goat

The Goat woman may fall victim to depression and withdrawal in times of personal
disappointment, and should foster a close network of loving friends to help
her get over any temporary downturns in life. She will also be placed in situations
where she will be faced with challenging circumstances that will teach her to
develop independence and courage.

The correct partner for a Goat woman is someone with a mature personality
who appreciates her feminine freshness and dynamism without feeling personally
threatened by it. The paradox for the Goat woman is that the right partner for her
is often a person who is not interested in being nurtured so much as being the
one to nurture her!

The classic fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” has relevance for the Goat woman
in its portrayal of a lovely mermaid yearning for the affections of the unattainable
prince. The mermaid tragically loses herself in her emotions. Changing her true
self does not lead to the person of her dreams.

For the Goat woman, the maturing process of her emotions may be painful,
but she has the power to become wise and contribute much to the world if she
looks within and finds her own power. She will always retain her unaffected natural

As a wife and mother, she is a natural and is very interested in her children.
Normally they will appreciate her gentle and nurturing energy. She must beware
of being too indulgent with them however!

A Goat woman can suffer from reversals in health during her life, as she is not
always the most robust of the signs. She needs to practice common sense in this
area of life and remember to look after her body. Sensitive points are her bones,
skeletal system, stomach, and gynecological system. Her emotions can affect her
health badly, and she needs to be aware of mental depression and mood swings. A
healthy diet is very beneficial for her, as is yoga and regular relaxation. She would
benefit from regular breaks taking in nature at the beach or in a forest.

The Goat woman may have a rather casual attitude toward finances and sometimes
lose money through carelessness. A sensible financial plan is very important
and she needs to think of her future security. She loves little extravagances and
spends quite freely. However, she often has rather good luck in this area and can
usually manage quite well.
Real estate is a good investment for the Goat woman, as is solid stocks or

As a child, the Goat woman is ethereal and classically fairylike. She will be drawn
to romantic, creative pursuits and enjoy theatre and dance lessons, acting, and
mime. She will have a very active fantasy life and enjoy any aspect of life that helps
her dream.
She will be an incredibly sensitive youth easily affected by her parents' own
energy and relationship. She will react to the family unit acutely, and any variations
in personal security will affect her deeply. The Goat child requires plenty of
careful and unobtrusive nurturing, and will benefit from a family environment
that instills commonsense routines to help ground her fertile imagination.
In adolescence, some dramas can be expected in the realm of the emotions. A
firm grounding in other areas will assist her to cope better through this intense
roller-coaster period.

Her nurturing and perceptive abilities make the Goat woman a superb healer,
counselor, or therapist. She would also make an excellent caregiver as she loves to
have a career that brings out this side of her personality. Suitable choices for her
include childcare worker, teacher, or psychologist. She could also excel as a creative
artist if disciplined enough, as her powerful and deep emotions provide her
with excellent focus and ability to capture the imagination.
Unsuitable careers are anything involving cutthroat competition or the need to
undermine others to gain promotion. The Goat woman's gentle nature would not
fare well in the type of professions that require such tactics.

The Goat woman's feminine character and her capacity to exude security to others
are valued traits of the twenty-first century. Goat women will find themselves
valued members in this society, especially in either the arts or as community volunteers.
The Goat woman may also find her talents needed in local politics. She
has the type of honest, approachable, personal charisma that would do well in
public office.

The Goat woman naturally relates to the power of the otherworld. I have named
her “the nymph” because once she taps into her true goddess, she possesses the
ability to bring the otherworld's energy closer to this one.
For ritual work invoking the Goddess, the Goat woman should have a place as
close as possible to nature. If she lives in an apartment, then she should create a
natural sanctuary in her living area by surrounding herself with indoor plants
and pictures of calming rivers or forests. If given permission, she may even like to
paint her own mural on the wall on which to meditate.


Ritual Tools
• White and gold candles
• Water in a clear bowl
• Lemon balm incense
• Citrine quartz crystal
• Small pieces of parchment
• A piece of silk material or garment
• A shell or a picture of a mermaid
Ritual Time
Just after the new moon period.
Create an altar with the above tools. Light the candles and incense. Concentrate
on the power of the feminine in its pure, virginal state. Write on the parchment
any requests and use a new piece for each request. Take a little time to meditate
on each one separately.

Invoke the goddess Sedna as follows:
“Great goddess Sedna, I call upon your power and purity to assist me in
my everyday life. I realize the divine power of your femininity within me
and ask you to enable me to bring it forth. As you are both virtuous and
wise, I invoke your power to enhance my natural sensitivities and to
strengthen my resolve. I petition you for the realization of my desires as
follows: [state your petitions].”

Fold the pieces of parchment into the silk cloth and sprinkle the water over
them. Snuff out the candles and devote your request to the power of Sedna. Leave
the parchment on your altar space for seven days and as your desires are fulfilled,
thank the goddess.


Ritual Tools
• Fresh-cut flowers of any kind
• Rose quartz
• One cup uncooked rice
• One red candle
Ritual Time
Waxing moon and, if possible, when in Taurus or Libra.
Spend some time out in the moonlight gathering flowers for the ceremony. Create
your altar, light the candles, and invoke the goddess as follows:
“Flora, goddess of the flowers, I honor your origin as a nymph. In the
same way I seek to blossom and flower in my favorite energy and to nurture
those around me in a gentle way. I petition you for love to enter my

Throw the petals of the flowers over the altar space and think of the beauty
and power of Flora. Then cover the altar with the rice, considering the blessings of
the goddess and the rice's fertility association.

Conclude the ritual by dedicating your rose quartz to the goddess and snuffing
out the candle. Leave the quartz in the moonlight to absorb its energy for as long
as you wish, then keep it somewhere close to where you sleep.

Relax somewhere comfortable and visualize yourself walking on a winding footpath
through a forest. You come to a clearing and there in front of you is a magnificent
waterfall. It flows from a high hill down along a steep gully to a deep,
secluded water hole. You watch the water run down this fall with a gentle focus to
meet the pool's water below. You can hear birds singing and the sound of the
waterfall running over the rocks and splashing to the pool below.

Imagine yourself removing all your clothes, from your jacket and top to your
shoes. Remove everything, even your jewelry.

You are now standing naked in front of this pool and there is no one but you
and nature. You are perfectly safe. You have no fear. Your higher self is in this
place with you and you have no anxiety or worry.

You are now diving into the water hole. As you do, release all your stress to the
water. Swim over to the fall until you are under it and feel the gentle drops of mist
against your face. Now think of whatever is causing you pain or worry and let the
fresh, clean waterfall wash all your anxieties away.

Stay in your pool for however long it takes to wash away your anxiety. Visit it
each time you need to replenish your soul. It will always be there for you, and the
best part is, no one else knows how to reach it but you!

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