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A Contemporary Guide

By: Gwyneth Bryan
Series: Special Topics in Astrology Series #4
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738708683
English  |  192 pages | 8 x 9 IN
Pub Date: July 2006
Price: $18.99 US,  $21.95 CAN
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“Understanding the metaphors, symbolism, and archetypes in our charts-our personal mythology-is a way to understand ourselves.”
-Gwyneth Bryan

Universal Themes, Personal Experiences:
A Contemporary Perspective on Astrological Houses

Blending astrology, psychology, and metaphor, this entertaining and easy-to-read guidebook can help you gain a deeper understanding of the themes associated with each of the twelve astrological houses and four angles. Gwyneth Bryan brings to life the essentials of house-based astrology with humor, personal anecdotes, and a hip sensibility. Houses: A Contemporary Guide provides a succinct summary of the meaning of each planet in each house, so you can begin to explore the themes revealed in your own chart. Understanding your birth chart's houses and angles is fundamental to understanding yourself-your talents and gifts, challenges and opportunities.

The birth charts of Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Madonna, Martha Stewart, Jerry Garcia, and other cultural icons provide colorful examples of how the house placements of each planet can reveal childhood experiences, physical appearance, personality, career, relationships, spiritual growth, and other aspects of life.

A midlife crisis is a household phrase in Western culture conjuring up images of middle-aged men in red sports cars trying to recapture their youth. This stereotype has become either sadly ridiculous when being lived out in front of our eyes, or just downright inaccurate when it comes to the personal reality of the experience. Is there more to it?... read this article
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A New Approach to Understanding the Planetary Relationships in Your Chart
Robin Antepara
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Astrology on the Cusp
Astrology on the Cusp
Birthdays on the Edge of Two Signs
Sally Cragin
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Aspect Patterns
Aspect Patterns
What They Reveal & How They Are Triggered
Stephanie Clement
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