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Natural Witchery
Natural Witchery
Intuitive, Personal & Practical Magick

By: Ellen Dugan
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738709222
English  |  288 pages | 8 x 8 x 1 IN
Pub Date: June 2007
Price: $17.95 US,  $20.95 CAN
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Are You a Natural Witch?

The rebirth of Witchcraft really began in the 1950s and was focused around covens and initiation. While this path is still valid, vital, and powerful for many, Witchcraft has quickly evolved over the past half-century, especially since people have asked an obvious but surprisingly important question: what really makes a Witch authentic? More and more, the answer is simple: if you are sincere, if you sense spirit and find magick in all things, then you are a Witch. Author Ellen Dugan has a name for this style of practitioner, the natural Witch.

Without a coven or initiatory structure, it has been difficult for a natural Witch to become thoroughly trained. To solve this problem, Ellen has written Natural Witchery, the book that shows you how to develop and use intuitive, personal, and practical magick.

Above all, Natural Witchery is a practical book. It begins by explaining intuition and psychic abilities, provides self-tests so you can find out your level of these skills, and gives exercises to help develop them to a higher level, including lighting up your chakras, receiving psychic impressions, and finding a lost object. It explains how you can incorporate your psychic abilities in your magick.

Attune to the Psychic Cycles of the Moon
A natural Witch finds magick everywhere, and becoming attuned to the powers and cycles of the moon is part of this path. Here you will learn spells for each quarter of the Moon, a lunar eclipse ritual to increase your psychic talents, and a "Blue Moon" spell for wisdom and intuition. The radiance of the moon can bring an incredible amount of illumination to your magickal journey but it's just some of the beginning work in Natural Witchery.

Develop personal power with help from the magickal elements
Raise power the natural way
Discover and release blocks to power
Seasonal spells for introspection, passion, motivation, and knowledge
How to personalize your magick

Sooner or later you may want to meet and work with other people. You'll find full information on how to start a circle. From starting a study group and working with energy to finally dedicating the group, everything is explained.

Living Your Life as a Natural Witch
Being a natural Witch is more than just doing an occasional ritual. It involves bringing your natural powers into every aspect of your life. Natural Witchery reveals how you can do this, from attuning with the environment to dealing with relatives, from doing color magick (with your clothes!) at work to finding magick in the mundane, it's all here.

You might be thinking, though, that one of the important aspects of Witchcraft is missing: the Book of Shadows. Not so! For too long, people have simply used a version that others have provided. But the original purpose for such a text is that it is supposed to be your personal book of knowledge and magick. Natural Witchery features the "Book of Witchery." It includes basic magickal concepts — from the magick to work on any particular day of the week and the magickal meanings of colors to the magickal powers of gems and how to cast a circle — and leaves you with plenty of space to include your own notes, ideas, techniques, spells, and rituals.

Are you a natural Witch? Do you attune with nature and the universe? Do you work with and try to enhance your own psychic abilities? Do you want to personalize and create your own magickal spells and rituals? This is the book you have been waiting for!

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