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Ancient Legacy, Hidden Prophecy

By: John Michael Greer
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Hard Cover | 9780738709789
English  |  264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: October 2007
Price: $21.95 US,  $25.50 CAN
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The Hidden Prophecy of the World's Most Intriguing Tale

For hundreds of years, the story of Atlantis has amazed, inspired, and amused millions of people. Atlantis has been used as part of numerous novels and films. The question of whether or not it existed at all has baffled researchers, debunkers, and mystics. Finally, occult expert John Michael Greer presents the entire history of the belief in Atlantis, from ancient writers to modern authors. More importantly, he reveals what may be the ultimate secret of Atlantis, a secret so sublime and so important that the fate of the human race may depend upon its revelation!

In Atlantis, you'll discover the story of how a great continent with an advanced civilization was wiped out and sank into the sea. You'll learn how the tale began with Plato (who insisted several times that it was a fact and not a myth) and went on to become one of the most important concepts of the late nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries.

+ Discover the three most important writers on Atlantis
+ Learn how the concept of Atlantis changed over time
+ Uncover the mystery of why occult Orders believed in Atlantis
+ Read the truth about Lemuria and Mu
+ Understand the importance of Atlantis in changing occult thought
+ Be shocked at the relation of Atlantis and the Nazis
+ Learn the geological facts that show where Atlantis isn't— and maybe where it is!

There have been many books on Atlantis, but none trace the history of the story and point to the way it literally changed history—until now.

Atlantis Changed Thinking
When interest in Atlantis began to pick up in the late nineteenth-century thanks to the writings of Madame H. P. Blavatsky, there was a common belief that from our knuckle-dragging, club-carrying ancestors there has been a slow and steady evolution of society, wisdom, and consciousness. With Blavatsky's and later authors' writings,  however, occult thought has changed to one of cycles, where society and humanity improves and then descends, only to repeat the pattern at a later time. Traditionally, it is the occultists who carry the wisdom of the previous age forward. This is now a common belief of occult thought.

Another common misconception of old was that the continents didn't move. The idea of continental motion and catastrophic change were laughed at. Today, the idea of continental drift and occasional catastrophic world changes are a major part of geology. Can the discovery of Atlantis be far behind?

Atlantis and the Future
If it is true that occultists carry the wisdom of previous eons of our world, then perhaps whether Atlantis really existed isn't as important as the wisdom we can learn from it. If so, what are the secrets of Atlantis that are important to us today? Here, Greer's Atlantis reveals something that no other book on that ancient land has ever disclosed. What is the cause of the natural disasters and global warming effects that are taking place all over the world? Learn their meaning and how the knowledge of Atlantis may save our planet.

Atlantis and Your Future
But there's more to learn. How is it possible to gain new knowledge from a long-lost civilization? Here you learn the practical technique of actually gaining that information. The method is now called "remote viewing," and was anciently called scrying. Also included is a special technique of powerful meditation. The information you may receive is not just regarding the possible future of the planet, but about unique truths of your own future.

Deeply rooted in both scientific fact and the rejected knowledge commonly known as occultism, Atlantis is unlike any other book on the subject. It's a must read to help you on your own path, and for the sake of all life.

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