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The Ghosts on 87th Lane
The Ghosts on 87th Lane
A True Story

By: M.L. Woelm
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710310
English  |  288 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2007
Price: $12.95 US,  $14.95 CAN
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Thirty Years with the Ghosts

In the movies, hauntings start slowly, and then get worse and more terrifying. But that's not what happened to M. L. Woelm. She and her family moved into a quaint clapboard home in Minnesota, and for more than three decades her life was filled with bizarre paranormal phenomena that could not be "explained away."

This is an amazing, true story that is touching and autobiographical, and at times so chilling that it nearly drove Woelm to the breaking point. The Ghosts on 87th Lane is a story that will fascinate every lover of the paranormal, ghosts, and the bizarre.

It Starts with a Bang
The first sign that something was different about their small house took place shortly after she, her husband and two children moved in. The children were in their beds upstairs, while downstairs, she and her husband couldn't sleep. The kids were making too much noise, moving boxes and dropping things on the floor. But when she went upstairs to tell them to quiet down, she saw they were fast asleep. Three times she went up the stairs to quiet their racket, but they were never awake. Someone or some thing that was not their children was saying,  "Hello!"

As the days stretched to months, and months to years, every sort of ghostly phenomena presented itself to them. Phantom footsteps walked on stairs. A child's whimpering. Item after item goes missing. And noises are so bothersome that they have trouble sleeping. It seems like one set of problems finally ends only for another to begin.

Echo to the Rescue
Woelm finally communicated her experiences to famed psychic Echo Bodine. Eventually Echo was able to come to the house and examine it herself. For almost thirty years they had lived with ghosts. As they went through the house Echo described what she felt and it exactly matched the family's experience of the spirits. But why did the phenomena change over time? The answer came when Echo communicated with her spirit guide, who revealed the truth: Your home...was inhabited for many years...by various ghosts. There were five different ghosts...that lived in this home...from the time that you bought it. But Echo had more news. The last ghost had departed and the haunting was over.

Not So Fast
The house may have been cleared at the time Echo Bodine left, but it didn't stay that way. Less than a year later, the noises returned — the ghosts were back!

The Ghosts on 87th Lane is unlike any other story of paranormal phenomena you've ever read. Woelm is not some great psychic, nor does she cower in terror. She's an ordinary woman doing her best in the presence of the extraordinary, which makes this one of the most personal ghost stories ever written.

There is also a bonus story that takes place half a country away.  Woelm and her husband visit the famous Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California. Originally built in 1888, it looks more like it belongs at an English seaside resort. Woelm describes the tale of the Victorian con artist, Kate Morgan.

Morgan and her husband took advantage of many men, but he eventually abandoned her at the hotel when she got pregnant. Will Woelm be able to find any evidence of a haunting? The results surprised her and will surprise you, too.

As you read this well-written story, you're going to find yourself caring for the author and her family. They will come alive for you as much as the ghosts did her.

This book is perfect for reading on cold nights before a warm fire and makes the ideal gift for your favorite lover of ghosts.

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