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The Gaia Project
The Gaia Project
The Earth's Great Changes

By: Hwee-Yong Jang
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710426
English  |  288 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
Pub Date: February 2007
Price: $14.95 US,  $16.50 CAN
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chapter one

outline of the gaia Project

The term "Gaia Project" (or simply "the Project") may sound very strange to most readers, except for people who have visited my website and have read segments of my "Meditation Records." The word "Gaia" first appeared in Greek mythology, referring to the earth goddess and later to "the self-controlling organic earth." Anyone who knows the meaning of the term might guess that Gaia Project is a sort of space project related to the earth, but soon might ask, "What kind of nonsense are you talking about?"

So far, the general public has not even recognized the possibility of highly developed life forms, similar to human beings, on other planets. When they hear that the universe is involved in changing and refreshing the earth and when they read about a huge cosmic operation relating to the earth, they may consider such information to be a hoax or merely science fiction. It's difficult for them to accept the idea that the earth was formed for a special purpose and that it has been operated under careful supervision of high-dimensional beings. Even people who accept the existence of highly intelligent life forms in outer space probably find it difficult to imagine that there are beings that give direct orders for running the earth. For that reason, people might guess that the Gaia Project must be a humorous, odd, or exaggerated expression for significant changes taking place on the earth.

However, regardless of popular opinions, there are in fact many beings who have taken part directly and indirectly in the operation of the earth since its formation, and there are many beings who have been sent to the earth for missions related to the Great Change. The Gaia Project, which includes all the plans from the earth's formation to its ascension to the fifth dimension, does really exist. Thus, if we understand the Gaia Project in its entirety, we not only know the history of the earth and its living beings, but we also naturally develop insight into humankind.
The Gaia Project refers to a universe-wide plan related to the earth, one that has been carried out for a very long time. To understand the Gaia Project better, it may be necessary to have some basic background knowledge regarding how the universe is constituted and operated. The universe is mostly not materialized and is very different from the material earth, so that describing or explaining the universe in any human language is not an easy job at all. People on the earth can only roughly imagine the universe. With this fact in mind, only a brief explanation of the cosmic constitution and movement is presented here. As a related issue, chapter 7 explains how "being," or "consciousness," was originated.

Formation and Movement of the Universe

All things in the universe vibrate with their own frequencies. The universe is unfolded in such a manner that different worlds with different dimensions coexist simultaneously. Unlike notions of dimensions in mathematics and physics, a dimension in the universe indicates a band of vibration frequencies. The universe consists of ten dimensions: from the tenth dimension, with the highest frequencies to the first dimension, with the lowest frequencies.
Everyone and everything in the universe belongs to one of the dimensions. Everything in the universe is laid out by the vibration of the tenth dimension, whose frequency is high enough to hold all of the information of the universe. As the frequencies get farther away from the origin of the universe, they gradually become lower and their roles become simpler. Even within the same dimension, there is quite a difference in frequency, and thus each dimension can be divided again into layers. These differences in dimension cause variations in terms of functions, purposes, and ways of existence, and the basic order of the universe can be said to be based on dimensions, or frequencies.

There are close to seven hundred galaxies in the unfolded universe. This number is vastly different from the one estimated by astrophysicists-tens of millions of galaxies. This difference comes from the fact that the stars, galaxies, and the universe that modern scientists observe are quite different from the real picture. The observation devices used by scientists sense light and waves belonging only to the material domain, so the worlds they recognize are different from the universe, which mostly belongs to the non-material domain. Thus, there is naturally a huge gap between the number of galaxies estimated by scientists and the number revealed here.

Each galaxy has its own formation principles and operation system, as well as its own inherent rules. Each galaxy, administered by beings of eighth- or ninth-dimensional frequencies, consists of several dimensions and is comprised of many stars with different characteristics. Each star has a particular dimensional frequency with its own unique function and mission. For instance, a certain star serves as the headquarters for a certain galaxy, while another star functions as a place of learning or as a library for a certain level of the universe. A star cluster can be composed of stars with the same or different dimensions.

In the tenth dimension, which has the highest frequency of vibration, there are five beings from the Origin of the universe, who are called in this book the "first consciousness of the universe," the "consciousnesses of the Origin," the "beings of the Origin," or, simply, the tenth-dimensional beings. They do not stay on a particular star, but instead spread out throughout the universe at all times in the form of light.
The relationship among the five beings of the Origin is like a brotherhood or sisterhood. Since each possesses somewhat different characteristics and qualities, some differences exist in their roles.

The first Origin, blue in its representative color, has the most masculine energy and is characterized by expansion and progression. The second Origin, magenta in color, has the most feminine energy, and is characterized by caring, harmony, and intercommunication among beings. The third Origin, a cool turquoise in color, has the most calm and quiet energy of the five Origins, and is characterized by pureness, fairness, unity, and wholeness. The Gaia Project has been conceived and is being unfolded by this being of the Origin. The fourth Origin, solid gold in color, is characterized by construction, realization and specification. The fifth Origin, an endless black in color, is characterized by stillness, quietness, and reflection. The beings once incarnated as Buddha and Christ were both created by this being of the Origin.

Unlike the beings of the Origin, all the other beings stay on a particular star. Each of them resides on a star with an appropriate frequency for various purposes. As mentioned before, some beings work to administer a star or galaxy or to carry out certain functions, and others may simply stay on a star to experience and learn. However, there is never a case when one being stays in one place permanently. Once a mission is accomplished or an experience is fulfilled, the beings move to another star or planet.

Within a galaxy in the same dimension, it is possible to move or travel from one star to another without restrictions. But it is generally impossible to move to a different dimensional world. On some stars, beings from different dimensions can coexist with the aid of special equipment that adjusts frequencies. Broadly analogous to immigration controls on the earth, traveling from one star to another requires beings to pass through a star gate. In a similar fashion, beings have to pass through a more strictly controlled gate in order to move from one galaxy to another. Since the free will of all beings comes into prior consideration every operation reflects the will of related beings. However, no matter which galaxy or star they are staying on, beings have to follow the rules.

Due to unique birth processes and experiences, each being has a different frequency, has different abilities, and possesses different characteristics. Usually those with similar frequencies and characteristics stay on the same star. Each star has its own rules and systems, and governs itself independently unless the rules of its own galaxy or of higher dimensions are violated. In some exceptional cases, higher-dimensional beings can interfere. Among the innumerable events happening throughout the universe, there are projects planned and carried out throughout the entire universe. The Gaia Project, which people on the earth are now experiencing, represents one of these projects.

Frequencies, Dimensions, and Roles

All beings in the universe vibrate, and beings that vibrate have consciousness-in other words, an ability to perceive, no matter how weak. This perception capacity is determined by the being's frequency. As anyone who has studied wave theory knows, a wave's frequency of vibration determines how much information the wave can hold. A higher frequency has a higher information storage capacity. So, a being with a higher frequency level can hold more information, and therefore has a greater capacity to recognize and understand the world.

The frequency of the tenth dimension, which is the frequency of the Origin of the universe, has the capacity to hold the entire information of the universe. For this reason tenth-dimensional beings are able to perceive everything that is happening in the universe. Compared with tenth-dimensional beings, ninth-dimensional beings can hold a relatively limited amount of information, so they understand only a segment of the universe: for example, everything about a certain galaxy or about the place under the being's control. Of course, a being of the eighth dimension holds less information compared to ninth-dimensional beings, as its frequency is lower. The amount of information held by beings of the seventh dimension or the sixth dimension can be explained in the same manner, with the capacity to hold information decreasing rapidly as the dimension decreases.

A being's role naturally differs depending on its frequency and its capacity to store information. In general, the lower the dimension of the being, the simpler its function and role. The supervision of the entire universe can be handled only by the beings of the Origin, who can hold all the information of the universe, while the management of certain regions can be delegated to those of lower frequencies.

The ninth-dimensional beings are usually involved in managing galaxies and stars, and in keeping law and order in the universe. While tenth-dimensional beings are directly related to the creation of the universe itself and to all of the beings in the universe, ninth-dimensional beings maintain the structural format of the universe and carry out the absolute laws of the universe.

Eighth-dimensional beings are similar to ninth-dimensional beings in terms of having leadership responsibilities, but their roles are somewhat limited and more specific. Seventh-dimensional beings are usually related to construction and creation; engineering and design are accomplished within this dimension, and the specific technology of creating stars and creatures, as well as maintaining or changing environments within a region, is created and developed on this dimension.

Sixth-dimensional beings typically act as counselors and guides in society, and often have healing qualities. Fifth-dimensional beings typically work as judges and in law enforcement, but in less political positions than the eighth- or ninth-dimensional beings. Fourth-dimensional beings have expertise in actual production and construction work-typically doing actual construction, participating in energy work in creating a star or planet, or doing whatever else is needed in the universe. The beings of the third dimension and lower can be described as actual material for creations made, working as atomic factors.

The above is a very rough description of what each dimension does, and there are no strict rules about what every being has to do. However, despite the existing hierarchy in the universe and the different roles of the various dimensions, every being was created with a purpose and a need, and there is no concept of being superior or inferior within that hierarchy or in those roles. From the viewpoint of the beings of the Origin, every being from every dimension is a precious part of the Origin. The Origin feels internal harmony only when every being plays its own part properly.
Higher-dimensional beings, including those of the tenth dimension, can, if necessary, appear as individuals, such as humans, which they often do through a duplication process. For example, the first consciousness of the universe and other beings can be incarnated as humans on the earth. They usually do so by duplicating themselves and sending the duplicate (or Subordinate Self) to the earth. The Higher Self and Subordinate Self are discussed in detail in chapter 7.

The relationship between the beings of the Origin and lower-dimensional beings, or the relationships among beings in different dimensions, can be explained using the example of a human body. Imagine that a being of the tenth dimension is the whole body and that beings of the ninth dimension are single parts of the body: for example, the head and face, trunk, arms, legs, and so on. Visualize beings of the eighth dimension as the eyes, nose, and mouth, or as the lungs, stomach, and intestines.

Imagine beings of the lowest dimension-in other words, the first-dimensional beings-as the cells of the body. All the beings of the ninth dimension or lower are parts of the consciousness of the Origin. In other words, all the beings of the universe originate from one source, and always remain as parts of the Origin. This implies that, as each individual being grows, the consciousness of the Origin grows as well.
Although all the beings of the universe are in fact co-workers and siblings moving in the same direction, there is occasional discord among the cosmic members. Those who have an intimate relationship, such as the ninth-dimensional "face" and the eighth-dimensional "nose," move and operate in absolute unity. However, among those with no direct relationships, such as the eighth-dimensional "nose" and the eighth-dimensional "stomach," there is potential for conflict because each argues that its own role should take priority. Thus, discord and disagreement can occur between galaxies or star clusters, but it is usually resolved by mutual discussion or intervention from a higher-level dimension.

As the level of frequency decreases, the capacity to hold information is reduced, implying that the awareness of connection with the Origin may become weaker for a being in a lower dimension. As a result, the intimacy and feeling of connection toward other beings as well as toward the Origin decreases. For this reason, serious disputes can occur more frequently in the worlds of the lower dimensions than of the higher dimensions. Preventing such discord and collisions in the universe is the main motivation for the Gaia Project. At the completion of the Project, all beings of the universe are expected to progress greatly and any large-scale conflicts or problems are expected to disappear.

Just as is the case in human society, sanctions are applied against beings who violate the rules in the universe. And although it happens very rarely, when beings disturb the fundamental order of the universe, a severe punishment can be meted out, such as a lowering of their vibrational frequencies.

outline of the gaia Project

All the beings in the universe have been playing their roles, acquiring experiences in infinite diversity and harmony. However, among some beings, the intimacy toward the Origin and other beings-which is the string that ties all the cosmic members together-has not been strong. Due to this problem, there has been a considerable increase in negative activities among beings, especially in this galaxy to which the earth belongs.

In order to decrease the negativity and increase the connectivity of individual beings to the Origin, an unprecedented large-scale plan was conceived by the first consciousness of the universe. According to this plan, a special planet with distinct energy was first of all created. After a long maturing process of the energy, which will reduce the negativity and enhance the level of consciousness for all beings, the completed special energy will be spread to all the stars in this galaxy and to other galaxies as well. This plan is the so-called Gaia Project discussed in this book.

The Gaia Project is directly related to the earth, which has been at center stage of the Project all along. After the Project was first conceived by the first consciousness about thirty billion years ago, the administrators of the galaxy were consulted.

The administrative center for the Project was established on one of the stars, Sirius, about twenty-one billion years ago, and this center hosted many beings, including the first consciousness, the top administrators of this galaxy, and other high-dimensional beings. About seventeen billion years ago, a holy being for the Gaia Project, which later became the earth's energy itself, was created by the being of the Origin. After determining the best location for the planet, the earth was created about ten billion years ago, with the holy being in its present location.
Following the earth's creation, and during a long period of nurturing of the earth, no visitors were allowed, in order to preserve the purity of the earth's energy. Through the efforts and care of the members of the Gaia Project, the earth's energy matured, blossomed, and slowly spread to cover the earth in its entirety. However, in order for the matured energy to spread effectively and soak into every star and resident being in this galaxy, a special ingredient or "vaccine," which would customize the earth's energy to fit each star, had to be produced.
In order to produce this vaccine, it was necessary to gather all the representative beings from the galaxy. For this reason, all the beings who were attracted to the earth for one reason or another were permitted residency or visitation there, and the earth became a unique learning center in the universe. This opening up of the earth occurred about a million years ago. Since then, the earth has been operating as a place of learning, where beings grow through multiple cycles of experiences.

Now, a million years after the opening up of the earth, the vaccine production process has been completed. It is time to reap the special energy expanding the consciousness of all beings in this galaxy and beyond, which can be done by combining the vaccine with the earth's original energy. Before this completion process starts, however, the entire earth-including the energy world as well as the material world-needs to be cleansed and purified. The completed special energy will then be spread to stars all over the galaxy by the Gaia Project missionaries. With this, the unprecedented project that has lasted for thirty billion years since its inception, and ten billion years since the earth's creation, will finally come to an end.

As the Project ends, the earth will cease its current role as a special place for learning, and it will be born again as a new planet. As the purification process begins, the earth is rapidly entering a stage of turmoil. Details of this change are explained in the next chapter.

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