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The Hidden Path
The Hidden Path

By: Raven Grimassi, Stephanie Taylor, Mickie Mueller
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Boxed Kit | 9780738710709
English  |  216 pages | 5 x 8 x 2 IN
Pub Date: September 2007
Price: $22.95 US,  $26.50 CAN
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The theme that runs through this deck is associated with
the myths and legends of the Otherworld. The images in
The Hidden Path deck contain the essence of mystical concepts
that are both ancient and modern. In this way the
deck connects you with a living tradition that spans past,
present, and future.

The essential theme begins with the idea of the Silver
Bough and the Golden Bough. These sacred branches appear
in ancient myth and legend where they grant safe passage
to and from the Otherworld or Underworld. Those
who carried the sacred bough entered the realm beyond in
order to retrieve information, oracle power, or a magical

The mystical journey within the deck begins with the
opening of the secret door, which is hidden from normal
view. The setting for the majority of the cards in this deck
takes place in the Otherworld where we find the Faery or
Elven race. Here the reader is guided through an initiation
experience that includes experiencing the eight festivals, or
Sabbats, of the Wheel of the Year. In effect, the experience
of this deck is within the Otherworld, which connects you
directly with the astral impressions that empower each of
the seasonal rites.

The eight festival cards depicted in this deck present a
mated goddess and god pair. Together they journey through
the Wheel of the Year in a shared mythical tale that brings
a cohesive understanding to the divine presence within the
seasons of Nature. Here the goddess and god have titles instead
of names, which allow the user of the deck to relate to
the images regardless of personal cultural preference. The
storyline provided in the companion book to The Hidden
deck, encourages the reader to experience herself or
himself as the hero on a sacred quest in the Otherworld.

In the traditional tales of the hero who journeys to the
Otherworld or Underworld, the figure must return to the
world of mortal kind. It is the return of the hero that renews
and revitalizes the people who await the reunion. In
The Hidden Path deck, this important element is included
in the theme of the cards. The last portion of the deck presents
the portal of return from the Otherworld through the
image of a cave tunnel leading back to the material world.

As you work with this deck you will find that the cards
serve as alignments to Otherworld beings (the Elven or
Faery), as well as bridges to the inner realms themselves.
“Journey Through the Hidden Path” in this book (163-180)
contains a guided image journey through each of the cards.
This will aid in connecting you to the mystical themes reflected
in the images.

In The Well Worn Path deck we presented the mystical
figure known as the Crone of the Cottage. The images in
that deck depicted her cottage, the surrounding grounds,
and the mystical areas associated with ritual and magic. The
journey included in that deck’s companion book guided the
reader through an encounter with the Crone of the Cottage,
and then led the reader through the teachings associated
with her realm.

The Hidden Path presents the gateway from the Crone’s
cottage into the Otherworld. In the Otherworld realm the
reader is linked to transformational energies, which offer
elevation and enlightenment. It is here that the collective
consciousness and collective unconscious is preserved,
blending the knowledge and experience of our ancestors
with the evolved insights of their descendants. When you
work with The Hidden Path deck, you are embracing the
spiritual heritage passed to you from all the kindred souls
who have trod the sacred path.

The theme of The Hidden Path deck brings the reader
back into the Crone’s cottage to experience the final connections
that join his or her personal path to the work
ahead that unites the tribe or community. It was mythologist
Joseph Campbell who once pointed out that the inward
journey leads us not to being alone, but instead opens for
us the entire world.

While Llewellyn's Classic Tarot has my name on the cover, I did not so much design this project as direct it. Llewellyn wanted a deck that was designed to be faithful to the traditional tarot images, symbols, and meanings recognizable to most modern tarot readers and students. Creating a faithful yet new expression of timeless tarot imagery is... read this article
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