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Unlocking the Healing Code
Unlocking the Healing Code
Discover the 7 Keys to Unlimited Healing Power

By: Bruce Forciea
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710778
English  |  216 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: December 2007
Price: $14.95 US,  $16.95 CAN
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The Seven Ultimate Keys to Healing

There are an amazing number of healing methods. Perhaps the best known is the way your doctor treats you when you visit him or her because you are ailing. But others, ranging from acupuncture and aromatherapy to hypnotherapy, Reiki, and radionics, have successes in healing, too. In Unlocking the Healing Code, Dr. Bruce Forciea reveals that there is a hidden mechanism behind all healing and shows you how to apply it in your life. If you're looking to heal from an injury or disease, want to learn about the essence of all healing methods, or are seeking a deeper understanding of how healing works, you need this book.

We live in a universe that is alive with information. Life continuously captures and uses this information in order to exist. In fact it is the continuous flow of information that keeps us alive. When this flow is inhibited or interrupted, illness and even death result.

The Unification of All Healing Systems
Unlocking the Healing Code presents a revolutionary new system of healing that unifies all healing methods. This system has seven keys and uses a model of the flow of information to create healing and maintain health. The various healing methods in the world are simply different languages used for the communication of this information.

Healing information flows to us from various sources through a series of four channels; in this book you will learn to recognize and evaluate sources of information for your own healing. You will identify and use each channel in an easy to follow system of healing. The system is supported by fascinating scientific research from a variety of disciplines, including physics, psychology, consciousness, and medicine. The book features a series of simple exercises and the personal stories of people who have used the information being presented here in order to heal themselves.

The Seven Keys of Informational Healing
Unlocking the Healing Code is both theoretical and practical. You'll learn exactly how to use each of the following keys to improve or maintain your health:

Use healing intention first
 Healing information flows from a source to a receiver through a channel
Use all four informational healing channels
The information source and receiver must match as closely as possible
Your consciousness automatically seeks healing information
Tune in to the hierarchy of information sources to maximize healing
Fine-tune information flow with feedback

Every one of these keys is fully explained so you can develop your own healing program. If you're a healing professional, you can use this information to enhance your practice.

The Four Channels
The secret to effectively use the keys is in your understanding and use of the four channels of information healing. The Non-Local channel transfers information from what is called the "zero-point field" and consciousness to your mind and body. The Mind-Body channel transfers information from the mind to the body using the nervous and endocrine systems. The Molecular channel transfers molecular information to the body. The Energy channel transfers information from energy sources to the body. Unlocking the Healing Code clearly explains how to use all four channels when healing yourself or another.

This is the first book that incorporates both mainstream and alternative methods of healing into a single understandable and usable system. If you are looking for such a complete system of healing and want a deeper understanding of how healing works, this book has the information you have been looking for. If you are a professional looking to integrate alternative methods of healing into a practice, this book is a must!

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