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Goddess Alive!
Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses into Your Life

By: Michelle Skye
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710808
English  |  288 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: July 2007
Price: $21.95 US
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You Need the Goddess

Our lives are filled with needs. We each need food, water, and air. Our bodies need to move and exercise for optimum health. Being social beings, we need to communicate with others. And we also need contact with the Divine.

This contact with the Divine, until fairly recently, has most often been with the feminine powers of the Divine: the Goddess. But there are so many goddesses, how can we establish a close, personal connection with them? The answer to that question is found in Goddess Alive! by Michelle Skye.

This book is the perfect resource for beginners looking to expand their knowledge of Celtic and Norse goddesses through a variety of activities that will help enhance their personal relationship with the deities. It also provides meditations, pathworkings, and more that will help increase their understanding of these thirteen goddesses. This book takes an unusual approach in that rather than look at one goddess for each lunar month (as is done in some other books), it examines a goddess associated with each of the eight major holidays and one for each of five phases of the Moon: waxing, full, waning, dark and new.

For each goddess you will learn:

An in-depth description of the goddess and her history
Qualities of the astronomical event associated to the goddess
A pathworking that will take you to meet the goddess
A guided meditation
An activity to help you attune to time
A ritual celebration
An invocation

By the time you spend a year working with this book your in-depth knowledge of the goddesses will soar and your personal relationship with them will strengthen and grow.

The Goddesses
For the Winter Solstice you'll meet Cerridwyn, the Welsh goddess of rebirth, renewal, and movement. During the guided meditation you come to understand the nature of new life found amid the chill of winter. The ritual is a full winter solstice celebration you can perform by yourself or with a group.

For Imbolc (usually February 2), you'll discover the history and powers of Brigid, the Irish goddess of fire. The guided meditation helps bring healing and peace, comfort and cure as you learn to live life to its fullest. The ritual, as you can imagine, is for Imbolc.

Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring and possibilities, is linked to the Spring Equinox. The meditation will help you find and develop your inner child so you can see the world with those joyous, new eyes.

Branwen, the Welsh goddess of sovereignty, is linked to the waxing moon. The guided meditation reveals the message of the starling, a bird that discloses the inner nature of Branwen and how much she cares for you.

The other goddesses revealed and experienced through this book include Freya, the Norse goddess of love and war, Aine, the Irish goddess of faeries and fertility, Danu, the Irish mother goddess of wisdom, and Modron, the Welsh mother goddess of mystery. You'll also meet Hella, the Norse goddess of the underworld, plus the Valkyries, Maeve, Morrighan and Rhiannon.

Goddess Alive! is not merely a book about the goddesses. Sure, it gives you that information (enhanced with illustrations by Kris Waldherr), but it is primarily a practical book about establishing your personal relationship to the love and wisdom of the goddess. It's the book you need to study so you can achieve the next step in your spiritual development.

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