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White Spells for Protection

By: Ileana Abrev
Series: White Spells Series #2
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710853
English  |  168 pages | 5 x 6 IN
Pub Date: July 2007
Price: $10.99 US,  $12.50 CAN
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Product Summary
In-depth Description
Table of Contents
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Man and Universal Law:
Defense and Protection

It is very important to know how to defend and protect
yourself against negative forces. The key to overriding
this type of magic is to be aware, to know how to defend
yourself, and to know when to do so.

Our own individual upbringings and beliefs as well as
the larger society have engraved on our subconscious that
taking justice into our own hands is "wrong"-and rightly
so. We have no right to take the law into our own hands
and to judge others for the wrongs they have done. This is
the "human law," the law that keeps the masses under control
for the good of society.

But we are also participants in a universal law, to
which we all hold a free membership. As acting members
of the universe, we all have the right to protect and defend
ourselves and our loved ones against any type of injustice,
whether it comes from a negative source or the mugger
down the street who hits us over the head and takes our
money. Just as you would seek justice by taking the mugger
to court, so you can do the same with those sending
negative thoughts your way.

The human law and the universal law are very similar
in many ways. The human law is there to protect us and
to defend the innocent; this is also the purpose of the universal
law, but with it you have to protect yourself, too. If
your home were broken into and you didn't have an alarm
system or property insurance, then you'd be at a loss. The
law can try to catch the thieves and you would ideally
retrieve some of your personal items, but we know very
well that doesn't always happen.

After such a robbery, you tell yourself it won't happen
to you ever again, so you install an alarm system and buy
property insurance. The law can help you, but you also
have to help yourself and protect yourself against such an

The universal law works the same way. As I've already
stated, the universe is aware of anyone who inflicts unnecessary
physical or emotional harm by means of negative
magic. But you still need to protect and defend yourself
against any type of negative magical workings.

You have every right to protect and defend yourself
against any type of injustice. Think of such protection as an
alarm system for your home that will stop intruders from
taking what is yours and hurting you and the ones you love.
At some point in our lives, most of us have needed
to protect and defend ourselves from a bully of some sort
or have defended ourselves against an unfair accusation.
Even Disney movies show us how good always confronts
and defeats evil, always with magical endings filled with
happiness, hope, and everlasting love.

You can fight back if dark occult forces are out to get
you. There is always a will and a way, and your will and
way will be much stronger than theirs. Yours comes from
the heart; theirs is completely filled with hate. I can assure
you that karma is on their tails every step of the way-
whereas the universe is your knight in shining armor, there
to protect you.

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