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White Spells for Protection
White Spells for Protection

By: Ileana Abrev
Series: White Spells Series #2
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710853
English  |  168 pages | 5 x 6 IN
Pub Date: July 2007
Price: $9.95 US,  $11.50 CAN
In Stock? Yes, ready to ship

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In-depth Description
Table of Contents
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Protection When You Need It

Sometimes you don’t want or need an elaborate protection ritual. Or maybe you don’t have the time to create one. In cases like this you have two choices: already have the protection or do something fast and direct. An amazing number of techniques and methods for these are covered in the delightful White Spells for Protection by Ileana Abrev.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the small size of this book means it’s unimportant or incomplete! The truth is always short and direct, and this book gives you the truth about protection. It includes everything from simple methods to intense rituals that can help you in just about any situation that might occur. Never dark or unethical, the techniques here function like an alarm system installed in your home: they only go into effect when needed and provide only what is required for defense and protection.

You’ll get basic information on working with candle magic, color magic, chakras and crystals. You’ll be able to quickly use the “Rid of Negativity Chart” with information on how to quickly overcome bad spirits, negative energies, evil, gossip, negative magic, and obtain protection for your home, young children or finances.

Three Strikes
White Spells for Protection follows a simple philosophy: “Strike me once, strike me twice, but never shall you strike me a third time around.” It includes over 90 spells you can use.

The “strike me once” response is “Warning! Be aware of what you’re doing.” It’s a quick fix to ward away any negative energies. It is a warning to stop now! This could include anything from your boss giving you a hard time to negative occult forces around you. The techniques provided here stop negative energies cold! Examples include the “Blue Light of Protection” to protect your home, “Angry Boss No More” that uses paper, pen, and some honey, and “Evil Eat Your Heart Out” to keep evil people away.

The “strike me twice” response is “This is my second warning!  Be prepared for a powerful action.” It includes techniques to use when you feel your first warning has failed. Its message: “one more time and you’re out!” The methods here have more “firepower,” and more tools—such as candles or crystals—are used. Examples include “Not My Child, You Don’t!” to protect your child after he or she leaves for school, “Protect Your Business” that uses candles, herbs, and onion peels to protect you from someone wanting to see you in the red, and the “Psychic Protection Pot” that will protect you from unexpected psychic attacks.

The “never a third time” response is “No more warnings. Now I act!” Here you are shown powerful actions to use when the first two responses have failed and people have suffered emotionally or experienced physical pain from the negative forces being used (consciously or unconsciously) against you. Use the techniques here when you want to break hexes and undo curses. No more Mr. Nice Guy! Use these methods to stop injustice aimed at you or your loved ones. Includes a spell “To Remove a Curse,” “Protection Using the Chakras,” and “Getting Rid of Unwanted Entities Sent to Disturb You and Your Home.”

Use the techniques given here to banish self-inflicted curses, too. Get rid of depression, fear, envy, guilt, overeating, bad habits, self-doubt, and more. Practical, usable, direct and powerful, these are the spells and techniques you’re going to share with your friends and use every day yourself. In fact, the small size of this book makes it a great gift for friends and loved ones.

As a mother who also happens to be a witch, it's not always easy to live up to my own standards. I want to shine with peace, love, and contentment, to feel my best and be in the moment each and every minute of each and every day—and at that, I sometimes fail miserably. It's hard to not drown in the chaos that builds from accumulated stresses... read this article
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