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Soul Flight
Soul Flight
Astral Projection and the Magical Universe

By: Donald Tyson
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710877
English  |  360 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: March 2007
Price: $18.95 US,  $20.95 CAN
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Astral projection is real. It has been practiced for
thousands of years. Shamans use it to visit different
"worlds" and for healing. Magickal groups such as the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn have used it for
spiritual advancement and for "Rising on the Planes."
Over the centuries different people have practiced it in
different ways, putting their own concepts on it. Some
of those personal or imaginary concepts have become
accepted as facts. As a result, many people now believe
that astral projection is difficult and dangerous. That
changes now.
The Truth About Astral Projection
In Soul Flight, author Donald Tyson strips away all the
confusion and misunderstanding about astral projection.
In fact, he reveals the very essence of the experience
in this revolutionary book:
There is no projecting involved in astral projection
There is no traveling in astral travel
He reveals that the astral body is not a separate physical
envelope for the consciousness, but is a part of the
mind. It never leaves the mind. Astral projection is simply
the transition of your consciousness from one state to
another - from the normal everyday waking state to an
altered state that may be called the astral world. This
astral world and the dream world are one and the same.
With this understanding of the nature of astral projection,
all of the history of this experience becomes clear
and easy to understand. In fact, Soul Flight includes the
most complete history of astral projection ever offered.
It looks at the practices of the ancient shamans and the
secrets of the Witches' "Flying Ointments," including
three recipes for that mystical substance.
It also follows astral explorations into the land of the
Fairy and looks at religious experiences of the astral. Then
it examines how groups such as the Golden Dawn used
astral projection and even how it is used by the CIA!
Practical Techniques You Can Use
Soul Flight is more than history. It is primarily a practical
book featuring dozens of methods you can use to
"project" to the astral world and how such work can
improve your life.
• Ten keys to construct a ritual for astral projection
• How to induce lucid dreaming for astral projection
• The use of crystals and mirrors
• The Tarot cards as gates to the astral world
• Path working: ascending the Tree of Life
• The Runes and astral projection
Although this book proves that astral projection is safe
and easy to accomplish, that doesn't mean that training
and practice isn't required. Here you are provided with
complete instructions to prepare you for this experience,
covering everything from diet and breathwork to
postures and music. Visualizations to prepare you for
projection are given as well as advice on keeping an
astral journal.
Adventures on the Astral Plane
Finally, you'll discover what to expect and what you can do
when you experience astral projection. You'll learn about
the different types of entities that you'll meet on the astral
and how to acquire a spirit guide. The book explores what
you can do on the astral, gives names of power and symbols
for protection, and explains how to return.
Virtually all metaphysical groups urge that you should
learn to work on the astral plane for what you can learn,
and for spiritual advancement. This world is a realm of
wonders and mysteries that remains largely unexplored
and uncharted, a new world waiting to be discovered.
Begin your discovery today with Soul Flight!

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