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Mystical Dragon Magick
Mystical Dragon Magick
Teachings of the Five Inner Rings

By: D.J. Conway
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738710990
English  |  264 pages | 7 x 10 x 1 IN
Pub Date: October 2007
Price: $19.99 US,  $22.95 CAN
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The Mystical Magick of Dragons

In Dancing with Dragons, D.J. Conway introduced the world to the reality of working with the powers of Dragons. She dared to reveal that Dragons really do exist in the "Otherworld" that some people call the Astral Plane. Now she reveals even more, sharing five levels of training in Mystical Dragon Magick. If you enjoyed Dancing with Dragons, or if you're looking for something different and powerful in the magickal universe, this is the book you want.

In each level or "Inner Ring," you'll learn more as you move toward the pinnacle of working with Dragon powers.

The Five Inner Rings
In the first Inner Ring you'll become a Dragon Apprentice and learn the laws of magick. You'll discover your ritual tools, learn how to understand the Otherworld, and practice rituals for attracting a Guardian Dragon. You'll also establish basic protection while doing meditations to welcome other dragons and go on a Dragon ride.

In the second Inner Ring you'll become a Dragon Enchanter. Here you'll discover new tools, learn about spells, amulets, and talismans, and learn the effects of the Planetary Hours, Crystals and Stones, and more.

The third Inner Ring helps you become a Dragon Shaman. In this level you'll meditate with the elements, learn the different categories of Dragons, and discover how to heal auric wounds and shattered souls. You will also learn the magickal might of intent and visualization.

The Way of the Dragon Warrior is taught in the fourth Inner Ring. Here you'll learn the power of discernment, work with star pattern magic, find animal allies, and learn shape shifting. You'll also discover how to tap into the power of the famed berserker warriors.

Finally, in the fifth Inner Ring, you'll walk the path of the Dragon Mystic. In this level you'll learn how to scry, work with various Dragons (including the Chaos Dragon), study special crystals, and truly change your life.

Practical Dragon Magick
This book is literally filled with meditations, rituals, initiations, advice, tips, and techniques that will help you on your magickal path. Learn:

· The principles and laws of magick
· The mysteries of the Otherworld
· Numerology of your Life Path
· The magickal powers of more than forty common herbs
· The powers of essential oils and blended oils
· Candle magick and candle colors
· Knot magick
· Divination with the Dragon Script and Shaman Symbols

There are also examples of numerous spells for such things as halting evil, winning in court, breaking bad luck, confusing enemies, luck in gambling or business, and many others. You'll learn how to choose your magickal name and much more.

From Ring to Ring
The teachings of each Inner Ring are not isolated. Each one leads into the next, so you should follow the order of this book rather than skip around if you want to be fully trained and initiated into Dragon Magick. As you move from Ring to Ring you will find that your magickal abilities and knowledge increase. You will learn more about the Dragons you are working with and discover more about yourself and where you are going in life.

Finally, if you follow the studies and initiations through the book, you will become a Dragon Mystic. You'll be able to use crystals and other advanced techniques, both for astral defense and for merging power with the mightiest of the Dragons.

Dragons can be your friends, your advisors, your guardians, and co-magicians, working with you to help you attain your every goal and need. Mystical Dragon Magick is the ultimate guide to the magick of Dragons. Bring out your magickal abilities and ride with the Dragons now.

As a mother who also happens to be a witch, it's not always easy to live up to my own standards. I want to shine with peace, love, and contentment, to feel my best and be in the moment each and every minute of each and every day—and at that, I sometimes fail miserably. It's hard to not drown in the chaos that builds from accumulated stresses... read this article
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