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The Nocturnal Witch Collection
The Nocturnal Witch Collection
Book of Shadows from the Shadows

By: Konstantinos
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Boxed Kit | 9780738711560
English | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2007
Price: $24.95 US,  $28.95 CAN
In Stock? No, expect a delay in shipping

Product Summary
In-depth Description
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The Book of Shadows—From the Shadows

Do you dress in black? Favor silver jewelry? Does being surrounded by the shadows, by the essence of the night appeal to you? Such dark tendencies may have manifested in you very early in life, affecting more than just the way you dress, the books you read, and the music you listen to.

Perhaps your nocturnal nature awakened in you a need for an alternative spirituality. At first this calling might have resulted in a desire to become aware of the unseen world. That urge likely evolved into a sense that there is something almost tangible in the night, calling you.

You are not alone ...You may be one of the

Over the past several years there has come a realization that the people of the night, the people who prefer the dark and the shadows, need their own spiritual form: Nocturnal Witchcraft. Konstantinos is one of the most popular writers on this subject, providing both theoretical and practical information and techniques on how you can perform nocturnal magick. Now Llewellyn has collected two of his most popular books and put them into an elegant slipcase.

Nocturnal Witchcraft is especially suited for the nightkind — those who prefer the mysteries of the dark to the hectic energies of the day. It reveals how to work with lunar powers and spiritual entities that prefer the cover of darkness—the symbolic realm of shadow, illusion, death and rebirth, and the mysteries of the unknown.

+ Cast a Nocturnal circle
+ Invoke the dark gods and goddesses
+ Read minds
+ Discover secrets by skrying the night
+ Open the gates to the Underworld and speak with the dead

One of the reasons many people become nightkind is to escape the noise of the daylight world. A technique revealed here is how to develop your Inner Quiet, a means to help you find peace and prepare you for any magick you want to do. You'll also discover how to use the powers of magnetism and suggestion.

Konstantinos' Gothic Grimoire expands your connection to the dark ether and the unseen world with a collection of techniques and rituals taken directly from his personal magickal notebooks.

+ How to celebrate the Nocturnal Sabbats
+ More techniques of mind reading and divination
+ Use the dark to expand your intuition and read the signs around you
+ Learn astral projection and travel the nocturnal realms
+ Create your own "Nocturnal Servant" to follow your wishes
+ Perform banishings and exorcisms
+ Magical rites to overcome obstacles you face

This book also reveals how to work with thoughtforms, powerful creations of your mind that can help you achieve your goals.

These two astounding books will open new dark vistas and incredible potentials. If you have always felt more comfortable in the night and more alive in the shadows, these books are a must. Now you can get these two books in an elegant case and save $5.00 over purchasing them separately. You can replace your old, worn our copies of these books and save money. Or if you're one of the few who don't have them both, here's a chance to get them at a discount. If you know someone who is one of the nightkind, The Nocturnal Witch Collection makes a great gift, too.

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