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The Complete Magician's Tables
A product by The Golden Hoard Press The Complete Magician's Tables

By: Stephen Skinner
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket | 9780738711645
English  |  432 pages | 7 x 10 x 1 IN
Pub Date: May 2007
Price: $49.95 US,  $49.95 CAN
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The Magician's Ultimate Second Book

If you practice magick of any sort, there are two books that are vitally important for your practices. The first is your book of rituals. That may be something like The Golden Dawn or Buckland’s Compete Book of Witchcraft. The second is your book of correspondences.

Some people rely on the limited set of correspondences found in many books on magick. They list such things as colors, astrological signs, deities and perfumes that are appropriate to use for a particular magickal working. People looking for more information might use Aleister Crowley's Liber 777. Many traditional magicians have created their own book of correspondences and associations culled from dozens, maybe hundreds of other books. Most people don't have the time to be that complete.

Now, you can spend your time doing rituals instead of seeking appropriate correspondences thanks to Stephen Skinner's new book, The Complete Magician's Tables. This hardbound book is simply the most complete set of correspondences and tables ever published. No matter what type of magick you practice, you need this book.

The Complete Magician's Tables is four times the size of Crowley's Liber 777! That gives you access to four times the inspiration, four times the possibilities, four times the magick. It documents thousands of mystical links you can use to empower any magickal ritual you can think of.

The Best Sources
Stephen Skinner has done an incredible job for the magickal community by scouring many dozens of the most valuable, reliable and time-tested sources. He has obtained data from the works of Peter de Abano, Cornelius Agrippa, Tycho Brahe, Aleister Crowley, Albertus Magnus, MacGregor Mathers, Israel Regardie, Dr. Thomas Rudd, Abbot Trithemius, Dr. John Dee and many others. He has also scoured rare, unpublished medieval grimoires and Kabbalistic texts as well as sources with modern theories of prime numbers and atomic weights to bring you this important volume. Some of the books used as sources include the Sworn Book of Honorius, Liber Juratus, the Lemegeton and the books of Franz Bardon.

The Most Compete Set of Tables Available
The associations you can make from the tables in this massive volume will make your magick more specific and more powerful than ever. Using this book you'll be able to draw correspondences that you can use in your magick, including:

Pagan Pantheons
Color Scales
I Ching
Letters, Alphabets and numbers
Planetary and Olympic Spirits
Sacred Geometry
Buddhist Meditation
Magic and Sorcery
Hours, Months, Seasons
Vedic and Hindu Meditation and Magic

It's presented in the form of clearly organized charts and tables that make this easy to use. No matter how simple the spell or complex the ritual, the information presented here will increase the power and potential of your magick.

A Master of Magick
Stephen Skinner is the famed author of over 20 books on Western magick and on Feng Shui. A few early copies of this book are being sold on the internet for over $100! Now you can get this important and vital reference tool for less than half that price. This is an incredible deal on an incredible book that you have to get.

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