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Ghost Worlds
A Guide to Poltergeists, Portals, Ecto-Mist, & Spirit Behavior

By: Melba Goodwyn
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738711959
English  |  264 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
Pub Date: September 2007
Price: $14.95 US,  $16.95 CAN
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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Ghosts and things that go bump in the night! The very thought of these things can send shivers up and down your spine!

Simply put, a "belief" in ghosts is almost inherent within us. From childhood to adulthood, most of us carry a memory of "ghosts" with us. These ghosts may have appeared in books or movies, as stories told by our grandparents, or as actual visitations. It doesn't matter how we were introduced to ghosts, the fact remains that it was probably a memorable event. If it was an actual sighting, it undoubtedly impressed itself on your psyche, never to be forgotten. Anyone who has ever seen a ghost swears they'll never forget the experience.

Remembered are ghosts that we will never forget; indeed, if you have seen one, you can't forget it! Childhood ghost stories are stored in most of our memories, and any account of ghosts seen by our friends or family members stays with us all our lives. Ghosts we have personally seen, heard, felt, or sensed seem to follow us as shadows that never fade from our memories. Even though these visitors from another dimension may cause us to question our sanity they are and will always remain our unseen companions as we journey through life.

Remember the Leave It to Beaver sitcom from the '50s? Ward Cleaver was trying to ease Beaver's fear of ghosts by telling him that there was no such thing as a ghost. Beaver's response was "Well, why do they have a name then?" I agree totally with his perception. Why indeed! Because they do exist!
I do believe in ghosts, and in this book I will present my best evidence and leave it up to my readers to form their own opinions. I realize that some people will deny the validity of my concepts no matter how strong the evidence. That's fine. I will simply state my evidence as clearly as possible and allow it to speak for itself.

In searching for answers about what ghosts are, we can eliminate a long list of what they are not. Scientists can't define them and neither can religion (which cannot even fully explain the journey of the soul). Why not? Because they would have to admit that ghosts are real. If we can't admit that they exist, how can we ever begin to accept them as part of our reality? So where does that leave us? We must rely on our own innate intuition and spirituality. Spirituality, by my definition, entails trusting our intuition, seeing what we believe, and accepting the truth as it surfaces from deep within our souls.

Since the age of five, I have been aware of ghosts and spirits. As I grew older I became aware of my guides. I grew to trust them and the messages they imparted to me. I often turn to them when I have questions regarding ghosts and their existence. They are always willing to share their opinions and information and have answered many questions regarding energy, vibrations, and discarnate entities. They have very gently led me to a higher understanding of dimensional frequencies and vibrational energies, as well as ghosts and their various forms of manifestation. Information received from my guides through my clairvoyant perception, coupled with technical ghost-hunting equipment, has cemented my belief about ghosts and spirits residing in other dimensions, yet ever present in our own.

Although I am clairvoyant, I have the same experiences s everyone else and share the same emotions. I have an overwhelming need to know the truth even when that truth leads me far from the safe boundaries of blissful ignorance.

A recent Gallup poll has revealed that 32 percent of all adult Americans believe in ghosts and 37 percent say that they believe houses can be haunted. One half of the nation believes in some kind of paranormal phenomenon. So if you're reading this and wondering if you are alone in your belief, you are not. Ghosts do exist!

People often ask me if I see ghosts. The answer is yes. A lot of my interaction with spirits and ghosts comes about because they appear with a client during a session. They want their loved ones to know that they are happy and capable of communicating with them. On one occasion when a client arrived for a reading, she appeared with two guests. This is often the case, so I didn't anticipate anything unusual. As they gathered in the sitting room, I left to retrieve another chair so all of them could sit comfortably. My client and her friend looked at me with very confused expressions on their faces. My client asked me why I had brought another chair into the room, why I needed three chairs when there were only two of them. Obviously I was seeing a third party who had arrived with them but from another dimension. To me she appeared as real and solid as they were. The reading turned out to be very emotional as well as self-empowering for my client.

If you grasp the concept that ghosts were once human, it's easy to understand that even in death they never leave us. Human consciousness indeed survives death and resides in an unseen dimension interwoven with ours, a dimension that is just a whisper away from our loved ones.

Ghosts have been written about for centuries and more recently portrayed in Hollywood movies (albeit in a scary sense). However, many people have had extraordinary, undeniable encounters with a ghostly presence. Hundreds of people encounter ghosts every day (or night) in their own homes, in parks and cemeteries, at their workplaces, schools, in medical buildings, and at historical sites around the country. And why not? They have as much right to be there as we do.

Ghostly visitations have been a part of human life throughout all of recorded history and without a doubt long before that. Especially remembered, recorded, and saved for posterity are visions and encounters that inspire and illuminate one's spirituality.

In general, those of us who believe in ghosts also believe that we are created as two very distinct energy systems coming together to form a whole unit: one is physical (condensed energy) and the other spiritual (ethereal energy). Our ability to manifest as a ghost is based on our spiritual body's vibrational frequencies, which will be explained in upcoming chapters.

How one perceives a ghost is somewhat dependent upon cultural background. However, ghosts are seen and reported with such consistency in shape and form that there can be little doubt of their existence. I believe that we have no alternative but to accept them as part of our ever-changing perception of reality.

The subject of ghosts is one of the most interesting as well as controversial forms of paranormal activity. They are subjected to a great deal of religious debunking and open skepticism. Ghosts are not figments of our imagination, though, nor are they demons floating in ecto-mist. They simply are!

Tremendous growth in interest about ghosts alerts me to the fact that it is time for the unseen to be seen and time for the mysterious unknown to become known and accepted.

Do you believe in ghosts? Perhaps a more appropriate question would be: "Are you prepared to admit that you believe in ghosts?"

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