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Wicked Voodoo Sex

By: Kathleen Charlotte
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738712000
English  |  264 pages | 7 x 7 x 1 IN
Pub Date: January 2008
Price: $16.95 US,  $19.50 CAN
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The Sex Secrets of Voodoo

Voodoo began in Africa with goddess worship and Earth rites before being transported with the slaves to the Caribbean island of Haiti, the country with which it is now most associated. Nowadays, however, the influence of Voodoo has spread, and somewhere between sixty and two hundred million people practice it worldwide. Followers of Voodoo worship more than five hundred different spirits. Each has an exotic-sounding name (to Western ears), and each has a specific purpose.

Ogoun, for example, is the god of power. He brings gifts of charisma and honey-tongued speech. Erzuli is the goddess of love. With her on your side you can ask for anything from a raunchy one-night stand to a lifelong happy marriage. La Siren is an ocean spirit with female powers of seduction and sensuality.

Voodoo is an amazing and powerful religion, and because of that power, some people see it as "dark and dangerous." In a desire to make it "safer," many of the books on Voodoo by practitioners tend to ignore the dark and dangerous sexual aspects of Voodoo.

Not Kathleen Charlotte!

Ms. Charlotte is a therapist, healer, and relationship counselor. She is also initiated into Voodoo and combines Voodoo magic and psychology to help her clients. And she isn't afraid to share the sexual side of Voodoo, a side you can use to get down and dirty like a Voodoo goddess!

The Sensual Power of Voodoo
In Wicked Voodoo Sex, Ms. Charlotte invites you to become a "spiritual slut" and embrace the powerful healing essence of sex from the perspective of a Voodoo practitioner. Make no mistake, this book is provocative and unapologetically candid. It's also a fun and saucy sex guide that offers "Voodoo-Tantric" practices that will invigorate your sex life and enrich your sexual power.

Yes, this book is sexy and erotic, but by its very openness it is empowering. Instead of seeing sex as something that should be hidden in dark places, it's revealed here in all its divine beauty. By reveling in sex as holy, healing, and wholesome, you'll overcome and dispel any sexual shame you feel. You'll also awaken powerful Goddess energy that will let you assert yourself where before you might have allowed others to trample over your wishes. This energy that flows through you is vital to life itself, and you'll discover that as you release it the energy will bring healing where needed, expand good health where it exists, and establish the happiness that is your birthright!

The bold and bawdy collection of Voodoo sex secrets revealed here are available for the first time in one book:

Sexual positions
Voodoo trance
Astral sex
Magic spells
Erotic dance
Sexual healing rituals

Wicked Voodoo Sex has it all, and finally reveals what other books have only hinted at. This is real Voodoo, and it's really amazing.

Voodoo Self-Empowerment
Yes, this book is about sex, but it's also about changing your life. Have you been shy? You'll learn to let Voodoo energy flow through you so you can flirt like a goddess! Does your home seem flat and lifeless? You'll learn how to transform your bedroom into a temple of love that reflects who you are.  Has your sex life been dull? You'll discover how to take a tour of your erogenous zones and uncover new ways to stimulate them that will take you to new levels of bliss.

Wicked Voodoo Sex is the book on Voodoo you've always hoped for but until now, never found. Practical, direct, erotic, and positive, if you want to know more about Voodoo, about sex, and about yourself, this book has it all.

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