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Hospital Stay Handbook
Hospital Stay Handbook
A Guide to Becoming a Patient Advocate for Your Loved Ones

By: Jari Holland Buck
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738712246
English  |  264 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: November 2007
Price: $18.95 US,  $21.95 CAN
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This is the Book That Saves Lives

The very best place for a critically ill patient to be is in the hospital.
The very worst place for a critically ill patient to be is in the hospital.

Paradoxically, both of these statements are true. And because they're true, not only can a hospital stay be disastrous for someone who is critically ill, but it can also be terrifying for the family of that person.

When Jari Holland Buck's husband became seriously ill, he was supposed to be in the hospital for five to seven days. He ended up staying there for over eight months, during six of which he was on total life support. She was a total medical layperson, but she stayed by his side and bravely fought for his life. Her steadfast attention to detail—questioning caregivers, researching medicines, and providing a positive, spiritually-rich environment for healing—produced a medical miracle: his survival. The practical and spiritual lessons she learned from this are the basis for Hospital Stay Handbook.

You Are Not Immune!
An accident or a sudden serious illness can affect anyone. Before you know it, you could become an advocate for the treatment of a child, parent, or other family member. Do you know what to do and what questions to ask? Can you speak their "language?" Can you prevent medical mistakes?

Hospital Stay Handbook is the book you need to become an advocate for the medical rights of a loved one or yourself. If you do nothing else, read at least the first chapter. It presents a short version of the steps of advocacy. It is designed to act as a road map or menu for individuals needing a quick starting point or recommendation regarding specific issues concerning hospitalization. You should read this chapter first and read it often.

The second chapter tells of the author's vivid experiences and how she became a patient advocate. You will then go on to learn other important aspects of working with hospitals, doctors, and nurses:

· The importance of taking care of yourself physically and emotionally
· How to select a hospital with a focus on patient survival
· The importance of timing admissions, discharges, and procedures
· The living will and medical power of attorney—why you need them
· The rights and needs of a patient and family vs. legal interests of hospitals
· How to talk when around an unconscious patient
· How and when to intervene over the administration of medications
· Avoiding unwanted charges and unneeded services
· Complementary and alternative medicine
· A glossary of medical terminology

The book also shares how to bolster the body, mind, and soul of a critically ill loved one through prayer, positivity, and spiritual healing.

Be Positive and Be Prepared
In 2005 there were over thirty-seven million admissions to U.S. registered hospitals and more than thirty-five million admissions to community hospitals. As the population ages that number will increase, and according to some authorities the number of hospital errors is likewise on the rise.

This does not mean, however, that you should become pessimistic or negative. Buck's experience shows that with a little knowledge, a lot of love, and by relentlessly asking questions, you can not only ensure that your loved one receives the best the health care system has to offer, but also that you will become a truly respected member of the health care team. This is the book that shows you how to do that. This is the book that should be in every house. This is the book you must have.

True health is more than a lack of disease or pain. Emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being all contribute to our overall experience of good health and positive satisfaction with ourselves and life. The new and evolving paradigm of health includes empowered self-awareness and active participation in our everyday, health-related choices. We are... read this article
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