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Understanding the Astrology of Relationships

By: Rod Suskin
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738712550
English  |  264 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: February 2008
Price: $21.95 US,  $25.50 CAN
$15.37 US,  $17.85 CAN On Sale!
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Astrology for Two

Most people are familiar with some of the basic concepts of astrology. The horoscope is a chart based on the position of the stars and planets when you were born. Your "sign" is actually the zodiacal sign where the Sun was located when you were born. A good astrologer can read the symbols and information on a horoscope chart and let you know about your challenges so you can work to overcome them, and your strengths, so you can make use of them.

But what if you have horoscope charts for two people? Is there some way to compare them so you can discover the strengths and challenges of their relationship? Absolutely! Rod Suskin, author of Cycles of Life, blends traditional methods with modern techniques in his new book, Synastry.

Synastry is the art and science of chart comparison, especially for analyzing relationships. Suskin's Synastry shows you how to put relationships under the cosmic microscope of astrology and offers an insightful perspective on the dynamics that drive all personal interactions.

Synastry features Suskin's easy to follow, step-by-step approach. This assures that you'll learn all of the techniques necessary to move your astrological expertise to the next level. Relationships begin with the individuals involved, so a chart comparison needs to begin by showing what each person requires in a relationship and what they will do. That's why Suskin begins by showing you how to interpret individual birth charts to pinpoint relationship needs and behaviors.

Chart Comparison—The Essence of Synastry
Next, you'll learn actual chart comparison techniques, the basis of synastry. You'll learn to analyze all the important parts of both charts used in comparison:

• The elements
• Inter-chart aspects
• Planets in aspect
• The importance of the fifth house
• Dignities

These and other astrological factors will help you determine the compatibility and longevity of a relationship.

More Than Stars and Planets
Astronomy is the study of objects in the sky, including the motion and position of various celestial objects such as stars and planets. Astrology is study of the meanings of such motion. For modern astrologers, the astronomy part is usually handled by computers or by looking up data in books. The important part—the astrology—is in the interpretation. The excellence of interpretation is what sets astrologers apart. When doing chart comparisons, excellence involves relating the objects in the sky to the character, behavior, and relations of people. Synastry will help you explore many critical issues that affect relationships, including communication habits, values, feelings of self-worth, sex drive, life goals, attitudes toward money and children, karma, and more. With the guidance of this book you'll be able to guide couples through difficult times and help the good times become even better.

This is especially important when one of the persons in the relationship is you! You'll discover how to improve your relationships, making your life smoother and more productive. Synastry can be your guidebook to a better future.

One of the difficulties when presenting information in a reading is doing so in a way that does not shock clients into ignoring what you are sharing. For the professional astrologer, this book includes advice for conducting client consultations with sensitivity and objectivity. You won't merely be sharing information, you'll be helping people.

If you already have some basic knowledge of astrology, this should be the next book you read and study. It will give you insight into individuals and their relationships that you cannot obtain by interpreting a single horoscope. Synastry is the science of chart comparison to understand and help establish, improve, and maintain relationships. Synastry is destined to become the textbook for this science.

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