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White Spells for Love
White Spells for Love

By: Ileana Abrev
Series: White Spells Series #3
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738713151
English  |  144 pages | 5 x 6 IN
Pub Date: January 2008
Price: $8.95 US,  $10.50 CAN
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A Little White Magic

Just in time for the season of romance comes White Spells for Love by Ileana Abrev. Ileana has knowledge that was passed down to her by her father, a Santero, and has built a reputation as a respected white Witch among her large clientele. She is known for solving problems using simple magic spells and positive visualization, as is shown in her previous works. She now turns her attention to something everyone wants: love.

White Spells for Love is packed with over fifty simple and effective spells. After an introduction to the basics of magic and love (it's a gift-sized book, so with this section the book is perfect for anyone), it rolls into a section of spells to enhance self-love. This includes how to make a self-love spell pouch and a "rid of the old self" bath spell.

Help For the Broken Heart
Often, people look for love with the help of spell books after they've been hurt. Before moving on, it's important to deal with outstanding issues so that you don't enter into a relationship in a "broken" condition. Addressing this, the next part of this book features spells to mend a broken heart. Included here are spells to let go, to calm the anger within, and to forgive and move on. That brings us to the "meat" of this book.

"Spells to Go"
The author writes, "There is one simple thing that you need to know about love, and that is that it is all around us. So why not try bringing that love into your world? You can do this by simple means which I call, ‘Spells to go.’ These types of mini spells are simple and easy to do—[and use] natural energies, like colors, herbs and even crystals. These will draw down the spirit of love which will aid you to attract others into your space." In this section there are over twenty spells for attraction, including:

Attractive to others I will be
Uses just a small bag and some catnip
Friday and Monday attraction bath
The secret is the right amount of honey and rose oil
Hide and Seek
A hair wash with rosemary does the trick

This section also has spells for romantic love, including finding your soul connection and getting that person to call you.

More Spells You Can Use
Also included in this book are spells to keep a relationship strong. Here you'll find spells such as "Flaming Passions," "Your Friends Don't Come First," and "The Truth and Nothing But the Truth." You'll also learn spells to stop others from breaking up the two of you and for healing damaged relationships.

White Spells for Love also has wise practical suggestions, making this an ideal book for just about anyone who wants to find or keep love. This book is simple and direct, but that doesn't mean it's not powerful and useful. In fact, because of its simplicity, it may be more powerful than complex rituals: you will not be focusing more on the technique than on the goal. This book is perfect for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, and especially for anyone starting out on this path. It's also great for anyone who has not yet found a path but wants to investigate the power of spells. It will certainly help bring a bit of love and magic into any person's life.

If you're ready to sample magic and attract more love, or if you know someone who needs this, White Spells for Love is the book you need. It's a perfect Valentine's Day gift, too!

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