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The UFO Phenomenon
The UFO Phenomenon
Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation

By: John Michael Greer
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738713199
English  |  264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: March 2009
Price: $16.95 US,  $19.50 CAN
$8.48 US,  $9.75 CAN On Sale!
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What Is It With UFOs?

Renowned occult scholar and award-winning author John Michael Greer changed the publishing world when he wrote Atlantis. Instead of being yet another superficial study of legends combined with crackpot theories, Greer delved deeply into sources and examined each of the alternate possibilities before revealing his own conclusion. It has been one of those groundbreaking and category-changing books that comes along very rarely.

Now, Greer applies his incredible research skills, logical mind, sense of humor, and writing talents to the world of the UFO—the strange unidentified flying objects that have haunted our skies by the thousands since the original 1947 sighting.

Contactees and abductees have come forward with a parade of mutually contradictory statements about what lies behind the phenomenon, as rumors of involvement by the US military and intelligence services move through the fringes of modern society. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of ordinary people watch bright lights moving across the sky and wonder what it all means.

Like any good mystery, The UFO Phenomenon offers clues that allow a solution to be teased out of the confusion of facts, fantasies, and deliberate disinformation that surrounds the UFO controversy. Veteran UFO investigators such as John Keel and Jacques Vallee have pieced together some of the UFO puzzle, but the whole picture has been out of reach—until now.

The UFO Phenomenon plunges into the thick of the debate with an unexpected approach to the UFO mystery—an approach that brings ancient spiritual traditions, contemporary popular culture, and secret military activities together to cast a shocking new light on the multiple sources of the world's most mysterious phenomenon. Behind the mask of alien visitation lies a shadowy world of competing
agendas, deliberate disinformation, and forgotten realities, where nothing is as it seems and the truth is much closer than it appears. . .

The Final Secret of the UFOs

The UFO Phenomenon examines all sides of the UFO question. It pieces together all of the information and comes to perhaps the single most startling and original understanding of UFOs ever presented. Greer explains that the debunkers who
claim that there are no UFOs are wrong, but that the believers who contend that UFOs are spacecraft from other planets are wrong, also. This is because both camps argue that the entire UFO phenomenon has a single cause. In this book
you'll see that UFO sightings can be chalked up to spiritual experiences, military disinformation projects, contemporary mythology, and more. Discover who has been deliberately muddling all these facets to their own advantage, and why.
When you include the information from occult sources, only one conclusion can be possible: there is a reason the UFOs are here now; they were summoned!

A Valuable Contribution to UFO Literature

The UFO Phenomenon is well-researched, thought-provoking, and refreshingly original. It's not presented from the viewpoint of a believer or a debunker, but rather examines areas other researchers haven't dared explore. The result is the single most exciting and revolutionary book on UFOs in decades.

In The Sign of the Four, Sherlock Holmes said, "...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." In The UFO Phenomenon, Greer eliminates the impossible, but leaves you with many more truths and hypotheses to grapple with. If you're ready to confront these truths head-on, read The UFO Phenomenon!


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