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Interdimensional Universe
The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena and Otherdimensional Beings

By: Philip J. Imbrogno
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738713472
English  |  312 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
Pub Date: August 2008
Price: $17.95 US,  $20.95 CAN
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It has been more than six decades since the beginning of what has been called the “modern” UFO era, and although the phenomenon seems to come and go in cycles, there is no indication that sightings and close encounters have vanished to become part of our mythology. It all began on June 25, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold (fig. 1), a private pilot, witnessed a number of unknown objects flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State at great speed. When he was asked by the media to describe what the strange aerial objects looked like, he replied, “They looked like saucers skipping across water.” Thus the term “flying saucer” was born to describe the unknown aircraft that Arnold saw that day. The truth of the matter is, Arnold never said that they were saucer-or disk-shaped—he was trying to describe to the press how the objects moved across the sky. When he drew the unknown aircraft he witnessed for federal investigators, his artistic representation showed the mystery object as looking like a boomerang or chevron and not a saucer. However, they were still called flying saucers by the media, and from that time until today, the citizens of planet Earth have reported seeing thousands of them each year to the government leaders of the world, who have just turned their backs on the reports as if they did not exist.

Because of the great magnitude of sightings, the matter was turned over to the Air Force, where several project studies were carried out from 1951 to 1969 to determine if the mysterious objects were a threat to national security. Many UFO researchers whom I have talked with over the years now think that these projects, which had the names Sign, Grudge, and Blue Book, were nothing more than a public-relations front by the government to make people think that the reports of UFOs were being taken seriously, when in fact many were not. During that time, the Air Force was indeed interested in UFO reports, but only those that were sighted over or near military bases or other secured areas. The Air Force and other government agencies treated many of the people who had witnessed something truly incredible as crazy or claimed they were pathological liars looking for publicity. The negative effect of this attitude was that those people who had UFO encounters were afraid to report them because they were afraid that they might be labeled as nuts. Recently, due to the efforts of a civilian group called Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS), who obtained official government documents using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), it became clear that many of the civilian reports were taken seriously by the intelligence organizations of this country. The documents proved that the governments of the major powers of planet Earth were very concerned about the sightings of flying saucers and what they might possibly represent.


Today there is a renewed interest in UFOs, aliens, life on other planets, and extraterrestrial contact. The twenty-first century has marked a new era of discovery for the human race with the exploration of the surface of planet Mars and the launch of the New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto. According to the International Astronomical Union, during the past thirteen years over two hundred planets outside our solar system have been discovered circling stars within our sun’s galactic neighborhood. This is an indication that the galaxy might be teeming with life, and perhaps contains many technological civilizations. The movies in our local theaters and on television are filled with stories of alien contact and, through this same media, images of extraterrestrials and UFOs are being used by many businesses to help sell their products. Most people today now embrace the idea that we are not alone in the universe and many expect first contact within their lifetime. The idea for the movie Men in Black (MIB) did not come from an imaginative Hollywood screenwriter—it was taken from actual reports of witnesses who were visited by mysterious men after a close encounter. Although the elusive MIBs claim to be government agents, no agency will acknowledge that they exist. Their message to the witnesses of a UFO is always the same: be silent or face the consequence.

So why is there still such a great interest in UFOs after all these years? The answer may lie in the fact that the governments of the world may have had actual contact with a race of aliens for several decades and are slowly trying to introduce the idea into our culture. Although no one, including myself, has proof that this has actually taken place, it could explain why images of the “gray” alien beings with the large heads and eyes can be found on pencils, lunch boxes, television, and in video games and the movies. They are becoming quite familiar figures to the next generation of the twenty-first century, a generation that may be undergoing programming to accept them without fear. Also, millions of people around the world continue to report encounters with an alien intelligence, and many claim to have made contact with the pilots of the UFOs. These incidents are too numerous to ignore, and they can no longer be denied. Is there any hard evidence that we have been visited by an extraterrestrial intelligence in modern times? UFO researchers feel the strongest evidence for this comes from an alleged crash and recovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft just outside Roswell, New Mexico, by the United States government in 1947.

During the first week of July 1997, I received a call from a TV producer who told me that she was planning to do a program on UFOs that was to be aired in the fall. As the conversation continued, she said that she was very surprised to reach me since she thought I would surely be at Roswell for the fiftieth anniversary of the “UFO crash.” I told her that I really didn’t see the point in going, because what took place there happened fifty years ago and there would be nothing new to discover since the trail is now cold. The Roswell incident has always been somewhat of an enigma to me. Did a spaceship from another world really crash in the desert of New Mexico? Most people who have read about the Roswell crash do not know that the object that was allegedly recovered was not a disk, but delta in shape. Because it did happen so long ago (by human standards), and because most of the people who were around at that time have passed away or were too young to remember, it’s difficult to find out what really took place. Also, when a story is told over and over again for many years, it has a tendency to become more fantastic and detailed than the original version.

Since it is not the purpose of this book to rehash the Roswell case, I will not get into the finer details of the alleged Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash. I do feel it is important to cover the basic information for those who know little or nothing of one of the most famous (or infamous) UFO incidents of modern times. You must be very careful about what you read about the Roswell incident, because over the years it has developed almost a cult following all over the world, and much of the information contained in many publications both printed and electronic has very little to do with the real facts. During the mid-1980s, I was fortunate enough to obtain the original news stories from a number of papers including the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. After reading these first accounts of what took place at Roswell, it was quite clear how greatly recent television presentations and books on the Roswell incident deviated from the original 1947 stories. The following is a synopsis of the Roswell incident, based on information from the 1947 news stories and my own investigation, and from the files of the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, files that were given to me several months after his death in 1986.


On July 7, 1947, Mr. Mac Brazel, a rancher who lived seventy-five miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, contacted the local police authorities and reported that he found a great deal of metallic-looking debris on the ranch that he worked near the town of Corona, New Mexico. For those of you who were not born during the late forties and early to mid-fifties, it was a time of the beginning of a great wave of UFO sightings in the United States. It was also just a couple of years after World War II, so everyone was quite paranoid about the Russians, and the people of our country (USA) had total trust in our government. Mr. Brazel told police that he thought that the debris might be part of a flying saucer and that it should be investigated. The sheriff of the police department then contacted Roswell Army Airfield, which in turn sent Major Jesse Marcel and two officers to investigate. Their job was to look at the debris to see if it was unusual and, if so, bring it back to the base for further evaluation. Major Marcel arrived at the scene and thought that the material was strange, so he collected what he could and brought it to Roswell Airfield that same evening.

A short time later (perhaps the next day), a public information officer for the base released a statement to the press that the Army Air Force had recovered the remains of a flying saucer. General Ramey of the Eighth Air Force then ordered the debris flown to Fort Worth, Texas, for his personal inspection. When General Ramey looked at the debris, he and his staff recognized parts that to them looked like a weather balloon. He then turned over the material to the base scientists who identified the debris as the pieces of a balloon made of a new material that the Army was experimenting with (some say it was Mylar, the shiny material used in birthday balloons today). General Ramey then called a press conference to show reporters the debris, and he allowed them to photograph the materials found. Ramey told the press it was nothing more than a balloon and declared that the entire story of a crashed flying saucer was a misunderstanding.

This is not the end of the story. In the months and years that followed, doctors, nurses, military and civilian personnel who worked at the base, and people who lived in the area swear that a flying disk was recovered, as well as the bodies of a number of alien pilots. There are also claims by some Roswell residents that individuals were being silenced by government agents and that there was a growing conspiracy by the Air Force to hide the truth from the public about what really took place that day at Corona and Roswell.


When I think of Roswell and the “crash” at Corona, I will always remember something the late Dr. Hynek told me back in 1984. He said, “It’s not a question whether UFOs exist or not—they do—but are the reports made by people accurate? One problem that we have as researchers in this area is wondering if the witness is relating the story exactly the way it happened.” Dr. Hynek did not imply that people were fabricating stories about UFOs; it’s just that in many cases, witnesses to a UFO sighting, or any other paranormal event for that matter, have an unconscious way of adding detail to the story by filling in missing data to make it more comfortable for them to deal with and understand. In my thirty-plus years of collecting reports and interviewing people, I have found this statement made by Allen Hynek to be very true. This is why it is very important to have two or more witnesses to a paranormal event; as Dr. Hynek also once told me, “one witness is no witness.” Since I will be mentioning Dr. Hynek in this book from time to time and will be quoting him on a number of his ideas about the UFO phenomenon, I would like to tell readers who are new to the UFO experience who this great man was and explain his contributions to science and UFOlogy.

Allen Hynek (fig. 2) was born on May 1, 1910, when Comet Halley was visible in the sky. In 1931, Dr. Hynek received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Chicago. In 1935, he was awarded a PhD in astrophysics from the university, where he worked and studied the evolution of stars at Yerkes Observatory. During World War II, Allen Hynek was a scientist at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, where he helped develop the proximity fuse for the nuclear bomb, something that he regretted for the rest of his life. This is because Allen Hynek was a spiritual man and one of peace. In the years that I knew him, Dr. Hynek never had anything negative to say about anyone, even when his character was attacked by the UFO skeptics. When World War II was over, he returned to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Ohio State University, rising to the position of full professor in only a few years. He was also one of the scientists who worked on the Apollo 11 moon mission, helping NASA select the first lunar landing site.

In 1951, in response to the overwhelming reports of unidentified flying objects, the United States Air Force established Project Blue Book and asked Allen Hynek to be their scientific advisor. When he began this job with the Air Force, he was very skeptical of UFO reports and thought they were just a fad that would eventually go away. However, after years of investigating hundreds of reports and talking to countless credible witnesses, his attitude changed. When Project Blue Book ended in 1969, Hynek started the Center for UFO Studies, which was the first civilian scientific clearing-house for UFO reports.

Allen Hynek was without a doubt the world’s foremost authority on the UFO phenomenon, so when he told me he was skeptical of the Roswell “crash,” I listened to what he had to say. Before we go on, I must mention that this was Allen Hynek’s opinion concerning Roswell and at no time did he ever personally investigate the alleged crash himself. Dr. Hynek passed over on April 27, 1986, when Comet Halley once again appeared in the sky. He was seventy-five years old. Years before his death, he often told me that he came into this world with the comet and would leave with it when it swung around the sun again, and this is exactly what happened. Like Mark Twain before him, Allen Hynek came and went with Comet Halley.

When I questioned Dr. J. Allen Hynek about the Roswell incident and asked him if he thought that the crash was a real event, he replied that he felt that the entire story was a “fairy tale” that got out of hand and more exaggerated every time the story was told. When I asked him if he was sure of this, he replied, “Don’t you think that I would have heard something about this since I was the scientific consultant to Project Blue Book for over twenty years? Don’t you think I would have at least seen fragments of documents or would have heard rumors or got information from the many people that I knew in the intelligence organizations?” Dr. Hynek told me that he was sure that the so-called Roswell UFO crash was nothing more than an experimental new type of surveillance balloon that was classified as top secret at the time. He closed the subject by saying, “Roswell is like an old sore that keeps on popping up over the years and won’t go away.” He then refused to discuss the incident with me any further.

Did he know more than what he was telling? To this day I still ask myself that question. It may be that as open as Allen Hynek tried to be about the UFO phenomenon, even he may have been silenced on some matters. I do know that on a number of occasions Dr. Hynek was denied information about military encounters with UFOs, despite the fact that he was their “scientific advisor”; perhaps he really did not know much about the Roswell incident after all. Dr. Hynek told me about this top-secret balloon project in 1984; however, the project was not declassified until 1995, when it was released to the people of this country on nationwide television as an attempt by the Air Force to put the Roswell incident to rest for all time. Needless to say, when the information was released, it caught my attention.


When the Air Force released its documents on Project MOGUL, the top-secret project that they believed was responsible for the Roswell incident, I was all ears and glued to theTV. This was a time before I had the Internet, so my only quick resource for getting up-to-date information was from CNN. Speaking of CNN, I know for a fact that the network was told to carry UFO stories and was one of the only stations at the time that did so. One of the reasons was that in the eighties and early nineties, Ted Turner had (and I think still has) a great interest in UFOs. He had read my earlier book Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings and was so fascinated by it that he had sent reporters to New York to cover the sightings. One of the reporters told me that not only were they collecting information for a number of future CNN newscasts about the UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley, but they were reporting directly to Ted Turner and turning the information over to him.

The televised CNN Roswell-MOGUL report was made by an Air Force public relations officer, 1st Lt. James Mc-Andrew, who held up in front of the TV camera a very thick book, which had the title, The Roswell Report: Fact Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert. I thought it was strange that the government would spend so much time just to publish a detailed report on an incident that they claimed never took place. During my six-year service with military intelligence, I knew that this was a tactic that they used when they wanted to cover up the real truth. As Lt. McAndrew began to talk about Project MOGUL, I turned on my VCR and began to listen closely to not only every word he said, but also how he said them. I also watched his facial expressions and other body movements as he talked, since from my past experience with the military I knew a few tricks on how to read people’s body language while they talked to tell what is really on their minds.

Project MOGUL was the idea of Dr. Maurice Ewing of Columbia University. He had conducted research during the war and found it was possible to hear explosions underwater thousands of miles away using a new microphone developed by the Woods Oceanographic Institution. Dr. Ewing thought that if sound waves from explosions could be picked up over long distances in the ocean, then this idea might also apply to the air. The only problem was that water is a great deal thicker than the atmosphere, and any high-school student knows that sound waves travel faster and maintain their intensity when moving through a medium that is dense, so the microphone device would have to be very sensitive. This idea was important to the government, because in 1947 there were no spy planes or surveillance satellites to monitor the Russians. This was a practical way to listen in on the world to see if anyone was testing a nuclear bomb. In order for the device to work, it had to be placed very high in the atmosphere, so a new technology had to be developed. This project was called MOGUL, and from 1947 until the mid-nineties, it remained classified as top secret. We do know that several large balloons were tested around the United States, but the majority of them were flown out of Alamogordo, New Mexico, between May 28 and June 7, 1947. This would place the last launch well before the Roswell incident. By early 1948, the Air Force began to have serious doubts on how effective Project MOGUL was, and shortly after this time, the project was terminated.

When Lt. McAndrew was asked about the “alien bodies,” he replied that on a number of occasions, dummies were sent up with the balloons and dropped to test pilot ejection devices and protective gear. He told reporters that the so-called alien bodies may have been the dummies used in this experiment. I found this all a little strange—it seemed to me that the Air Force went through a great deal of trouble to explain away a UFO incident that they considered a “closed file” a very long time ago. I watched my video copy of the presentation several times, and it is my opinion that Lt. McAndrew was not telling the entire truth, that he was simply relating a cover story written by his superiors.

After remembering what Dr. Hynek told me and then hearing the report about Project MOGUL, I decided to put the Roswell incident to rest for a while, at least in my own mind. However, that was to change a few months later when I was introduced to an extraordinary person who identified himself as one of the engineers who was taken to Roswell to examine debris at the alleged crash site. The individual in question was a retired electrical engineer with top-secret security clearance. He was one of the top electronic experts in the country, and during World War II he was often called to look at captured German technology involving electronic guidance systems. I have no reason to doubt the story that he told me, but on the other hand there is no evidence to fully accept that what took place is a true recollection of his experience. His name was John, and I promised not to release his story until after his death. You see, John was ill with cancer and his doctors gave him between one and two years to live. John passed away in 1993, and the following is a transcript of his story as told to me in the summer of 1992. This story was never published, and I kept it in my files until the right time. I feel it is an important part of this book and although many well-known UFO investigators have criticized me in the past for withholding information (such as the 1984 UFO encounter over the Indian Point, New York, nuclear reactor), I waited until the right opportunity presented itself for John’s story to be published. The following is a transcript of what he told me a few months before his death.


“Sometime during the first week of July 1947, just before sunrise, I was called on the telephone and was told to get ready to do some work for the government. This was not unusual since I was often called at a moment’s notice and would have to travel all around the world to look at new technology that was captured by the Allies. This became more frequent, especially after the end of the war, so what was then taking place was not uncommon, and I expected to be taken to some remote military base to inspect a new electronic gadget that no one was able to figure out.

“I was living in New York City at the time, and a car was sent to pick me up and take me to the airport. Usually the guy who would be sent to get me would be in a military uniform, most of the time Army, but this fellow was in civilian clothes and dressed in a dark blue or black suit. I really did not think too much of his clothes at the time, I just thought it was somewhat strange, so I asked for his identification. His ID said that he was a Colonel Roberts of military intelligence. The rest of his papers looked in order, so I didn’t ask any more questions. Although he was dressed in civilian clothes, he really didn’t act like one; he acted like a typical G-man. That’s what we used to call them back in the old days, those men who worked for the intelligence organizations. We went to the airport and I got on a military plane, and there were three others on the plane. The G-man also boarded the plane and sat next to us and asked if we would please not engage in conversation with him or each other, since all questions would be answered on a need-to-know basis only.

“It was daybreak now, and I could tell we were heading west. After four hours of flight, we landed on an airstrip. I didn’t know where it was at the time, only from the terrain that it was somewhere in the southwest United States. Later I found out that we landed on an isolated landing field just several miles from Roswell Air Base in New Mexico. As I got out of the plane I noticed that there were three buses, and I could see other technical experts that I had worked with in the past in line ready to board the vehicles. There were also two other planes on the runway, but parked to the side with their engines running. The strange thing was that all the aircraft, except for the one I was on, were painted a flat black with no markings on them. I do not know what time it was since we were asked to remove our watches before we got on the plane. I think it was late morning, of course I was judging this by the time of the year and the angle of the sun in the sky above the eastern horizon. The ground was damp and the air was hot and humid as if there had been a very bad storm recently. The buses that we boarded were also unmarked and the windows were blacked out. It was obvious that whoever was in charge of this operation wanted to keep their identity secret and us in the dark.

“I was told to enter the first bus and that it was ready to go, since they were awaiting the arrival of our plane. The driver was once again a G-man dressed in civilian clothes, and I found out that all fourteen of us on the bus were engineers of some standing. Some I even knew personally. I thought that perhaps the other buses also contained experts but from different scientific fields. Later I was to find out that this was the case, but now you have to realize that in these three buses were the top people that the government used for technical and scientific consultation. For all of us to be here like this, I knew that something big was brewing, something that was bigger than postwar jitters.

“After traveling a half-hour or so—I totally lost track of time—the bus came to a stop and the driver opened up the door and told us that we had arrived at our destination. I walked out of the bus and saw five tents with two guards with weapons, wearing Army uniforms, in front of each opening. There were also many Army vehicles in the area, and I would say fifty or seventy-five people in military uniform, which all looked like Army. We were divided into groups and then directed to a tent. It seemed to me that this was postwar related and they were only going to allow us to see what we had to. The tents were divided into sections that contained something for our particular expertise. I did see one person who I worked with closely in the past being directed to the far-end tent. He was a biomedical researcher, and I wondered why he was there unless they had tissue samples or bodies of something that was once living.

“I was directed to the second tent and asked to enter and examine its contents. I saw piles of debris in sections on the floor, and what I saw made me realize that this was something our government did not have, or any other government of the world for that matter. There were pieces of metal that had a dull silver appearance to them, and when I picked up the larger pieces, I was surprised to find they had no weight at all. It was as if I had nothing in my hand—I couldn’t even feel it resting on my skin. I had to grab it with both hands and squeeze it to make sure it wasn’t some type of illusion. Some of the pieces were very thick and they looked like they weighed a ton, but they were lighter than a feather. Inside the tent we had a great number of tools and instruments at our disposal and were told to use whatever we wanted. They made us work in teams and allowed us to discuss our findings, but they said everything would be recorded. The metal would not bend or crush, even with more than three thousand pounds of pressure, and it would not react to a metal detector. I was taken to a closed-off cubicle in the tent and shown something that looked like the remains of a smashed control panel. Attached to the panel was something that I didn’t recognize at the time, and I had no idea what the components were. I say this because years later I realized that what I saw was in fact something very similar to our computer chips of today. These, however, had a number of red crystals linked in their circuits, which were faintly glowing. There was also a device about the size of a cigarette pack, which had a pulsing red light on top of it. The electronic components once again were something that I was not familiar with at the time, but these components that I saw are now used in our computer technology of today. The device seemed to be giving off a signal, almost like an emergency distress beacon, but to whom? I modified an available receiver and found out it was transmitting on the 5-gigahertz band, a frequency that is used today, but unheard of at that time. The transmitter had no antenna, and I was shocked to see that it was extremely directional. To me this meant that someone was trying to mark their position before they crashed in this object, which I knew now were parts of some type of aircraft.

“We were allowed to examine the material for several hours and then were taken one by one into another tent, which I called the command tent, where we were debriefed. I was told that what I saw was a matter of the highest national security, and if information leaked out to the press, I could face a very stiff prison term. You have to remember that back in those days we trusted the government of the United States, since it was just after World War II and people did not question anything because they thought it was for the good of the country. I had to write a detailed report of my impression and analysis of the material and the components that I was allowed to examine. I never saw what I wrote in a report or document of any kind since it was taken away as soon as I finished. Usually when a transcript was completed, I was allowed to see the final document and check for errors before it became a permanent record, but not in this case. I wondered who these people were and why they had so much power. I am not intimidated easily, but these guys were very serious, had powerful backing, and were scary. I was taken back to New York and was never called again about this incident. What is even stranger, several weeks later I was paid in cash by a special military courier. At the time I really didn’t know what I was seeing, but later realized that I saw the remains of parts of an aircraft that was not from this Earth. I am sure I was taken to see some of the components of an alien spacecraft that crashed near Roswell.

What else could it have been?”

The conversation ended at that point, and I could not reach this person for several months. A close friend of his informed me that he had passed away shortly after he told me his story, a story he kept silent for over fifty years. However, at the time I took what was told to me as just another story about Roswell. This person really had no proof, just his word, but his experience made me consider the possibility that in 1947 an alien spacecraft did crash somewhere close to Roswell, New Mexico. At no time did this person ever see any alien bodies or an entire ship. He did see several dozen pieces that looked like the smashed remains of a technologically advanced aircraft of some type, a guidance system, and some pieces of metal that could have been the hull or another part of a supporting structure. I have no reason to doubt this claim, since the person reporting it had nothing to gain for telling me about the incident and this was the first time he mentioned the story to anyone since that day in 1947. Perhaps because he was dying, John wanted to get the story out and chose me to tell it to since he had read my book Night Siege.

John’s story intensified my interest in Roswell, and during the autumn of 1992, I received a letter from a retired military man who had more to add about the United States government’s involvement with UFOs. He gave me permission to publish the letter, provided that I not use his name.


Mr. Imbrogno,

Today I received a wonderful Father’s Day gift from my daughter. It was your book, Contact of the 5th Kind. She told me that it was the most informative book on UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts that she ever read.

Knowing that I was a believer, it was the perfect gift for me and I was delighted. But before I had the chance to read it, I remembered an incident that I personally witnessed some fifty-one years ago. I then decided to tell you my story before I read the book so that I would not be influenced by anything I read. So here is my true story of events that I can recall to the best of my knowledge.

Everyone has heard of the Roswell UFO incident in 1947, but another incident happened at Roswell almost one year later in June or July 1948. I have never read anything about this, nor will hardly anyone acknowledge the happening. In February 1948, I was assigned to the 509th Bomb Group at Walker Air Force Base outside Roswell, New Mexico. During one clear night in June or July, I was the CQ [charge of quarters] in the Group Headquarters building, next to the office of the base commander, who was Colonel William Blanchard. I was on duty that night, answering the phone and making a mail run into Roswell. Normally, it’s a boring tour of duty. However, that night at about 10 p.m., I received a phone call from someone at the flight operations office. Something was happening at the edge of the flight line; guards were reporting strange lights with no explanation. I got into my jeep and drove over to the operations area. A lot of people were standing around, looking at the far end of the runway. I joined them and this is what I saw to the best of my knowledge.

At the edge of the runway facing the desert, I saw possibly a dozen round white lights in a horizontal formation hovering just off the ground. They were bright, individual lights just hovering there. Then all of a sudden they shot up into the dark sky, going in all directions, then out of sight. There was no sound at all, and everyone was baffled at this strange appearance. I wrote the incident in my report, which was required at the end of my duty shift, and forgot about it. The next morning I learned that the base was placed on a heightened state of emergency during the night. When I tried to find out more information about the incident, I was told nothing happened and that I should not talk about it. This was very strange indeed.

The following day I noticed several high-ranking officers at our headquarters, and security was heightened around the base. I never found out what happened, except several people from Roswell reported strange lights in the sky that night also. Shortly after that I was discharged and returned home to Chicago. I re-enlisted in the Air Force, and in 1960 I was assigned to Fort Douglas, Utah. Rumors were flying that evidence of the 1947 Roswell incident was stored in a warehouse there. I located the building and it was guarded and listed as secret. Shortly thereafter, I was reassigned to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. There I learned from rumors that the evidence of the 1947 Roswell incident was stored in one of their warehouses. There again, the building was secured with numerous guards.

Could all of these events be a coincidence? When you group them all together, it appears that our government was hiding something. Could the stories of Roswell have real merit? It’s been many years, but I can vividly recall what I had seen. I retired from the United States Air Force in 1969 as a senior master sergeant, and I consider myself open-minded. I do believe that something happened at Roswell in 1947 and again in 1948. I am looking forward to reading your book. Thank you for your time.

(Name withheld by author)


Have there been any more recoveries of alien crashed vehicles since then? The answer to this question is that we may never know since they would be covered up. I have heard stories, from different parts of the world, of crashed and recovered alien ships, but the researchers who brought forth the information just don’t seem to have enough details to make the stories sound convincing. I have also heard stories from ex-military people who think that Roswell was just a smoke screen for something else that happened close by involving actual face-to-face government contact with an alien intelligence. It was rumored that at least two of these alien crafts crashed near New Paltz, New York, and the other on an isolated section of Long Island in the late 1980s. The evidence for these alleged alien crashes was very weak, and in my opinion they are most likely the result of the overactive imaginations of zealous local UFO investigators.

According to reports made to government and civilian agencies, UFO sightings have escalated considerably around the world since the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the Roswell incident. If these objects are nuts-and-bolts vehicles, then it is logical to assume that there might be an occasional crash. From 1980 to 1990, people in the Hudson Valley area of New York reported seeing a giant UFO in the skies at a low altitude. A similar series of sightings then took place during the late eighties and early nineties in Belgium (Europe). All of the reports indicate that it was a large object, very dark in color, and triangular or boomerang in shape. On March 13, 1997, hundreds of people reported an enormous object in the night sky over Paulden, Arizona. The UFO was once again a triangle or boomerang and very similar to the object reported earlier in New York and Belgium. All the witnesses were consistent—they reported an object that appeared very huge and solid. But was it really? In all of these case studies, the people who witnessed the giant UFO tried to report the sighting to the authorities, but their words fell on deaf ears.

Although the Air Force claims no interest in UFO reports, they nevertheless take them very seriously. Less than fifteen minutes after residents in Arizona called Luke Air Base (which is more than one hundred miles south of Paul-den, Arizona), witnesses reported seeing flights of F-16s in the area where the UFO was being seen. As the fighters approached the UFO, the object shot straight up and disappeared into the night sky. The sightings in Paulden, Arizona, were very dramatic indeed and, like the sightings in Belgium and New York, were witnessed by hundreds of people. Despite the multitude of reports from very credible witnesses, the authorities tried to convince the people that they saw nothing and that there were no UFOs.

To this day, the UFO phenomenon continues to be seen by millions of people around the world. From the evidence of just the reports, there is no doubt that there is an alien presence here on Earth. The worldwide reports of encounters are too numerous to simply ignore, yet the government and military of this country would have us think that the reports are just figments of our imagination. Just recently I did a radio talk show from Danbury, Connecticut, about UFOs. When I started talking about the government cover-up, I received a call from a flag-waving all-American who was very angry with me, stating, “There is no cover-up, and even if there was, the government does everything for our own good and we should not question anything that they do.” It is this mentality that has given certain members of the government almost unlimited power, a power so great that they do not have to report their activities to Congress or even the president. The new information that came to me concerning Roswell and the recent sightings around the world once again intensified my interest in the UFO phenomenon and inspired me to take a new, fresh approach and research the early days of UFO investigation by the United States Military. This was not an easy task since it required a great number of Freedom of Information Act requests and two visits to the National Archive in Washington DC.


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